Golden Time – Fun Friday – ‘You know it’s all about the choice!’

Golden time took on a new spin this week for Years 2-6 with choices of activities on offer for the children to participate in.  Some children were drawn to a game of dodgeball, others to a game of Twister.  Others opted for construction play or colouring/drawing, while a group chose to have playground time and happily played on the swings together.  The emphasis was on children making their own choices on what they were interested in doing.  It was fascinating to observe the choices that different age groups made and how they all mixed and played together.  As the weeks go on, I’m sure the children will start to develop more ideas and take on more ownership of what they would like to explore during their Fun Friday session, with teachers helping to facilitate this.  It certainly was a ‘Fun Friday’.

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Heroes – Year 6 Graduation 2017 Finale!

Flamingo Wisdom – Graduation 2017


The flamingo is our special school emblem and we often refer to the journey of our students through the school as one from chicks to fledglings. Today, we celebrated our Year 6 achievements at our Graduation Assembly.  So as our fully-fledged Year 6 class spread their wings and take flight from our Provo Primary nest, we would like to share with them some ‘Flamingo Wisdom’, which encourages them to make good choices as they continue to soar onto greatness.

Summer Camps at Provo Primary – 2017

We are excited to share our plans for our Summer Camps this year, running throughout July. Registration is now open and you may either order online via our Isle Help App or in the school office.

We are also happy to announce that Okeanos Juice and Smoothie Bar will be offering $5 lunches for all campers, freshly prepared on the school site daily.  See the menu here.



3rd – 28th July:  Creative Construction Camp for 2-6 years olds


“for Little Kids with Big Ideas”

Onsite fun, games and environmental themed activities including:

  • a creative obstacle course, on our green field, in our shaded playground and in our soft play area
  • Arts, crafts and creative construction using the environment as inspiration
  • Computing, Music, rhymes and singing games
  • Becoming an Okeanos chef’s assistant and help create a healthy lunch



3rd – 14th July:  BirdSleuth for 7-13 year olds

BirdSleuth is perfect for the adventurous, environmentally conscious and scientifically minded! Off site trips will include Pirate Cove, Northwest Point National Park, Wheeland Pond, Provo Golf Club lakes and a boat tour of the mangroves or Chalk Sound*. Onsite activities will focus on the creation of bird houses (that can be fitted with cameras for future observations), bird baths and a range of practical games and challenges. To combat the summer heat, we also intend to mix in the usual opportunities to swim and work inside our air-conditioned classrooms.

We look forward to seeing you at camp!



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Having a GRRRRRREAT TIME in the D.R.!

It certainly looks like Year 6 are thoroughly enjoying their residential trip away at Rancho Baiguate in Jarabacoa Dominican Republic this week.

With horseback riding, river rafting, treks to waterfalls, zip-lining, bonfire nights, shopping and much more!  What a great opportunity to practise their Spanish skills too!  We’re sure they’re going to return with plenty of stories to tell of their adventures!

What a wonderful reward for all of their hard work and success recently with all of their post primary entrance exams.

A big thank you to Mr. Jason, Mrs. Yorka, Mrs. B, Ingo and Cesar for planning and accompanying the children on this adventure.  No doubt you’re having lots of fun too!

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Congratulations to our AMAZING Year 6

We would like to congratulate all our Year 6 students for being successfully accepted into schools of their choice as they move on from Provo Primary. 

Their post-primary entrance exam results were outstanding!

  • 9 of the top 13 places at the British West Indies Collegiate School.
  • 15 of the top 16 places at the TCI Middle School.

We are very proud of each of them and their personal achievements.  We know that they have worked extremely hard towards this goal and their efforts have clearly been rewarded.

Thank you and well done to Mr. Jason, our incredible Year 6 teacher, and to all of the teachers who have guided the children through their learning journey throughout the school.  We also thank all their families for supporting them throughout their primary years. Congratulations on a team effort of dedication, hard work, preparation, support and a belief in what you can achieve when you do your personal best!

But exams don’t tell the whole story…

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Spectacular Art for our PTA Auction Tomorrow

Take a look at all of this amazing art work created by each of our classes from Toddlers to Year 6!  I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s absolutely beautiful.

Well… it could be yours!

