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Breaking Free from Provo Primary

Our Graduating Class of 2016 performed their last dance on the Provo Primary School stage for us today. In their time with us they have … [Read More...]

The Future’s Looking ‘Bright’ for our Year 6

To The Graduating Class of 2016: As individuals we have no doubt that each of you will follow your unique talents to find success and happiness. … [Read More...]

Year 6 Steel Band play Somewhere Over the Rainbow

This past term in our music classes, we studied various styles of music such as Jazz, Blues and Reggae. As part of their learning, the children … [Read More...]


Preparing to fly the nest…

Our fully-fledged Year 6 class are preparing for their graduation cermony tomorrow morning.  The flamingo is our special school emblem and … [Read More...]

ps-iga-freezer-trip-june-2016 (11)

It’s ‘FREEZER-ing” say our Preschoolers!

The Preschool children have been investigating different types of weather through their topic, ‘Does the Sun Always Shine?’ This week we … [Read More...]