Yr 1 visit Sunshine Nursery and Garden Centre

yr1-nursery-visit-march-2014 (4)For the last two weeks in Year 1, we have been learning all about growing plants. Our class was lucky enough to visit Sunshine Nursery & Garden Centre for our field trip. I would like to pass along a massive “Thank you” to Nadine for showing us such a wonderful time! Not only did we have fun but we also learned lots!

During our trip, we took a tour and learned what a nursery is, about how some plants grow from seeds and how with some plants, you can snip off a bit of the plant and re-plant it to grow another new plant. We also learned where Turks Head Cactus keep their seeds and how important it is to show lots of patience because they take a long time to grow! After, our tour, we got a chance to plant a cutting of a bougainvillea and also two seeds straight from Africa—the Baobab seed and the Ceiba Pentendra seed.

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“X Marks the Spot!”

yr-six-anti-bullying-march-2014Year Six recently joined forces with Justin Spencer, founder of Recycled Percussion and Legacy X in taking a stance against bullying by helping him build the worlds largest RED ‘X’, symbolizing our mission to stop bullying!

Year six students contributed powerful anti-bullying messages to Justin and the Legacy X team, which are now included in this anti-bullying sign in the Nevada Desert. Each leg of the RED ‘X’ is as big as a football field and consists of a compilation of almost  250, 000 personal anti-bullying messages, taken from people around the world.

Year Six were proud to be a part of this mammoth project, which will hopefully make a global impact upon the lives of those who suffer or have suffered from the devastating impact that bullying can bring.

Stand up against negativity! Spread the word. www.legacyx.com

World Osprey Week – A Fantastic Week of Learning!

wow-march-2014-10Thank you to everyone at the Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust for organising this wonderful WOW celebration and encouraging us to learn more about the ospreys that live here in our islands. The week has been a great success and the interest of the children and the support community has been amazing. A true example of learning at its best!

Click on the image left to see some photos of the week’s events and fantastic art work and continue reading all about our different osprey activities below…

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Yr 5 enjoy an outstanding osprey presentation

DSC04639Year 5 had a real treat this Thursday! We were lucky enough to enjoy the expertise of Mr Terry Richardson  who is a keen photographer of birds. He showed us an amazing collection of osprey photos which really ‘told the story’ of an Osprey’s life cycle, something we have been studying recently. The background detail Mr Terry gave to every picture was so interesting and all the children thoroughly enjoyed the talk as well as the truly awe-inspiring close-ups he has been able to photograph! Please come back again to show us more of your nature photos!

Thank you DEMA and Fortis TCI. Ltd

fortis-thanks-march-2014Our Year 2 class wrote thank you letters to DEMA and Fortis TCI. Ltd to thank them for working together to install the new Osprey nesting platform in the Children’s Park in the Bight.  Here are a couple of examples.  Saying thank you is an important skill to instil and we were pleased to get a prompt reply…

Dear Miss Jones,

The letters from the students are simply WONDERFUL!! Thank you so much for sharing them. We are so happy to have been able to partner with DEMA and make this event possible for the students to witness. Hopefully they will soon get to see an Osprey in its new home.

We have a few staff that will see you all tomorrow for the clean-up. :-)

Best regards,

Talisha Simons|Manager of Corporate Communications | FortisTCI.Limited

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Up-coming Obstacle Course and Triathlon


To kick off our Keeping Healthy week (7th – 11th April), we will be staging an Obstacle Course and Brain & Body Triathlon event at school on Friday 4th April.   Working towards the Triathlon, the children are encouraged to work hard to practice their class Literacy, Numeracy and Mind/Body challenges.

Through sponsorship, we hope to raise money to assist us in upgrading and extending our computer and information technology and classroom reading resources throughout the school. Last year we raised almost $5,000 with funds being used to purchase 8 new IPad and Samsung tablets and new reading books, extending the number of books we have at varying levels in our reading programme.

Do you recognise this serious young biker from our 1998 Bike-a-thon?  Click on ‘Read more’ and have a guess…

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A Thrilling Dance Workshop

Dance excitement filled the air early Tuesday morning at Provo Primary with a short whole-school workshop with Mike and Mara from Wexford Dance Academy, New York.   The chosen music was Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ and the choreography, involving everyone pretending to be zombies, was much enjoyed by the children.

Following this, a group of enthusiastic Year 4, 5 and 6 children worked on an additional hip hop choreography during their PE lesson.

A big thank you to Mike and Mara for taking the time to visit us during their short stay on island.  Also to Barbara and the TCFAF for creating this opportunity. How fortunate we have been to have such a creative couple share their passion for dance.   They were fantastic teachers and inspired children from toddlers through to Year 6 join in and take part.

Showcasing our Maths learning throughout the school

‘Maths Calculations’ was the focus of our 2014 Education Week Theme Week.  Throughout the week we aimed to explore, share and celebrate the amazing range of Maths skills that students have in our school.  Many parents and visitors came along to our Open House and Showcases.  Take a look at all the Maths going on in at these events in our two movies.