Bidding has already started at half day pick up today and will be open again after school.  Final bidding will take place at our 25th Anniversary PTA Event at the Shore Club on Saturday evening.  All proceeds from the art auction will go to our PTA Funds.

We are so proud of all the children for working together with these under the talented, creative direction of Mrs. Yorka and the teachers.


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New After-School Clubs for the Summer Term, 2017

Choose from an amazing selection of new and popular after-school clubs here at Provo Primary.

Magic… Pirate Treasure Maps & Discoveries…  Art, Skipping…  Board Games…  Steel Drums…  Homework Club.

We hope you will take time to explore what is on offer and encourage your child to try something new or continue taking part in a firm favourite.  We also offer tutoring sessions and daily after-school care.

The information below outlines all the details of the school clubs we have available this term.  Sign up on IsleHelp at school or in the office.

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Teacher Appreciation Day at Provo Primary School

A big thank you to all of the children and parents who made Teacher Appreciation Day such a special day for all of our teachers today. The smiles, thoughtful messages, letters and cards, generous gifts, lunch duty cover and delicious luncheon were a wonderful expression of thanks for all they do. Thank you everyone – your appreciation was truly heart-warming.





Inspiring us to sore and reach for great heights in all we do!

Every Friday afternoon our KS1 and 2 classes gather together outside for our Celebration Assembly – a time to share and appreciate great effort, attitudes and achievements within the school.

Often, we find the need to pause patiently for a moment to wait for the distant rumble of an aeroplane flying overhead to fade (rather than see this as an noisy interruption, we sometimes wave to the tourists on board and wish them a wonderful holiday or return journey home).  From the skies this past Friday, however,  we heard rather a lot of squawking!

Looking up, it would appear that many birds seemed to want to be part of our assembly, perching to watch, gliding and swooping as they sang.  The birds were American Kestrels, bird of prey in the Turks and Caicos Islands that are members of the falcon family.  They are also known a Sparrow Hawks.

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New Jingle Jam funded resources bring big smiles and splashes in our EY

Thank you to all our Early Years’ Jingle Jammers!  Our festive bonanza, ‘Jingle Jam’ was a fun event for our younger children and families back in December and generated a whopping $1,101 to go towards teaching and learning equipment for our Early Years Unit.

Well, we are very pleased to report that our new resources have arrived and are already making a ‘splash’ and being enjoyed by our younger students!  Here are some photos of our amazing new ‘Water Wall’ and new replacement ‘Caterpillar’.  It was lovely to hear and see the children’s excitement when they saw these new resources for the first time. They are both great additions to our playground area – I think the children’s faces and focused involvement in the photos demonstrates this clearly. [Read more…]

FortisTCI National Science and Technology Fair 1st Place Winners, 2017

A proud moment for Provo Primary when our Science Team were announced 1st place winners in the FortisTCI Annual National Science and Technology Fair Science Project competition.

Congratulations to all our amazing students involved and to our incredible team leader, Mr. Jason (our Year 6 teacher and Science Fair / Quiz Coordinator this year).  We were particularly proud of the students knowledge of the experiment, their use of scientific language and advanced level of understanding during their presentation before the judges. Well done everyone for all your hard work and effort and thank you to all who have supported them along the way.

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Our Amazing Year 1 Architects!

Take a look at our amazing Year 1 Architects in action!  What a variety of creative bridges, palaces, campfires, tepees, hotels, resorts, homes and dens they have built!

One afternoon, Ms Shara brought in 3 big tubs of wood for the children to use to create structures.  Working alone, in pairs or in a group, they thought, planned, explored, made decisions, built, changed their plans, started all over again and finally built a structure that they were proud of.

As you will see in the photos below, a selection of small and large wooden pieces, patiently balanced with precision, can create all sorts of wonderfully creative designs.

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Sensational Stories at Sunset on World Book Day 2017

What a lovely evening of stories we enjoyed at our Provo Primary ‘Storytelling Evening’ on World Book Day.

A huge thank you to David for captivating us all with his ‘Anansi the Spider’ tale – we were super amazed by how his flexible body created Anansi!; to all the amazing teachers and Mrs. B who followed suit with stories in the classroom; and to Lise and Steph for organising and serving the PTA milk and cookies. Finally, a big thank you to our delightful audience of children – young and old, parents and friends. It was great to see so many of you dressed up in your colourful PJs and to meet all of your bedtime cuddle toys!

