Y4 meet a Chiropractor

Today, the flamingo class had a visitor, Dr Craig Zavitz, a retired chiropractor.  He and his knowledgeable assistant, Robin, taught the class how the spine is formed from a single cell and how it grows. They played a game with the children to help them understand how the brain sends messages through the body, through the spine and to all our organs. Then Dr Craig had a role play experience to show children how a chiropractor could make small adjustments to the spine in order to improve ailments. We had a question and answer time with Robin who also brought some follow-up activities. The children were quizzed on skeleton facts they knew already and they could answer all but one question correctly, much to Dr Craig’s amazement! We all learned about how to keep our back healthy through diet, exercise and weight bearing correctly. Thank you Dr Craig and Robin for giving us this experience.

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Minibeasts, Athletics and Tennis – an exciting start to the new term in Year 1

What an exciting start to the New Year in the Dolphin classroom. Year 1’s have been learning, exploring and investigating minibeasts and more in this terms topic. So far, our entomology lab In our role play corner has been bustling with all our classroom scientists observing different insects – many home to the island of Providenciales and some from afar. It’s been bug hunts and bug hotel building and our Year 1s have been enjoying digging deep into their learning.

Take a look at some of our Year 1’s enjoying their first tennis lesson this week. They practiced skill games strengthening their hand eye co-ordination and ball control in preparation for some fun tennis games in the coming weeks.

We are all looking forward to exploring this topic further this term. Now that our minds and bodies are rested and refreshed after the Christmas holidays – let’s get back to learning!

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Happy New Mood of the Day

In Year 3 we have been picking a special ‘mood of the day’ card to remind us of how we can use our positive traits throughout the day. We pick a card and think of an action or a body pose that is connected to the ‘mood’ presented on the card. We have had so much fun moving our bodies into different shapes independently, in pairs then as a class. Can you guess which picture is related to which ‘mood card’?

Happy New Mood to you all!



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Year 4 make a new start to the year – in style!

The Year 4s have made a great start to the new year with a positive attitude to all their learning and new topic, ‘Moving and Growing’. They have studied paintings of people in various poses by famous artists. The work shows very different styles using a wide range of medium and Y4 have made a good attempt at recreating their favourite style. Here are just a few samples of their lovely work. . .



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Santa in the Streets – Christmas 2019

A wonderful video memory of Santa in the Streets 2020!

A super HUGE thank you to all of you who donated gifts towards the ‘Santa In the Streets’ event last term. Your response was fantastic and your gifts were truly appreciated.

It was so heart-warming to see and to hear the delight from the children at the Ashleys Learning Centre when your gifts were presented to them individually by Santa on that final Thursday before the Christmas break. The School Council were present, giving out your soft toy donations to the children, as well as serving pizza and drinks to them all. They even got to bounce in a bouncy castle with some of the students. [Read more…]

Middle School Fundraising Items for Sale

Our Middle school fundraising items will be for sale in school at collection all week. All proceeds will contribute to the Y7 & Y8 field trips in the summer.