Busy Hands, Happy Thoughts

Painting, messy play and drawing can help children express emotion, explore colour, use their senses, investigate process and outcomes and create aesthetically pleasing works.

As you can see from the children’s faces the paintbrush almost becomes an instrument of inner peace.


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Creative Connections

Construction and building toys are fun and exciting to use and inspire children’s imagination. They also have significant cognitive and academic benefits for children of all ages. They provide a creative platform for children to learn shapes and colours, while they also help to develop visual spatial awareness. While playing and building, children learn to cooperate with others and problem solve. This type of toy improves fine motor manipulation and strength as well.

Take a look at the fun we have had so far in JK with various construction toys and activities.




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Its all about the Senses in JK!

This term J.K. have been exploring the 5 senses.

Have a look at our pictures and guess which sense the children are using as they explore…








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JK blasted off into space this term!

The JK class blasted off into space this term and learnt lots of space and planetary facts. They even had some intergalactic guests of honor visit them to share knowledge about space stations and space travel.  A big thank you to Aileen Shaw, who was a director at the Canadian Space agency, and Claire Green, who worked for a Canada tech firm that used satellites for search and rescue in Northern Canada. Have a look at the  photographs below to see what the children discovered and created!





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NEWSFLASH: Hybrid Dinosaurs Spotted in our Playground

Take a close look and see if you can find  little dinosaurs hiding in the trees and bushes…
All the children had great fun on Dress Down Friday as hybrid dinosaurs. We have been talking about creative/realistic colouring and realistic colouring/drawing. Today the children had a great time bringing this to life!

See you again soon.

Miss Claire Marie and Ms Shara

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Latest discoveries by our JK paleontologists

The children in J.K have been completely immersed in learning about dinosaurs. They are captivated by the mystery of these giant creatures. We even had a couple of experts from Year 3 come and do a presentation for us!

Take a peek at our photos to see the following: our excavation area with a paleontologist hard at work, independent research groups reading about dinosaurs and artists busily documenting findings. During role play, the children adore creating a dinosaur museum with their bodies and playing with the small world dinosaurs to act out the day to day life of a dinosaur.

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Planting seeds of learning in JK

Our topic on ‘Growing and Changing’ this term has been a fantastic to explore in JK!  The children have sprouted some seeds and planted cuttings. We have learnt the parts of a flower and how to label a picture. Looking at books together, we have discovered many interesting facts about plants and nature.

Though our topic is ending, we plan to keep our little garden for the rest of the year and attend to the plants needs of water and sunshine. Please see the photos for a little snap shot of our hard work! Also, please feel welcome to in and see our little plants anytime.

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JK explore Plants and Growing

In JK we are exploring and investigating all aspects of plants and growing. Every day we are leaning new facts about the nature surrounding us.

We have learned that we need plants and trees to help us breath.

Investigating fruit and vegetables has been great fun.  We discovered that some have seeds inside and some on the outside.

Come in and visit our germination/sprouting area in our classroom.

Please have a look at the pictures of the class on a nature walk. We found many different interesting plants, flowers, seeds and trees, all in our very own playground!  We enjoyed using our senses to explore everything that we discovered.


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The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch

In JK, we have started the term with a topic based around the story book ‘The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch’ by Ronda Armitage.

The children have adored learning the story through circle time readings, story maps, role play and art.

Have a look through our pictures. The children loved pretending to be seagulls and pecking a sandwich to see if it was mustard or honey!





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JK enjoy up and down fun with the parachute on a windy day!

J.K have been enjoying the recent cooler weather outdoors.  In particular, it was great fun to use the parachute on the field! Please take a look at the pictures and video to see everyone laughing and quite literally bouncing with joy. With it being a windy day, all the children needed to work together and use amazing strength and gross motor skills to swoosh the parachute up and down. It was especially fun to take turns with going underneath the parachute!

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JK enjoy playing on the slide together

Please take a look at this wonderful video of J.K children playing on the slide. The children spontaneously created this game and managed the play by themselves. They played on and on, and everyone who wanted a turn of being the leader got their turn. The skills displayed by the children included: negotiation, patience, taking turns, verbalizing needs, climbing, spacial awareness, consideration, communication, leadership, co-operation and observation. We hope you enjoy the video as much as we did watching them play. Well done J.K.


Developing fine motors skills are important for writing, cutting and much much more!

In the Junior Kindergarten class, we observe that the children are eager to begin writing. Developing fine motor control including hand strength and a strong pincer grip, are all essential foundation skills that will help lead to success when it comes to holding a pencil and forming letters and numbers.

Fine motor movements involve the coordination of small muscles in the hands and fingers. Along with helping with writing, strong fine motor skills are essential to complete tasks such as cutting, using a fork or spoon, threading beads, moving puzzle pieces, zipping, buttoning and tying shoe laces.

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J.K.’s little Scientists record what they see.

jk-science-jan-2017 (1)We kicked off our J.K. Science topic this term with colour mixing! The children were mesmerized and enjoyed predicting what colour the paper towel might turn. We mixed red with blue, yellow with blue and yellow with red.

While waiting for the towels to absorb the coloured water, the children were keen to record what they saw by drawing the experiment. The next day, everyone was excited to see how the colours had mixed and reflected on their predictions from the day before.  Well done JK!

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JK love playing with Plasticine.

jk-plasticine-nov-2016-3Plasticine is a wonderful model making material is firmer and incredibly dense compared to play-doh. The children had great fun exploring it and chatting and naming what they were making. As well as being fun manipulating Plasticine strengthens the children’s fingers, hands, wrists and forearms. Have a look at our photos for a snap shot of our activity.