We hope that everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening of tales-  Happy WBD!

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Books, Books, Books – It’s World Book Day, of course!

Yesterday was a fun packed day of World Book Day activities.  Marking its 20th anniversary, this annual celebration of authors, illustrators and reading is recognised in more than 100 countries around the world.

The main aim of World Book Day is to encourage children to explore the pleasures of books and we certainly had lots of opportunities for this throughout the day… click on to see photos of our Book Character Dress Up, Book Swap, Non-Fiction Quiz and BWIC drama skits.


How did you celebrate World Book Day?

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Tonight is Story Night!

Join us for a wonderful evening of storytelling (5-6pm).  Children are encouraged to come dressed in their PJs and to bring along their favourite night time cuddly toy companion and a comfy pillow or blanket.  Then they can sit back, sip on a glass of milk, munch on a cookie and enjoy the evening’s bedtime story time atmosphere.

We begin our night of stories with David Bowen sharing an ‘Anansi the Spider’ folktale up on our stage.  After this, teachers/other adults will be reading stories in the classrooms and around the school.

The PTA will be providing cookies and milk to add to the evening’s bedtime story time atmosphere.

All children under 5 need to be accompanied throughout the evening.

World Book Day: 2017 – ‘A Storytelling Evening’


This upcoming week, World Book Day, the annual celebration of books and reading for children and young people, celebrates its 20th anniversary on Thursday 2nd March 2017.  As usual, we plan to have a fun-packed day of literature enjoyment:

Book Character Dress Up (Whole School):

All the children throughout the school are encouraged to come dressed like one of their favourite book characters. It always great fun to see everyone dressed up in their creative, homemade costumes and to appreciate the wide range of books enjoyed across the school.

School Council Book Swap (Whole School):

Bring in a book (or 2 or 3) and swop it for a different book. Bring books in from Monday onwards (Wednesday the latest) and give them to your teacher.  You’ll get to choose your new book on Thursday.

Visit from British West Indies Collegiate School (Years 1-6)

Students from the BWIC will be coming to perform some story dramas and to read to us.  We have enjoyed this connection on World Book Day for a few years and it has become a much-loved part of our celebrations.

Storytelling Evening (Whole School) 5:00-600pm.

We are once again very excited to be hosting ‘A Storytelling Evening’. David Bowen has kindly offered to start the evening off by sharing an ‘Anansi the Spider’ folktale on the stage.  After this, teachers/other adults will be reading stories in the classrooms and around the school.  Let your child’s teacher know if you would like to read a story.  The children are encouraged to come dressed in their PJs and to bring along their favourite night time cuddly toy companion and a comfy pillow or blanket.  The PTA has offered to provide cookies and milk to add to the evening’s bedtime story time atmosphere.



Year 4 Explore Times Tables in 3D!

Have you ever wondered what the times tables would look like in 3D?

No, of course not!

Well, can you imagine what they’d look like if they were 3D?



These were the crucial questions that Year Four explored this week in our maths sessions! As part of our ongoing mission to learn our times tables facts, we tried to create a 3D model of the 10 x 10 times tables grid.

Using our Cuisenaire number sticks, children created each times table from x1 to x10. Once all of the times tables were built, we constructed the entire grid, with all times tables laid on top of each other. The results were quite surprising, I think you’ll agree!

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Provo Primary hosts a presentation on ‘Play and Learning in Early Childhood’

A valuable presentation that we encourage all Early Years parents to take the time to attend:


Have you ever wondered how your child is going to be ready to succeed in school if he or she spends time ‘playing’ in the Early Years Classes?



Come and discover the value of play

Monday February 27th 2017

5:00 to 6:00 p.m. at Provo Primary School

Community friends are welcome to join us.

Visiting presenter: Nicola Williams, ECE, BEd, MEd, PhD Candidate. 

Nicola’s children attended Provo Primary for many years and she also taught here herself.  She is very excited to return to the school again!

Please come and find out what parents need to know about play experiences for their child and why play is so effective at preparing young children for success in school and life.

