Year 3 are Dancing in the Rain

Do you remember the rainy Thursday we had a few weeks ago? Well on that day, the Year 3 students put their rainy day ‘poet hats and shoes’ on and wrote some super gorgeous poems to celebrate. Our inspiration came not just from the looking and listening to the rain, but by also ‘feeling’ the rain. We had a great time splishing and splashing around in all the water that had accumulated in our playground – it was great fun and really inspired us.

We composed a class poem by using each person’s favourite line from their poem. We hope you enjoy it:


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Throwback Thursday – Information Talking Texts

Throwback Thursday takes us back to November 2015 when our current Year 6s were in Year 3 learning about rocks. You rocked then guys – and you still do today!

Wondrous Waterfalls

Niagara Falls, Victoria Falls, Iguazu Falls, Angel Falls…

Yes, Year 6 have been studying waterfalls!

As part of their topic/geography lessons, Year 6 have been learning all about these natural and wondrous creations.  Year 6 enjoyed researching lots of fascinating information about famous waterfalls located throughout the globe; examining beautiful photographs captured by photographers; and indeed sharing their own experiences of them through travel.

This got us thinking about how they come to be.  And if you want to know how, expect the following to be relayed to you by any member of Year 6: [Read more…]

Smelly Smells and Tasty Treats in Kindergarten

As part of our Kindergarten topic on ‘The Senses’, we found foods with very distinctive smells like coffee, lemon, cinnamon and vinegar. We put them into containers on our investigation table and the children were free to smell each one and describe what it smelled like. They had to guess what they thought it was. There were a few funny faces and wrinkled noses as you can see from the photos.

We then went on to learn that our taste buds help us to taste all sorts of different food. The bumps on our tongue are home to our taste buds. Did you know that you have about 10,000 taste buds on your tongue, and they help you to taste the four types of tastes of salty, sour, bitter, and sweet? We learnt that the front of our tongue helps us to taste sweet things, the back of our tongue helps us to taste bitter things and the sides of our tongue help us to taste salty and sour things. Just like the picture below…

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In Year 2 we are thankful for…

Year 2 have been learning about Thanksgiving this week. We started by learning and watching the story of how the first Thanksgiving was created. As a class we then spent time discussing what we were thankful for. Our class ideas ranged from being thankful to police officers/doctors and nurses/fire fighters/soldiers for taking care of us, being thankful to the school and the teachers, our family and friends, the Earth, nature and God. The children then individually spent time writing their own messages of thanks. I was really impressed with their thought – provoking ideas and wanted to share some of them with you.

I am thankful for my family because they take great care of me. ED

I am thankful for my friends because they are kind to me. JZJ

I am thankful for birds because they tweet and sing. TW

I am thankful for the trees because they make oxygen. BB

I am thankful for Provo Primary School because we get to learn new things every day. AP

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Year 6 engage in Tourism Awareness Month in the TCI

Tuesday, November 13th was a somewhat different day for our Year 6 class.  The usual routines of their typical Tuesday were abandoned as they headed off to the TCI Community College.  As you are probably aware, November is celebrated as Tourism Awareness Month in the Turks and Caicos Islands; and the Community College operated a series of different workshops in order to celebrate and recognise the importance of tourism to our country.

The theme, Embracing Cultures, allowed our Year 6 students to celebrate the diverse range of cultures present in the TCI; and to consider how this diverse population is essential to continued and improved tourist experiences.  Presentations, stories, music, dance and food ensured that the day was entertaining, informative and filling.

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Distillery House Kids Christmas Party

Distillery House presents… An Unforgettable Kids Christmas Party. 

Sunday 2nd December

4-7pm        $5 entry fee

Food and drinks available for purchase. 

Pictures with Santa, X-mas dancing and games, with special performances by Provo Performing Arts and Rocik it Hot Dance Studio students.

100% school fund-raising event.


Understanding Electrical Safety in Year 4

Over the past few weeks, the Year 4 students have been focusing their attention on electricity. They have done several investigations and observations to guide their understanding of what electricity is, the different sources of electricity as well as safety guidelines to follow when using electricity.

