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Congratulations to our 2020 Graduating Year 6

 We are all very proud of our Year 6 graduates! Their graduation had to be conducted individually with restricted gatherings and safety … [Read More...]

Years 4 Home Learning: Express Feelings through Google Chrome Songmaker

Year 4 enjoyed creating songs that were a symbol of how they were feeling that day, in that moment.  I wonder if you can sense how they felt … [Read More...]

Year 1 Home Learning Maths: Equal Groups and Arrays

 More wonderful photos and videos of our Year 1 Maths Home Learning parent/child/teacher teams.  Lots of hand-on activities centred on … [Read More...]

Year 1 Home Learning Maths: Exploring Money

We have been exploring money in Year 1 and our little mathematicians have been fantastic,  immersing themselves in money hunts, money races … [Read More...]

Pineapple Paradise in the School Garden!

Mrs B's pineapples are thriving during lockdown in the school garden. I’m hoping for a slice of one of her infamous pineapple upside-down … [Read More...]