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Year 3 Safer Internet Day Activities – 2020

Safer Internet Day activities took place all across the school last week, encouraging our students to explore how they manage their online identity … [Read More...]

Handwashing Smart – Germ Detectives!

In our SK-Year 2 assembly last week, we learnt all about GERMS! We learnt how they are so small that you can’t see them especially when you … [Read More...]

Glorious Grammar Games in Year 2

In Year 2 we have been busy learning all about grammar. We have been identifying different parts of a sentence and discovering whether words … [Read More...]

National Spelling Bee 2020

Congratulations to our novice National Spelling Bee team. They gave it their best and made it to the 3rd round.  a great example of a 'can do' … [Read More...]

Experimenting with Elements in Year 7

Our Year 7 students have been doing some exciting experimenting with elements in their Science lessons. In addition to testing how metals … [Read More...]