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Shark week works, we LOVE sharks!

shark-week-april-2015 (1)Inspired by the recent visit of Rob Stewart (shark photographer and conservationist) to the TCI, our own ‘Shark Week’ was a fantastic mix of a whole range of activities, including visits from local dive photographers and the TCI Shark Action Team.

Early Years were lucky enough to have a visit from Mr. David Gallardo who wowed the children with his stunning underwater photography of sharks and his description of his one to one encounters. Year 3 also had the wonderful opportunity of a visit from Mr. Sean Brady who delivered a presentation on sharks and showed his amazing photography too!

The whole of Key Stage 1 and 2 then had a visit from TCI Shark Action Team on Thursday…

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Year One meet Sally and Jerry!

yr1-conch-farm-may-2015-11Year One has been delving into learning all about our latest topic, My Country: TCI. On Monday, we took a trip to the Conch Farm. Richard, our tour guide, was very patient and gave us a real hands-on experience. We were able to see the different stages of growth conch go through and we were able to hold conch of different ages.

I was very impressed by the good questions the children asked when we met Sally and Jerry. We learned how to tell boy and girl conch apart, as well as how to tell how old a conch is. We got to stroke, not poke, Sally and Jerry. As a special treat, the children were given a conch shell gift. Thank you, Richard. What a lovely educational trip we had.


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During our Shark Week, Year 3 went Shark and Teeth Crazy!

yr3-teeth-april-2015-6In Science we have been looking at Teeth and in Numeracy we have been looking at Fractions. To combine our shark learning we decided to make some pop-up sharks with different coloured teeth. Look out for these beautiful sharks when you are out snorkeling next time!

Our challenge was to find the fraction of different coloured teeth for our individual sharks. We are now the fraction teeth experts but can you recognise who is behind each shark mouth in the photos?



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PTA Movie Night this Friday

movienightPTA Movie Night

Friday 8th May 5:00-7PM

See posters at school for details or call 441 5638




World Osprey Week Update / DEMA Photo Competition

osprey-childrens-park-mar-20151.jpgCheck out the latest news on this year’s recent World Osprey Week.  We get a mention and it’s lovely to see what other schools around the world have been up to.

Thank you to our Year 4 photographer for passing on the brilliant photos.  Great inspiration for the up-coming DEMA photographic competition that is running from 22 April – 22 May 2015.   Take a look at our last year’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winning entries.

This is a great opportunity for everyone to get out and interact with our natural environment and I look forward to see some wonderful photos!



Shark Week at Provo Primary

shark-stanley-bookEach year we dedicate a week to learning about wildlife in our local environment. Shark week follows on from our successful Osprey Week last year.  This week across the school, classes are investigating sharks.

We would like to thank all the community members who will be offering their expertise.

On Wednesday, David Gallardo (photographer) will be sharing his amazing photography and diving with shark experiences with Jk – Yr2.

On Thursday, Tina Randall (Shark Defenders), Jackie Walker (Amanyara Nature Discovery Centre) and Amy Avenant (DEMA) will be joining together with our Yr. 1-6 teachers to offer a morning of shark activities that the children will rotate through. Activities will include: fact finding, crafts, poetry and drama.

Bring your cameras on Friday and take some family photos with the Stanley Shark photo board.

Find out more about Stanley Shark and what you can do to help protect sharks at

JK visit the local Vets

jk-vet-march-2015 (5)As part of our Community Helpers Topic the J.K’s have been investigating and identifying local community people and their careers.  We have extended our school culture exploration of the Animal Hospital in our Home Corner to visiting The Turks and Caicos Veterinary Clinic.  The children have been able to explore their own ideas about how to care for animals while making links between their current understanding and their increasing knowledge.  These meaningful experiences offer such enrichment to learning.

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Healthy Reefs Need Sharks!

shark-talk-mar-2015-3Years 5 and 6 were extremely fortunate to attend Brayton Hall and listen to a talk delivered by Rob Stewart. Rob Stewart is an enthusiastic advocate for sharks and the maker of the documentary film ‘Sharkwater’.

Feedback from students indicated the following:

‘A great way to show how children can be advocates for something in which they believe in.’

‘A well-prepared talk which was easy to follow and understand.’

‘Rob was clearly passionate about sharks and extremely knowledgeable about them.’

Following this, our Year 2-4s were also able to join in as Rob was able to squeeze in a time to come to the school and talk to them too – thank you Ali for arranging this.

Community members are invited to a public screening of ‘Sharkwater’ Saturday evening – see details here.

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Wonderful Whale Awareness with SFS

sfs-students-mar-2015 (8)The whole of Key Stage 2 were recently lucky enough to have a second visit from the wonderful team at School for Field Studies (SFS) in South Caicos. This was a new group of students who have just began their time studying here.