Electricity is amazing stuff.  It can power everything from your iPad, a car, a sports stadium, a remote toy or a cell-phone. However, it can also be dangerous.  Electrical hazards can cause burns, shocks and electrocution. Electrical incidents injure or kill many adults and/ or children each year. In many cases, these incidents are preventable.



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Look what we’ve been celebrating in Year 2!

Look what we’ve been celebrating!

We started this half term by celebrating Halloween. We worked individually to create potential designs for our Halloween Door. Once we had designed them, we looked at them all before taking part in a secret vote. Check out our winning design, hopefully you got to see it at the Halloween Party.

We also wrote our own ‘spook-tactular’ monster poems! Have a read of some of our favourite verses:




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Settling into Toddler Class

Our Toddler class provides young children the opportunity to have the chance to play and learn in a group. This can help them to gain confidence and develop social skills.  The colourful, rich environment and the activities we offer encourage children’s social, creative, communication and listening skills, as well as their physical development.  Starting in our Toddler class is a big change for both parent and child. For some it’s the first time being away from each other. There are children who settle quickly to the new routines, and there are others that take a little longer.  We understand that everyone is different and support each child and family with their own experience.  Here are some great tips about settling your toddler into school.

Settling in, it’s wonderful to see our current little toddler group coming to school, excited about their day, eager to meet friends and explore their environment. [Read more…]

SPORTING SUPERHEROES! – Years 3-5 Sports Day 2018

Last Thursday the 8th of November and the previous Thursday (1st) Years 3-5 had their Sports day and what a set of Sports days it was! Due to the eagerness of the children to carry out a range of races and the temperature at that time of day, we decided to split the events over two sessions. This way the children could enjoy both without feeling over-exhausted or with sunstroke. Our first session involved the track events: 100m, hurdles, 200/400m and relay. The skill and speed of our runners in all year groups really blew us (as teachers) all away; they were superb. It was fantastic to see how determined and how focused the children were on pacing and delivering in each race and quite simply the huge passion so many of them have for running in general.

The next session was based around the field events of discus, javelin and long jump with the focus less on competition with each other and more with themselves. [Read more…]

Bonfire Night Celebrations in Year 1

As part of our Celebrations topics, Year 1 and 2 have so far enjoyed learning about Halloween, Bonfire Night, Remembrance Day and Diwali.

In the lead up to November 5th (Remember, remember the 5thof November…), the Year 1 children became aware that there were a number of safety concerns that should be considered before enjoying the annual celebrations at Bay Bistro.  Working independently and in pairs, Hummingbird class took the time to make safety posters, detailing things to be avoided, what to look out for and how to look after yourself in the dark environment.  The year 1’s enjoyed making BOLD titles, using number bullet points, bright colours and pictures to make their posters easy to read and accessible to all ages.


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Middle School Official Opening Ceremony and Open House

We would like to thank all of you who were able to attend our Middle School Official Opening Ceremony and Open House last Monday; it was wonderful to see so much interest and support.

For those of you unable to attend, the evening opened with Ms. Alison welcoming Honorable Malcolm, Minister of Education and Mr. Bowen, Education Officer for Private Schools and other guests, including parents and children of Provo Primary and Middle School.

She went on to talk about her commitment to offering a Middle School Educational learning experience like Provo Primary, that was meaningful, fun, and a place where children felt inspired to learn, where individual passions and talents were recognized, and where children were encouraged to express themselves in creative and imaginative ways.

“With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence, we need to be challenging the next generation of children to question, problem solve and think creatively. Above all, children need to be compassionate and caring and learn to work collaboratively, if they are to begin to solve larger world problems.” [Read more…]

Happy World Kindness Day

In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

November 13 is World Kindness Day. It is a day dedicated to promoting and celebrating kindness in all the different ways we can.  It’s a reminder to show one another how much we care.

Reflect on the kindness you have experienced in your life and what that has meant to you, or how it has shaped you. How will you pay that kindness forward?

You may like to share these 2 story videos below with your children about kindness and happiness… 

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Save the Date: Jingle Jam 2018!

