Today is World Food Day – Food For Thought Food Drive

This year’s theme is  “Our actions are our future. Healthy diets for a #zerohunger world”.

Our School Council have been encouraging us to donate non-perishable breakfast items for the ‘Food for Thought’ Food Drive this week.  Click here to see a list of requested items.

Please bring your items in by Friday morning as they will be picked up before the end of the school day.  Community members are also welcome to drop off donations at the school. Thank you for your kind support.

Food for Thought has been holding various events and activities during the week, which will end this Sunday with their annual brunch at Mango Reef.  Tickets are selling fast!

A Crowd of Creative Cardboard Creations

17 families enjoying an afternoon of imaginative, non-screen time, hands-on fun!

What a collection of creative cardboard creations we engineered at our Global Cardboard Challenge:  trains, houses, crocodiles, wind turbines, dinosaurs, stores, games, puffer fish, dolphins, water dispensers, carousels, balls and even Steve from Mindcraft!

A HUGE thank you to Lise and Clare for the much appreciated lemonade and popsicles; cardboard engineering certainly is hot, thirsty work!

Take a look at some photos… we hope you’ll be inspired to build something yourself!


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Happy National Heritage Day

Happy National Heritage Day everyone.





Today is the U.N. International Day of the Girl Child

It’s International Day of the Girl Child- a day to bring attention to girls’ rights and the challenges that they face around the world.

2019 Theme — GirlForce: Unscripted and Unstoppable

“We need to uphold the equal rights, voices and influence of girls in our families, communities and nations. Girls can be powerful agents of change, and nothing should keep them from participating fully in all areas of life.” — UN Secretary-General António Guterres

International Day of the Girl Child was set up by the United Nations – or UN as it’s often called – a worldwide organisation that brings countries together to talk about world issues. Find out more about this day here.

Provo Primary Halloween Party – 31st Oct, 2019

Great for families with young children (0-tweens) looking for a fun, relaxed, family friendly atmosphere with an organised trick or treating route, lots of games and dancing.

Come dressed in your most creative Halloween costume.

Food and drinks available.

Tickets $5, on sale at the school or on IsleHelp.

If you haven’t already, please consider volunteering. Sign-up sheets are outside the school office.

Please remember that all children will need to be supervised by an adult while at both the Trick-or-Treating and Party.

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Looking ahead to World Food Day – Video Competition

Next Wednesday is World Food Day and ‘Food for Thought’ has a video competition you may like to enter as a family.  The competition as that you use your imagination and create a video that illustrates your idea of what needs to be done to make healthy diets available for everyone and how each of us can improve our diets. Tell ‘Food for Thought’ how everyone can come together to achieve better nutrition and #ZeroHunger.

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Celebrating ‘The Week of the Child’

‘Supporting Young Learners through Imagination and Creativity’

This week (7th-11th October), across the Turks and Caicos, early years classes are celebrating the ‘Week of the Young Child’.

Take a look at the exciting activities our Early Years Unit will be joining in with here at Provo Primary School and look out for our blog showing the children in action at the end of the week…


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Food For Thoughts 4th Annual Sunday Brunch

Enjoy a delicious meal in a delightful setting while supporting a worthy cause.  Food for Thought is a charity that provides breakfast to hundreds of children in Turks & Caicos.

Sunday 2oth October 2019 @ Mango Reef (click on the poster for details)

Last years, the charity’s third annual Sunday Brunch fundraiser raised over $17,000 for its breakfast and food bank programmes.

Jeanne and Karen Savory (Food for Thought Co-Founders) continue to express their gratitude for all the community’s support for this event, and in general. “Providing breakfast to a few hundred students may not seem like much, but to some of the students it is really an important addition to their day. Teachers very quickly report improved attention and attendance.  We could not do it without the amazing support from the community. We are very grateful to everyone who contributes, in so many ways, to the achievements of this charity.”

World Teacher Day 2019

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” – Pablo Picasso

Every single day, we can be inspired by the people who do extraordinary things to improve the world. Their everyday acts and sacrifices are truly superhuman, and in no profession is this more evident than teaching.

So this World Teachers Day join us in celebrating five superpowers of teachers. Here are some of the things teachers do that, all told, have an impact on par with superheroes.

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Today is World Smile Day

It’s World Smile Day and this is your goal…

…to make as many people as possible aware of World Smile Day and encourage smiles and acts of kindness around the world.

How will you make someone smile?

Find out more about World Smile Day here.





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Take me Tuesday and Throwback Thursday… Celebrating TCI Heritage

Throughout National Heritage Month, we will be celebrating on Social Media each Tuesday and Thursday with a host of our heritage posts that we have published over the years, along with some of our favourite videos and songs.

Enjoy sharing this celebration with us, looking out for posts reminiscing times past and highlighting the amazing heritage of our islands…




It’s National Heritage Month here in the TCI – 2019

The Ministry of Education, Youth, Culture and Library Services invites you to join us in celebrating encouraging  friends and neighbours to come out and be a part of the month –long activities around the island. Click on the image left to see what’s happening.

National Heritage Month is a time in which we wholeheartedly observe and celebrate the rich cultural history of our country. It is through our celebrations that we recognise the work done by our forefathers, and the rich legacies they have left for our enjoyment.

As we celebrate, we ask that we each reflect on our level of patriotism to this beautiful country; the role each citizen must play in making this a safer place in which to live, and the steps that are to be taken to make the TCI a more unified country.

Look out for further details this week on our National Heritage Celebration Assembly on the afternoon of Friday 11th October – time to be decided.

