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Jingle Jam is rescheduled for Thursday 12th December

Postponed from last week, due to inclement weather, the Jingle Jam is rescheduled for Thursday 12th December. We’re sure you’re looking … [Read More...]

The Little Caribbean Mermaid and The Enchanted Ring

 Provo Primary children amazed their audiences again this year with another of their incredible holiday productions. The children … [Read More...]

Year 8 Physics: Transfers of Energy demonstrations

 So, as it turns out, it's hard to imagine what elastic potential energy is. It's hard to know when gravitational potential energy has given … [Read More...]

Mindful Walks and Drawing both bring a sense of Perspective.

Y5 have been enjoying mindful walks and pauses alongside the canal when we need to refocus and re-energise. As part of a set drawing skills lessons … [Read More...]

My Rock … Year 3’s Performance Poetry

Check out Year 3’s thoughtful and beautifully written ‘Rock Poems’. We have rocks that remind of us outer space, deserts and oceans full … [Read More...]