TCI Heritage Month: Flamingo Class learn to Ripsaw!

As part of our TCI Heritage Month learning, Y4 were asked which area of the Island’s history and culture they would like to know more about. After learning about traditional bush medicines and the history of navigating the country’s 40 islands and cays, the children were very excited for their final session – we were going to learn to “Ripsaw!”

We were fortunate to have David Bowen and friends join us for an afternoon of traditional music and dance. Children were taught the history of “Ripsaw” and “Rake ‘n’ Scrape” in the Caribbean and how this music has its origins in African percussion music. Children had the chance to see and play a range of percussion instruments that demonstrated how people had used everyday household objects to create rhythm and beats.

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A Panto Like No Other – Tickets on Sale!

panto-like-no-other-ticket-image-webYears 1-6 present…

A Panto Like No Other!

Friday 9th and Saturday 10th December

6pm @ Provo Primary School.

Tickets $10 (Children 12 and under free)            

Refreshments on sale.

Come join us for our special 25th anniversary production!

Buy your tickets directly on the IsleHelp  or in the school office.

Email or call 441 5638 for details.

Tickets on Sale for Early Year Christmas Show

busy-busy-bethlehem-posterProvo Primary School’s

Toddlers and Preschool present a Pre-Show Extravanza…

‘Jingle Bells’ and ‘I Like To Move It’

and our Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten Present…

Busy Busy Bethlehem

Wednesday 14th December – 6pm – at Provo Primary School.

Tickets $5 (Children 12 and under free)            

Refreshments on sale.

Buy your tickets directly on the IsleHelp App or in the school office.  Email or call 441 5638 for details.

Join us for our Jingle Jam Tots Christmas Party

Christmas Tots Party.jpgCome along to Provo Primary School on Monday 5th December for our Jingle Jam Tots Christmas Party.  4:30-6:30pm.  All families with children 4 years old and under welcome.

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Year 6 present cheques to two local charities

yr-6-food-4-thought-donation-oct-2016Year 6 proudly presented cheques today to Food for Thought; and to The Hope Foundation for Autism TCI.  After participating in Jill Beckingham’s Foot Steps 4 Good initiative; the Year 6 class decided to donate their raised loose change to the organizations named above, in order to support them in the good work they offer to the residents in need of them in the TCI.  Provo Primary students are delighted that the raised an amount of $630 which was split evenly between our selected organizations to assist them in the invaluable work that they carry out.  We wish to thank our entire school community for their generous donations.  [Read more…]

Provo Primary Halloween Party Tickets on Sale

halloween-flyerpp-2016Remember to get your Provo Primary Halloween Party Tickets!









Is your little chick ready to spread their wings?

flamingo-chicks-postDo you have a young child that you’re interested in starting to introduce to a play-based, social setting?

Why not ‘fly’ down on Friday mornings between 8:30 and 9:30am to one of our Flamingo and Chicks sessions – they’re FREE for all parents and babies/toddlers aged 0-2.

Thinking of enroling your child into our programme?

Take a look at what is happening in our Toddler Class this week by reading their weekly newsletter and seeing their attached photos.

You may also like to watch our Early Years Video below to find out more about what Provo Primary offers and see some of our recent blog posts.

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Provo Primary Halloween Party – 31st October 2016










National Heritage Celebration Salt Cay Candy is Delicious!

Thank you Keno Forbes for bringing in the Salt Cay Candy for us to try today as part of our National Heritage Month Celebration Assembly.  It was a delicious minty flavour and was really chewy!

Watch this video to find out how this special candy is made?

Keno also brought in local sweet potato bread and cream cakes too.  I can’t decide which was my favourite – they were all so good!

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TCI Celebrations tomorrow @ 1:30pm

national-heritage-day-clebrations-assembly-2016Come join Provo Primary’s National Heritage Month Celebrations

 Tomorrow, Friday 14th October @1:30pm

Everyone is invited to join us as our Years 1-6 honour our national songs, tales and dances.  This will be followed by an opportunity to view some Heritage artefacts on display and to sample some local traditional food.