Everyone is invited to join us as our children honour our National Song, tales and dances.  We hope you’ll be able to join us for the celebrations!

As always, do let us know if you are willing to come in and share a heritage related activity with the children during this month.

Big Ted and Flamingo went to Sea…

Big Ted is so excited about you joining him for the ‘Global Cardboard Challenge’ tomorrow. In fact he and Flamingo couldn’t wait and got creative with some amazing friends!

Big Ted and the Flamingo went to sea, in a beautiful cardboard boat,

They took some honey, and plenty of money, wrapped up in a five-dollar note.

Big Ted looked up to the stars above, and sang to a small guitar,

“O lovely Flamingo! O Flamingo my love,

What a beautiful Flamingo you are, you are, you are!

What a beautiful Flamingo you are!”

Adapted from the poem ‘The Owl and the Pussy Cat’ by Edward Lear.

Our Global Cardboard Challenge Day is 2 sleeps away!

Inspired by Caine, we are getting ready for an afternoon of good old fashioned – no technology – imaginative, family fun!  3-6Pm – Sunday 29th Sept.

9-year-old Caine Monroy spent his summer vacation building an elaborate cardboard arcade inside his dad’s used auto parts store. The entire summer went by, and he never had a single customer. But Caine didn’t give up. Then, on the last day of summer, filmmaker Nirvan Mullick walked in by chance to buy an auto part for his car. Caine asked Nirvan to play, and, well,  Caine’s Arcade 2 to see what happened next…

Looking for National Youth Day activities to join in with tomorrow… ?

Why not start your National Youth Day celebrations at the Edward C. Garland Youth Centre ‘Youth Fun Day’!  With a bounce house, arts and crafts, face painting, games and more, it’s set to be a fun event to go to between 10am and  4pm.

After this, Provo Primary and Middle School families are welcome to join Mrs. Laranda on the National Youth Day Parade March. Starting at 4pm, the parade leads from CIBC Bank to the Gustuvus Lightbourne Sports Complex, Downtown.

Families should meet Mrs. Laranda in the CIBC Bank car park at 3:45pm. Parents should accompany their children throughout the walk and at the following fair events at the Sports Complex.


It just just takes the imagination of one child to inspire the world! National Youth Week – ‘IGNITE THE YOUTH, TO IGNITE THE FUTURE’. We are celebrating ‘Cardboard Challenge Day’ this Sunday, 29th Sept 2019. Look out for more details this week.


Celebrating National Youth Week through our Cardboard Challenge Day!

Think outside the box and help us build… ‘Cardboardia’ a city where everything is made from recycled cardboard!

Global Cardboard Challenge Day is a week away… and Provo Primary & Middle School families are invited to celebrate this year’s National Youth Week theme “Ignite the youth – Ignite the future” by supporting their children’s creativity at our family-friendly, Cardboard Challenge Day.

So start thinking of possibilities as a family and meet us on

Sunday 29th, 3 – 6pm

Also a great day to encourage your child’s growth mindset!

A child-run refreshment stand will be available – please feel welcome to BYO drinks and snacks.

All children need to be accompanied by at least one family adult or supervising adult.

Not sure what it’s all about… take a look at last year’s event to find out more… and check out here for some added inspiration.

We hope to see you Sunday for an afternoon of good old fashioned – no technology – imaginative, family fun!

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Next Week is National Youth Week 22nd – 29th September, 2019

During National Youth Week next week, a variety of events are happening in the TCI in celebration our young people. The theme for this year is:


Provo Primary & Middle School encourages your family to make a presence and to show your support.

Your family may wish to attend the Youth Service on Sunday 22nd  September, which will commemorate the start of the Youth Week celebrations. It will be at the Harvest Bible Chapel at 11am.  Children should wear their school uniform.

Click on to see the full schedule of events…

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Today is World Gratitude Day and International Day of Peace, 2019

Today is both World Gratitude Day and International Day of Peace.

A perfect opportunity to remind us to step back and think about what we are thankful for.





A HUGE thank you to our Trash Hero Eco Warriors

International Coastal Clean-up Day… a HUGE thank you to our amazing Trash Hero Eco Warriors between the ages of 3 and 10 years old, and their family and friends…

27 giant bagfuls of litter… a win-win… less pollution on our ‘Beautiful by Nature’ island and a more pleasant walk to PE for our older students.

Thanks everyone for your support.

And if you didn’t make it… remember that you can do a clean-up of your neighbourhood anytime.

Help make a difference!

Growth Mindset for Students

Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

Learn about Fixed and Growth Mindsets in this short video. Come find out how we are nurturing growth mindsets at our Open House – Class Share today at 2:45pm.

MindUP: What do you know about the brain?

What do you know about the brain?  See what these children can teach you in this really amazing short video…






Dress Down Day – Supporting the Bahamas

This Friday’s Dress Down Day will be in support of our neighbours, The Bahamas.

Come dressed wearing any of the colours of the Bahamas Flag –

Black, Gold and Aquamarine or all 3 colours!

Donate a dollar or give more if you’d like.

All proceeds will go to a Bahamas Relief Fund.





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Why is Mindfulness a Superpower?

Mindfulness is a bit of a buzzword… most people have heard of it, but many are confused about what mindfulness really means. In reality is simply means focusing your awareness on the present moment; calmly noticing your emotions and physical sensations without judgment as you are doing whatever you happen to be doing. You can be mindful as you do just about anything from sitting quietly and breathing, to drawing, cooking,  eating, or playing on the beach in the sand.