World Osprey Week – 24th – 28th March

osprey-smiths-reef-TCI-22-02-14Did you know that it is first ever World Osprey Week during the week of 24th – 28th March?  This is an exciting opportunity for families and schools to learn more about our local ospreys, to follow the amazing migratory journeys of satellite-tagged ospreys around the world and to make contact with schools on  migratory flyways.  Check out Rutland Ospreys website for more details and see our school as one of the Osprey Flyways Project Schools

Here in the Turks and Caicos we are fortunate to have ospreys nesting close to the beach for us to observe.  With ample food all year long, our sub-species lives here throughout the year. Why not plan a family trip to one of the nesting sites in Turtle Cove or Leeward to watch these majestic birds of prey.



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Once Upon a Story Night…

bedtime-stories-march-2014-5“Once Upon a Time, on a lovely little island, at a lovely little school, there were lovely little students who loved reading books and listening to stories…”

If a tale was to be written about our annual evening of Bedtime Stories, that would be a fitting opening line.  The sun had begun to set and just the right amount of breeze was blowing, as dozens of children streamed back to school at 5:30 in the evening, wearing their pajamas, clutching their teddy bears and excitedly awaiting the hour of stories that lay ahead.





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School Council makes a donation to the TCIRF

school-council-donation-march-2014At the end of Fabien Cousteau’s presentation, our Year 5 and 6 School Council representatives invited  Fabien Cousteau, along with David and Don from the TCI Reef Fund, to a special Provo Primary donation presentation.  Two donations were made, one on behalf of the School Council to the TCI Reef Fund and one from the school to Fabien’s ‘Mission 31′ project.




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Fabien Cousteau Visits The Turks and Caicos Islands!

fabien-cousteau-march-2014-3Fabien Cousteau,  world-renowned conservationist and environmentalist and the grandson of Jacques Cousteau, visited the Turks and Caicos Islands last week.  The Turks and Caicos Reef Fund organised an Educational Outreach event for the TCI Student Community and our Year 4, 5 and 6 students attended an inspiring presentation by Fabien about the importance of protecting the marine environment.


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Sk8 Night A Big Success

Skate-night-2014-255Red-faced, sweaty and all smiles, skaters throughout the night enjoyed the camaraderie of skating with pals from school and elsewhere while parents socialized on the bleachers or got in on the act and skated right along with their kids.  While the younger set had a spot to boogie off the “ice”, this year the majority of children attending – from 3 to 13+ – skated, and skated incredibly well, with nary a wipeout to be seen.

A huge thanks to all that came out and supported the event; the cadre of PTA volunteers that manned the admissions table, rink door, concessions and puck shooting contest., making the evening a smooth running success; to Lemon2Go and Giggles, whom generously donated prizes for the puck shooting contest; and to MELT, who treated each child to a $10 voucher on their way out (many of which were seen being used the following afternoon!).


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‘Wildlife Digital Photo Contest’ Winners

wildlife-photo-competition-1st-prizeIt’s  a ‘grand slam’ for Provo Primary School in the ‘Wildlife Digital Photo Contest’, with winners in first, second and third place. Congratulations, what a wonderful achievement for our young photographers!  Announcing the winners in a special assembly was gripping and exciting for all the children.  Unfortunately, our first prize winner was absent so you’ll have to wait until next week to see a photo of our prize winners standing proudly with their photos.  Click on ‘read more,  to see their prize photography.

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PTA Family Beach Day, March 2014

family-beach-day-march-2014This Sunday, March 9,  is Provo Primary’s Family Beach Day!

This term, the event will be held at the Children’s Park/Lower Bight from 3-6pm and will feature the Provo Sailing Club, whom will have their boats rigged and ready to give those interested a chance to take a sail.

Please bring your cooler, beach chairs, shovels and spades and join us for what promises to be a fun afternoon.


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Talented Provo Primary Wildlife Photographers

wildlife-day-photo-contest-03-03-14Best of luck to our Provo Primary Photographers who have entered the ‘Wildlife Digital Photo Contest’ today hosted by the TCI  Department of Environment and Maritime Affairs (DEMA) and the Department of Agriculture.

What AMAZING wildlife you have captured – It’s clear to see that we have some talented photographers with a good eye for composition! It’s certainly going to be hard for the judges to choose winners.   Thank you for taking part.  I hope you enjoyed your close encounters with our beautiful wildlife and your amazing photographic adventures. Thank you also to mums, dads, granddads and anyone else who encouraged each child to participate.

Winners will be announced this week at the Education Week Fortis Science Fair.
Here are some of the entries that I have seen… though I know there are more that were sent in…

World Book Day Bedtime Story Night


World Book Day is on Thursday 6th March.  Throughout the day, classes will share their favourite stories and join in with cross-curricular activities about books and reading.

We will be having a‘Bedtime Storytelling’ evening between 5:30 and 6:30pm.  Children are invited to return to school dressed in their pajamas and hugging their favourite bedtime cuddly, to hear a collection of bedtime stories, drink a glass of milk and munch on a cookie.

TCI National Education Week

Next week is National Education Week here in the TCI. The national theme is ‘Promoting Education through Teachers’ Appreciation’.  Here is the Theme Song composed by Mr. Garfield Gurley and Mr. Jamaine Reid, Music Teachers at the Clement Howell High School and sung by their students.  Read the lyrics below.  Well done, everyone – It sounds great!

