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“We Are Turks and Caicos… We’ll See You Soon!” says Year 2 and 4

 Inspired by a recent Turks and Caicos Tourist Board destination video, 'We are Turks and Caicos', our Year 2 and 4 home learners became … [Read More...]

Year 7 & 8 Explore Lockdown Experience in Art

Students in across the school have been busy with their continuing education at home during the current school closures. As part of our PSHE … [Read More...]

Celebration Assembly – Home Learning Style – Friday 3rd April 2020

This week families have nominated all the teachers to receive 'Stars of the Week' certificates as part of our virtual Primary School Celebration … [Read More...]

Celebration Assembly – Home Learning Style – Fri 27th March 2020

 After a successful week of distant learning through our Home Learning Programme, of course we had to end the week with our usual primary … [Read More...]

Preschoolers experience travel by horse

Through a wide variety of activities this term, the Early Years children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about how we travel by land, air or … [Read More...]