As it was nearing the end of the whale migration season here in TCI, the students dedicated all their activities to educational information on them. The knowledge they had, along with the dynamic and entertaining way they delivered it to the children, was wonderful.

All our children loved the morning and didn’t want the students to leave. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn more about our wildlife here in the TCI, while also having the chance to interact with a different age group and learn about their studies.

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Christmas Smiles

christmas-smiles-2014It was quite a while ago now, but here are a few photos from the distribution of the Christmas gifts, which were mainly donated by Provo Primary School to The Salvation Army, and which we distributed in the community on your behalf.

Thank you to all the students and staff who helped to make it all possible.



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Toddlers visit the Local Farm

t-farm-trip-mar-2015 (3)The toddler class embarked on their first field trip to Turner Farm. Farmer Liz greeted us and took us to see the rabbits. There we got to feed them carrots. Some of the rabbits were quite impatient and took the entire carrot from us! We opened the cage and found a surprise – bunnies! They were so cute and little.




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‘Hideaway’ with Provo Performing Arts School

It’s so amazing to see so many of our Provo Primary Students performing in this amazing video – both past and present – all linked together and connected through dance. A true combination of talent, enthusiasm, hard work and dedication.  Well done, everyone!  I am thoroughly looking forward to your ‘Summer Showcase’ performance – Miss Sian.

Are you inspired to dance?  Provo Performing Arts School invite you to read on to learn how this video came about, and to see details on how you can sign up for their new dance sessions starting in Monday 20th April.  See the full programme details here.  You’ll need to sign up by 3rd April if you want to participate in the ‘Summer Showcase’.

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Shark Conservation Poster Winners

shark-poster-winners-mar-2015What an amazing level of participation – a total of 63 students, from Year 1 right through to year 6, entered the Amanyara Nature and Discovery Centre’s Shark Conservation Awareness Poster competition last week.  The message was clear on every child’s poster – sharks are important to the marine ecosystem and we need to protect them, both here in the TCI and globally!

We were extremely impressed by the high standard of research, aesthetic presentation skills and the phenomenal level of creativity that went into each poster’s design.  Recognition of the time and effort that each child had put into their poster was celebrated in a special assembly on Wednesday and each child received a special certificate – well done, everyone!  All of the posters were displayed around the school and, at the end of the assembly, we all got the opportunity to view them together.

All the posters will be displayed at the Rob Stewart Sharkwater Talk and Screening event at Brayton Hall this Saturday and also at the Turk and Caicos Reef Fund Cocktail Party fundraiser on Wednesday at Provo Golf Club – we hope to see you there at either or both events.  Our Year 5 and 6 students have been invited to a special Sharkwater school presentation this Thursday.

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Next Week is World Osprey Week

wow-2015-logoNext week is World Osprey Week and we are reminded of our dedicated week of learning connected with this last year.   Please take the opportunity to go out with your family to observe our local ospreys over this week and continue to promote the conservation of these majestic birds who live amongst us here in the TCI.  There are a number of osprey nests to visit – at The Bight Children’s Park, in Grace Bay, Leeward and at South Bluff.

If you would like to reminisce on the activities we did last year at school then  please take a look through our blog posts.  You can also find out about WOW 2015 at  and follow interactive maps that track ospreys as they migrate around the world.

This year, our local week study will focus on Sharks.  This will take place next term during 20th-24th April.


Tickets on Sale for our Family Evening of Fun

school-scholarship-fundraiser-2015-1Join us on Saturday 21st March for an evening of family fun, and support us in raising funds for our scholarship programme.

Enjoy live music with Pat Riel, view children’s art, bounce on our bouncy castle and play family games together.

Door Tickets are $15 per Person or $50 per Family (Mexican buffet included) Cash Bar.

Raffle Tickets $10 (Currently on sale) Prizes include: One Night stay at Parrot Cay, Two night stay at Villa Del Mar, Dinner for 2 at Beach House, Gansevoort, Blue Haven, Blue, Big Blue and Hemingway Gift Vouchers.

Scholarship Pledge Prize: Make a pledge to enter the chance to win a cruise on Addenda, a 40ft Hinckley Luxury Cruiser, for up to 8 guests.

All proceeds will benefit Provo Primary’s Scholarship Fund.   

A Family Evening of Fun

scholarship-family-fun-mar-2015Join us on Saturday 21st March for an evening of family fun, and support us in raising funds for our scholarship programme.

Enjoy live music with Pat Riel, view children’s art, bounce on our bouncy castle and play family games together.

Door Tickets are $15 per Person or $50 per Family (Mexican buffet included) Cash Bar.

Raffle Tickets $10 (Currently on sale) Prizes include: One Night stay at Parrot Cay, Two night stay at Villa Del Mar, Dinner for 2 at Beach House, Gansevoort, Blue Haven, Blue, Big Blue and Hemingway Gift Vouchers.