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Leo and the Big Heart

Thank you so much to Jeff and Ginny for entertaining us today with a special valentine puppet show about friendship, sportsmanship, and forgiveness.

The cast of characters included Rudy and Risky Rabbit, Leo the Lion, and a nasty witch with a mean green face!  The show took place in the “Friendly Forest” as Rudy and Risky were getting ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Wanting to play a game and needing another friend to join them, they asked Leo and that’s when the trouble started…!

We also learnt and sang some special love and friendship songs together.

Keen puppeteers, Jeff and Ginny were Founders and Directors of the Sundance School located in New Jersey for nearly 40 years.  Visiting Provo, it was very kind of them to bring down their puppets to share their story with us all.  The photos of the children’s faces as they watched will clearly show you just how much they all enjoyed the show.  It was lovely to the children entranced and to hear them giggle and laugh at the humour.   A wonderful show.  A huge thank you to our new, big-hearted, friends, Ginny and Jeff. We hope to see you again another time, soon.

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Join us for our February Half Term Camp

Kids Camp

Come and join in our range of daily fun and educational activities.

13th – 17th February 2017

8.30AM -12.00PM

For ages 2 – 6 years

$35 per session / $150 for the week (8.30AM-12.00Noon)

Non-Provo Primary children welcome to join us.

Please let us know in advance if you are interested.

Safer Internet Day 2017

safer-internet-day-2017Safer Internet Day 2017 is coming up this week on Tuesday 7th February!

The theme is…’Be the change: Unite for a better internet‘,

At Provo Primary School, the children will be involved in a variety of class and mixed-class activities and will create information posters for parents to see how they have become more aware of the positive and negative aspects of Internet technology and device use.

How will you play your part?  Let’s join together to make the internet a safer and better place for all, and especially children and young people.  Click on to see some parent resources…

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Come plant mangroves at Wheeland Pond in Blue Hills

Today is World Wetlands Day (2nd Feb).

Join the DECR team to clean-up and plant mangroves at Wheeland Pond in Blue Hills this Saturday (4th February) at 8am.  All are invited to help conserve this important local wetland habitat.

Two years ago, our School Council joined a team of other local school children to plant mangroves at Wheeland Pond together with Amy Avenant, the DECR Outreach Coordinator.   Last year, our current Year 5s learnt about mangrove habitats, and how they CAN and have to help to conserve these for the future… Why are our mangrove systems so important? How do these work in unison with the coral reefs? And what would happen to our island if the mangroves aren’t protected.  Amy Avenant from DEMA took the children on a trip to the mangrove system on Flamingo Lake. With her expertise guidance, they observed and learnt about these amazing habitats close up.

Please take two minutes to watch the mangrove video below. Filmed in our neighbouring Bahamas, it give us a powerful insight into why we should actively protecting our mangroves here in the Turks and Caicos. Also learn more at

The Beauty of Mangrove Forests

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Provo Public Library Week Celebrates Library Week – 23rd – 27th January, 2017

library week posterThe Turks and Caicos Library Service will be celebrating library week during January 23rd – 27th, 2017 to help promote the programmes and services offered by the organization.

Click here to see a schedule of activities that will be held during that week along with our library week public poster.

Feel free to Stop by and visit the Library during Library week.

For more details, please contact Sharene Gibbs, the Library Assistant at the Provo Public Library on (649) 941-7646

“You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book!” – Dr. Seuss.




After School Clubs, Spring Term 2017

after-school-clubs-imageAt the heart of our ambition for Provo Primary School is our commitment to providing the very best for all children to enjoy and achieve. This includes having the widest possible range of opportunities both within and beyond the curriculum.  After-school clubs are a fantastic way of achieving this and we are excited to offer a wide range of clubs, run by teachers, community members and affliated programmes – all with a view to increasing the range of experiences that children have. Activities are designed to be fun and cater for a wide variety of interests and ages.  They are open to both Provo Primary students and community children alike.

The information below outlines all of the school clubs we have available this term, from Journalism, Science and French, to Soccer and Basketball, Art and Design, along with our affliated Provo Performing Arts School’s Dance and Theatre Arts sessions.  We hope you will take time to explore what is on offer and encourage your child to try something new or continue taking part in a firm favourite.

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