Parent guides to help you to support your child’s Maths learning.

calculation-policy-imageThese parent guides will help you to see the progression of a child’s understanding of number and calculations from the Early Years through to Year 6. They demonstrate the teaching stages of each of the 4 operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They also include key vocabulary to support each method.
Each guide is designed to assist you with supporting your child at home with their Numeracy learning.  It is often the case that many methods and strategies taught today appear different from those previously used. All children will progress towards using the methods that many adults recognise from their own school days. We do, however, encourage all parents to support their child’s progress through the stages outlined in these parent guides, so that they gain a richer understanding of how complex calculations work. When at home, it is helpful if your child can practice the methods taught in school to ensure the strategies are reinforced effectively.

How do we solve Maths calculations? Our strategies are BIG news!

Last year, when our current Year 5s were in Year 4, the class created a series of Maths videos to demonstrate the strategies and methods we use at school to solve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division calculations.

These were shared at our recent Maths Calculation Parents’ Workshop and will now be online and forever available as a reference for both parents and children.  If you ever need a reminder, just check out our entertaining newscasts!

Above is our addition video. Click on “Read more” to see videos for subtraction, multiplication and division.

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