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Today is Global Handwashing Day

TCIG Press Release: Each year on October 15th, Global Handwashing Day highlights the importance of handwashing with soap and water at home, … [Read More...]

Today is National Heritage Day.

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TCI Observes World Mental Health Day

In honor of children’s mental health awareness week in the TCI, the DMHSD has started a social media campaign to encourage youth and families … [Read More...]

Celebrating World Teacher Day 2020 with Tea and Cake!

"Teachers: Leading in crisis, re-imagining the future" Today, Monday 5th October is World Teacher's Day! Amid a global pandemic, our teachers … [Read More...]

Year 1 Greater than, less than equal to…

These Year 1's are confidently demonstrating how they are able to compare numbers using the < > and = symbols. Well done home-learners! … [Read More...]