Scholarship Pledge Prize: Make a pledge to enter the chance to win a cruise on Addenda, a 40ft Hinckley Luxury Cruiser, for up to 8 guests.

All proceeds will benefit Provo Primary’s Scholarship Fund.   

BWI Collegiate Students entertain us with their Storytelling

collegiate-storytelling-march-2015 (6)On the day before World Book Day, we were lucky enough to have a visit from 19 Year 9 students from British West Indies Collegiate. The whole of Key Stages 1 and 2 were treated to three different dramatic performances carried out by the students. Head of English at the Collegiate, Miss Tessa Rankin, explained that the pupils had used traditional fairy tales as their starting point, but had chosen to intertwine different tales in their own completely independent and individual ways. Each group performed in costume to Years 1 & 2, 3 & 4 and 5 & 6.

The plays were written entirely by the students and were a true delight to watch. Not only were the students incredibly brave to come to a different school and perform, they were also extremely witty and dramatic. Great budding thespians!


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PTA Beach Day Fun!

pta-beach-fun-day-mar-2015Come and join in the fun at our family beach day with the Sailing Club at The Bight Beach Park on Sunday 8th March from 3-6PM.  The Sailing Club activities will start from 1PM.

Meet new friends as you relax and mingle, dig in the sand and splash in the waves. Feeling energetic? Then why not join in with the Sailing Club family activities and work up  an appetite and thirst for their BBQ and refreshments playing volleyball, sailing and displaying your strength in the Tug’O’War!

An afternoon of opportunities to relax, enjoy team building activities and to have lots of family fun; a winning combination.

We hope to see you there!


Inviting friends to help bring History alive!

int-school-ed-week-mar-2015 (3)Our Year 5 and 6 School Councils Reps were lucky enough to attend a special Education Week ‘Living History’ activity afternoon at another local school yesterday.

Our visit was both  informative and entertaining; a fun afternoon of learning – that truly brought our TCI history and culture to life!

Through this blog post we hope that teachers, classes and families will share in our experiences.  The children also hope to report back to all of our students about their visit in an assembly time, too.

Our thanks to the staff and students of the International School of the Turks and Caicos who gave us such a warm welcome.

So read on to see all the activities we got to do…

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TCI National Education Week, 2015

tci-crestThe Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports & Library Services cordially invites the general public to celebrate this year’s Education Week: March 1st -6th, under the theme “Unite for Quality Education: Better Education for a Better World”.

This year’s theme song for Education Week 2015 is written by Clement Howell High School Music Department and performed by the staff and students of the schools.


Education Week was established more than 26 years ago to call attention to the importance of education and to showcase the talents of TCI teachers and students.

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Design a Poster – Why should we care about sharks?

tci-sharks-mar-2015Did you know that sharks are an important top predator in the ocean and keep the ecosystem in balance? During the week of March 26-29th, 2015 Rob Stewart: director, photographer, and conservationist will be making a special trip to TCI and our older students will have the opportunity to hear him talk about why we should care about sharks? Rob is an active shark advocate. He participates in many global shark conservation campaigns and will be here in TCI to increase education and awareness about the importance of sharks in our environment.

Today in our KS2 assembly, the students were introduced a special poster competition linked to Rob’s visit.  It aims to be a way for students to express their knowledge and love for sharks.  Entries need to be in by next Friday (13th March). 5 posters from our school collection will be chosen by teachers to be entered. Students of winning posters in the overal competition will receive some shark goodies.  They will also be given tickets to Rob’s Community Presentation, at which their poster will be displayed.

Continue reading to see more information about the poster competition and Rob’s Community Shark Presentation that we hope you will be able to attend.

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PTA Newsletter

pta-logoHello Mums and Dads!

A huge thanks to everyone that donated baked goodies, helped with selling and most importantly munched up all our Valentine’s treats last Friday – the Bake Sale was a huge success and raised a whopping $465 for the PTA. Well done!

Read on to learn more about our up-coming Family Skate Night and events planned for March during Education Week.



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Today is Safer Internet Day—“Let’s create a better Internet together”

safer-internet-day-2015Safer Internet Day is organised in February of each year to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially amongst children and young people across the world. Today is the official day this year, but as this is during our mid-term, we will recognise it on our return tomorrow, and through the rest of the week, with a variety of class and mixed-class activities.  Read on to find out more about how you as a parents can support your child to use the Internet safely and positively.

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PTA Yard Sale 7th February

pta-yard-sale-feb-2015Mark your calendars!

The next PTA Yard Sale is scheduled for Saturday February 7th – if you would like to host a table please let me know. Each table is $25 and we are requesting pre-payment in order to avoid no-shows!