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New After-School Clubs for the Summer Term, 2017

Choose from an amazing selection of new and popular after-school clubs here at Provo Primary. Magic... Pirate Treasure Maps & Discoveries...  … [Read More...]

What an eggs-ellent way to end the term!

The final day of the Spring Term is always an exciting one at Provo Primary School. Children arrive in their bright dress-down clothes, eager for … [Read More...]

Egg-tastic Characters and Set Designs

Year 6 have just completed an egg-tastic character and set design project.  As part of our design technology curriculum; and to celebrate Easter, … [Read More...]

Year 4 & 6 make Rocket Fuel!

A simple science lesson led to the manufacturing of Rocket Fuel in Year 4 this week! As part of our science topic on Electrical Circuits, … [Read More...]

JK enjoy playing on the slide together

Please take a look at this wonderful video of J.K children playing on the slide. The children spontaneously created this game and managed the … [Read More...]