Golden Time – Fun Friday – ‘You know it’s all about the choice!’

Golden time took on a new spin this week for Years 2-6 with choices of activities on offer for the children to participate in.  Some children were drawn to a game of dodgeball, others to a game of Twister.  Others opted for construction play or colouring/drawing, while a group chose to have playground time and happily played on the swings together.  The emphasis was on children making their own choices on what they were interested in doing.  It was fascinating to observe the choices that different age groups made and how they all mixed and played together.  As the weeks go on, I’m sure the children will start to develop more ideas and take on more ownership of what they would like to explore during their Fun Friday session, with teachers helping to facilitate this.  It certainly was a ‘Fun Friday’.

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There’s something fishy going on in SK…

It was a first time experience for many of the Senior Kindergarten class last week when Miss Laranda showed us something quite unique.  After learning all about South Caicos and the other islands in the Turks and Caicos, Miss Laranda gave us an amazing insight as to how local fish make it from the ocean on to our plates.

Miss Laranda brought in a grouper caught in South Caicos by her father and set about the process of making it into fish fingers.  Using the newly refurbished school garden, Miss Laranda thoroughly cleaned the fish, sliced off the skin and took the opportunity to show us the different parts of the fish.

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Year 1 & 2 Fantastic Gymnastics!

P.E. in Key Stage 1 has got off to a somewhat wobbly start this year. No, not because of the storms – because children in Year 1 & 2 have been busy developing their body control and balance in our Gymnastics sessions.

Sessions start with a range of active and tiring warm-up games aimed at teaching children to be aware of their own space and body movements. Children are improving their skills of observation quickly, while managing their speed and direction to avoid collisions. Warm ups are accompanied by screams and giggles that get all sessions off to a flying start.
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Bonfire Night goes off with a BANG!

Provo Primary School and Bay Bistro celebrated their 6th Annual Bonfire Night together on the 5th November. This year turned out to be one of the noisiest nights yet!

Thanks to our wonderful friends at Bay Bistro, families were treated to a Grace Bay beach barbecue and drinks – the perfect way to end our mid-term holidays and get us all ready for heading back to school.

Perhaps being so well rested added to the energy in the crowd! After joining in chorus for the traditional Remember, Remember the Fifth of November rhyme,families gathered close to watch the lighting of the bonfire. As an extra surprise, the Bay Bistro Guy Fawkes was filled with firecrackers and went up in a fizz of pops and crackles.

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Resuming our Blogging now that Hurricane Season calms

Our new school year got off to a rather turbulent start with the passing of not one but two hurricanes. Hurricane Irma, a Category 5 hurricane on the Saffir Simpson scale swept through the islands first, followed by Hurricane Maria two weeks later, causing widespread damage to our island home.  Across the TCI, roofs were blown off; power poles knocked down; and some structures simply collapsed, no match for the strength of the destructive 165 mph winds

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