Our Provo Primary Early Years families are hosting their annual Christmas Jingle Jam Disco Party for children 5 years and under and their families and friends.

Wednesday 5th December between 5 and 7 pm @ Provo Primary School. 

A wonderful evening for little ones with festive music and dancing, Christmas themed games and crafts, family photo opportunities with Santa.  Mulled wine, mince pies and other festive treats on sale!

All community families are welcome come and join the fun!
Tickets $5 per person (under 1 year olds free!).  All funds raised go towards our Early Years Programme.


Providenciales Middle School Open Evening & Official Opening:

Providenciales Middle School Open Evening & Official Opening:

Monday 12th November, 5:30 – 6:30pm

Please join us on Monday evening as we celebrate the opening of our new school!

We are delighted to invite you to share an evening with staff, parents and students of Provo Middle School.

Come along to hear about our Year 7, 8 & 9 provision, tour our purpose-built facility and hear from our students and parents about life and learning at Provo Middle School.

We look forward to welcoming you and hope to share our educational vision with you.  You might also like to learn more on our website.

Warm regards,

Ms. Alison & Mr. Toby


‘Throw-back Thursday’ and Tourism Environmental Awareness Month

With the launch of November as Tourism Environmental Awareness Month, under the theme: “Tourism is Key… It Starts with ME,” ‘Throw back Thursday’ takes us back 6 years to November 2012.  Our then Year 4s felt that the issue of littering on our beaches was an environmental and tourist-impacting pollution that they all felt strongly about – so much so in fact, that they set about creating some protest photography to raise awareness on the subject.  Read their story here.

How do our Year 4 photographs make you feel?

Litter education has positive effects on changing student attitudes and behaviours toward littering because it instills a positive cultural value and norm for how we treat our environment. (Hartley et al., 2015, Oliver et al., 1985).

Reflecting on the many, many environmental activities over the years that we have engaged in here at Provo Primary School,  it would be interesting to hear how those same children, now 14 and 15 years old, feel about this subject today, along with our countless other Provo Primary alumni.

How has this education, alongside family values, for example, impacted their attitudes and behaviours towards littering today? And what of others growing up in the TCI who have been a part of similar programmes.

What do our youth and young people think about littering and how do they feel it affects tourism?

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Vote for your Favourite Provo Primary Guy!

Next Monday, 5th November, will be our 8th Annual Provo Primary Bonfire Night! As always, we anticipate a wonderful evening of fun, food, fireworks and (bon)fire for our Provo Primary families to enjoy!

Over the past 7 years, each Year 4 class has set about learning about the history of Bonfire Night to understand why a Guy is made for this unusual celebration. It has become tradition for the Year 4 class to then create their own Guy Fawkes as part of their Design Technology classes. And each year, among the crowd of children and parents, the Year 4 children huddle at the front to watch their hard work go up in flames!

To get us in the mood for this wonderful and unique event, we thought it might be fun to look back over the 7 wonderful Guy Fawkes made by Year 4 students between 2011-2017.

Enjoy some old photos below of long-since graduated students below as we throw back to Bonfire Nights past.

Our current Year 4s sneaked into the action when Mr Toby taught them in Kindergarten. I wonder whether this might give them an advantage – we can’t wait to see what they come up with this year!

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Thank you for making our Halloween party so fa-boo-lous!

What a spook-tacular Trick or Treat and Halloween party we enjoyed last night at Provo Primary and Middle School. A wonderful community event with families from across the island dressing up and joining in with the fun.

A HUGE thank you to our team of AMAZING parents who organised and helped out with everything – from decorations, candy supplies, food, drinks, photos and music, to our FANTASTIC Year 6s who did a great job running all the entertaining games, to Year 7 and friends for making the Haunted House such a THRILLING place to visit and to all the Flamingo Park residents who kindly joined in with the Trick or Treating.

The school looked amazing and it was wonderful to see so many children having fun in their costumes, enjoying the games and playing together. The smiles, the joyful play and the wonderful friendly nature between them all made the evening such a delight!

A night to remember! Hats off to the clean up crew too. Well done everyone – a successful night thanks to all your team effort and support. Until next year…!