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Pete the Cat Steps into J.K.

jk-pete-the-cat-oct-2016-3In J.K. we have been reading Pete the Cat! The children have enjoyed re-telling the stories ‘I Love My White Shoes’ and ‘Four Groovy Buttons’. They have been threading buttons, counting buttons and matching buttons! The children were very thoughtful in adding a few extra foods for Pete to ‘step’ in and considered carefully what colour Pete’s shoes would become. They have also discovered that quite a few of them own real cats and they talked how they care for them.  Of course, pretending to be a cat was great fun, too!

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“Its about the journey not the destination”

PVA glue is an amazing medium. It’s charged with the qualities of viscosity, flow, speed, cause and effect.

Please take a look at this fascinating video and observe the children as they wonder, explore and investigate this incredible substance called glue!  It’s wonderful to see how focused and relaxed they are and how they are seemingly unaware of  noise around them.

So now you know that when your child presents you with a plain piece of paper, with a shiny blob in the middle that, although it may not look much to you, for the child, the art and creative and sensory experience was in the process rather than the end product. [Read more…]

JK Drawing and Storytelling

jk-may-2016 (1)Have a look at our JK videos and photographs showing how the children are at different stages of drawing, learning and story telling.

The children are given the freedom to explore magnetic letters and drawing the white board. They do so very creatively at their own levels – take a look and be amazed.

Story telling is a big part of J.K life and the children are able to draw intricate pictures to express a narrative. More recently, we built a puppet set and characters with a story that lasts around 10mins. The children are all able to act and tell the beautiful story of the fox, the princess and the monster that lived on the frozen lake. A tale of tragedy and happiness – come in and listen sometime! [Read more…]

JK have been busy exploring in lots of different ways!

jk-busy-march-2016 (1)Please take a look at this snapshot of some of the activities in JK over the past 7 days.

Spring has sprung and decorating eggs brought out an abundance of creativity! The topic of ‘how will we survive when the Earth dies?’ came up as the children were busy decorating… you will be pleased to know that plans are being made for a possible move to another planet or to live underground like monsters! Other topics included ‘what farm animal are you?’,  ‘what colour are you?  and ‘what ocean animal are you?

The children have spotted the older children junk modelling and decided they needed to create too – everyone brought in a box and it’s been amazing! The children have built a house, a tower, a ship and a cooker to cook eggs. There has been lots of laughter, and learning to let go of one idea to create a new one.  There’s been great team work too!

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JK’s Soup and Bread Making has all of their Senses Tingling!

jk-soup-bread-feb-2016 (1)This week in J.K. we concluded our 5 Senses topic by doing some cooking and baking. This was a wonderful hands-on activity that used every sense. The children delighted in measuring, mixing, smelling and tasting all of the raw and cooked vegetables in the noodle soup and had a brilliant time kneading their bread rolls.

This activity tied in well with our core focus in Early Years this term, which is STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Look out on the school blog for more STEM related photos from our upcoming Open House next week!


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Maths Exploration in JK

jk-maths-jan-2016-(5)The JK class have been very enthusiastic about exploring shapes, numbers, sequencing and counting out quantities. Please have a look at our pictures where you can see the children independently carrying out various maths activities.





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JK are getting to know each other more and more…

jk-getting-to-know-each-other-nov-2015 (1)Thank you for taking the time to check out JK! The past few weeks we have spent a portion of our morning choosing a new friend to work or play. This assists the children in getting to know their peers more closely and helps with learning from each other as everyone has different strengths and ideas.  Please take a look at the slideshow and enjoy seeing how well the children have bonded. We love to sing the following song – ‘The more we get together’. Have a great day and see you again soon on the JK blog.

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JK decide to make their own poppies for their friends.

jk-poppies-nov-2015After we did our Poppy Day time of silence today in Junior Kindergarten, two children independently chose to go to the drawing area to make poppies.  They carefully drew their poppies, cut them out and asked for tape to stick it to their shirts.  They also made poppies for their friends and then made a card for Mrs. Betty to thank her for making special poppies for all the children.



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Literacy Learning in JK

jk-literacy-oct-2015 (8)Please take a look at our photographs of the children enjoying different aspects of literacy, writing and physical development. These early activities are fun ways of strengthening the child’s hands, fingers and arms in preparation for writing. Our classroom encourages independent reading, drawing and writing. As a group we often read a story and then create our own expression of the story inventing strange, entertaining and exciting scenarios that make us laugh. Please feel welcome to come in and enjoy hearing one of our tales!

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Preschool learning through outside play

ps-outdoor-play-april-2015-(16)We love to play outside! The green field is amazing! The children adore their daily trip to the green field and more recently have delighted in using more play equipment – learning to kick, throw, crawl under, jump over, run in a zigzag, race and use hula hoops!

Sports day was lots of fun – the children loved showing all their skills to their mums and dads.

One of our highlights this year has been playing with the parachute with Year 6 – you can tell by the children’s faces just how much fun they had.


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Learning through play… indoors in Preschool

ps-indoor-learning-may-2015 (15)Hi everyone! The Preschool class have been working hard to refine their fine motor skills in class. Please have a look at out photos and see what the children have been up to.

Our cutting skills have greatly improved over the year – everyday we cut card, magazines, paper and are now in the beginning stages of learning to create our own collages!

Working together and playing with friends is a big part of our day – the children have bonded beautifully over the year and our new friends have settled in wonderfully making us laugh and showing us all their skills. Happy Term 3!



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