During Education Week we are having our own ‘Maths Calculation’ theme week alongside the National theme.  It will be a busy week, with World Wildlife Day and World Book Day during this time as well.  Aware of this, our teachers and PTA will celebrate teacher appreciation to its fullest next term. I am sure that with all the preparation and activities this week, however, a little bit of Provo Primary appreciation won’t go a miss!

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Don’t panic! Year 4 Doctors are on the scene!

yr-4-hospital-trip-feb-2014 (1)Tuesday was an exciting morning in Flamingo Class as we all set out to visit the Cheshire Hall Medical Center to find out about how bones can be fixed by the orthopedic doctors and nurses at the hospital!

It was another morning packed full of information and learning related to our topic on Moving and Growing.

Our expert guides, Nurses Sharon and Gemma, passed on their knowledge of the skeletal and muscular systems. They explained how these worked together together to help us move and demonstrated how, if damaged, both can be fixed by doctors.




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KS2 Field Hockey Showcase

ks2-field-hockey-feb-2014 (4)A new sport has been added to the school’s PE curriculum this year.  Year 5 and 6 students recently got to show off their newly acquired Field Hockey skills in a round robin tournament held for parents at the Graceway Sports Centre.  Led by Mr. Jason and Miss Cara, the four creatively named teams battled for goals that proved very hard to come by due to strong defence and strict refereeing – sticks had to remain below the waist, only the flat side could be used to move the ball and shots on goal had to be made behind a certain line.  Utilising every player and passing the ball were keys to victory, important concepts that are carried over to and from other team activities the students engage in, both in the gym and the classroom. 

As flashbulbs and cheers erupted from the bleachers during some exciting plays, it was clear the parents had almost as good a time watching the Field Hockey tournament as the children did playing in it.

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Get your Skates on and don’t miss our PTA’s 3rd Annual Family Skate Night

ProvoPrimary_GreatSkate_Poster_Just a reminder for your to get your skates on… our PTA’s 3rd Annual Family Skate Night is tomorrow (Friday the 28th of February) between 6-8pm at the Graceway Sport Centre.

Come along and dance or skate to great music, enjoy fresh baked goodies or just socialise with a drink on the bleachers!

Tickets are $10 for skaters, $5 for non-skaters, children under 3 free; the puck shooting contest is an additional charge (prizes will be given out to winners). All children need to be accompanied and supervised by an adult.  Skaters under 18 must wear a helmet.

Volunteers are needed, sign up sheets will soon be posted by your child’s classroom door.



Flamingo Class have a cracking time with Dr Craig!

yr-4-chiropractor-feb-2014-(2)Dr Craig Zavitz joined us in Flamingo Class today to help us understand our topic on the human skeleton in more detail. His expertise in the spine, neck and nervous system was tested to breaking point by our inquisitive Year 4 students!

Children were taught how to maintain a healthy spine by lifting safely, exercising and stretching. We also learned how chiropractors use their knowledge of the skeletal and nervous systems to help heal injuries and soreness caused by blockages to the delicate spinal cord.

We acted out the functions of the spine in order to understand how messages travel from the brain to every part of our bodies. This demonstration also helped us to understand how misalignment’s in the spine can block the sending and receiving of messages up and down the spinal cord.

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Kindergarten’s Visit to the Vets

k-vets-jan-2014-1The Kindergarteners visited the Turks and Caicos Vet Association and offered homemade doggie treats to the TCSPCA as part of their exploration of domesticated animals and how to care for pets.  Ms. Peggy answered many of the children’s questions and they were able to learn very specific ways that veterinarians care for animals. What an exciting adventure in learning!



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Scholarship Programme Update

scholarship-spring-newsletter-2014As you may have been aware, the school Scholarship Programme hosted a very successful event at Provo Golf Club during the Christmas Holidays. The event formed part of our fundraising efforts for the next, 2014-2015, academic year. It was also our aim to raise awareness of our programme and to attract sponsors and donations from outside our school community.

In recent months we have had a number of requests for more information about the Scholarship Programme. We hope that you find our first Scholarship Newsletter informative (click on the link or the image to download). The aim of the Newsletter is to give updates on our fundraising progress while providing the opportunity to thank our generous supporters.

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Santa Visit 2013

santa-visit-2013As is tradition here at Provo Primary, Santa arrived on our last day of term on a bight shiny fire truck!

Wearing flip flops, but still otherwise dressed in his winter suit, he spent over two jolly hours sitting and speaking joyfully to each and every one of our children – and one or two of our teachers as well!

Christmas wishes were whispered to Santa and in return a special book gift received.

Thank you Santa for stopping by, creating lots of smiles and memories.  And also to everyone who helped make this tradition a highlight to our end of term activities.

Alongside Santa’s visit, we were also fortunate to have an ice cream treat, courtesy of  ‘Giggles’.  Thank you for this sweet delight!

At the end of Santa’s time with us, we sent him on his merry way with waves and hugs, a thank you card and a mince pie to enjoy later.  See you next year, Santa!