Come join the celebrations!



School Council encourage hurricane relief support for Haiti

img_0743Provo Primary School Council are collecting to assist the Haiti hurricane Matthew relief efforts.

Things we need: Dry non-perishable foods; Canned goods, Clothing, Toiletries, Footwear, Baby Items and Bedding.

Bring your donations into school and we will sort and box them up and deliver them to the Haiti Relief Organization. Community donations welcome.

All donations in by: Next week – Friday 21st October.

Our final Dress Down this half term on Friday 31st will also be related to this cause – ‘Hats for Haiti’. Wear any hat to school for $1 – more information will follow.


National Heritage Float Parade

Here are the colourful floats representing Blue Hills and The Bight as they travelled from Grace Bay all the way to Blue Hills in celebration of National Heritage Day today. Great artwork and themes!  The celebration party continues at the Blue Hills Getty throughout the evening. 

Island-wide Celebrations of National Heritage Month 2016

five-cays-tci-flag-float-parade-2016Don’t miss the Provo National Heritage Month Float Parade tomorrow on Monday 10th.

Look out for the creatively decorated floats as they travel from the streets of Grace Bay at 3PM, all the way down to the Getty in Blue Hills.

Click here to find out more about all of the Department of Culture’s events happening across the islands of the Turks and Caicos during National Heritage Month this year.


It’s National Heritage Month – Oct 2016

tci-2016Take a look at how Provo Primary will be celebrating National Heritage Month this year and let us know if you have cultural or heritage knowledge or skills you’d be willing to come in and share with the children:

National Heritage Celebration Assembly

Our Culture, Our Heritage, Our Turks and Caicos”

(Friday 14th October @1:30pm)

Everyone is invited to join us as our Years 1-6 honour our national songs, tales and dances.  This will be followed by an opportunity to view some heritage artefacts on display and to sample some local traditional food.  Come join the celebrations!

Read on to find out more about our ‘Project Fridays’ and ‘Showcase’ afternoon or click on the thumbprint image.

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Provo Primary’s School Council Elections 2016

school-council-sept-2016-1It has been yet another successful and amazing turn out of students who are willing to donate their time, skills and ideas to becoming a School Councilor. Teacher feedback within the school, with regards to how the children presented themselves forward as candidates, was very, very positive. Therefore, a huge WELL DONE to every single one of you who participated in the elections this year.  It really is great to see so much enthusiasm and interest in trying to make things better, not only for us in the school, and on our island, but also for the world around us.

During our first meeting this year we talked about how much the School Council has achieved in the past – take a look at the photos below and scan through our School Council blog posts. We also discussed some ideas of what we could achieve this year.  Details of future plans are to follow once we get the ball rolling.  So keep a look out on this blog and see what wonders we will achieve this year.

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Provo Primary Summer Camp 2016

summer-camp-logo-1‘Come Dine with Me’ and ‘Crazy Creations’.  Starting Monday 4th July  Provo Primary is offering a wide range of amazing camp programmes to keep your 2-12 year old child learning, active and having fun during the summer:

Come Dine with Me (6 – 12 year olds)

Crazy Creations (2 – 5 year olds)

Flamingoes & Chicks Sessions (0 – 2 yrs) (returing soon)

Click on the links above to see more details and to register your child today.  More details are below as well.

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Thank you everyone from Provo Primary

pta-june-2016 A HUGE shout out to everyone who helped organise, and who supported our annual PTA fundraiser at Mango Reef last night.  What a fun night it was!  It was great to see Provo Primary parents and community friends all enjoying themselves together.  The children’s phenomenal artwork decorated the area and reminded us of the reason why we were all there.  Both Provo Primary and Food for Thought are very appreciative of all of your support.

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Creativity feeds creativity!

Year 1Pirate ships, rockets, teepees, mud pies and more…

Traditionally, each year the children contribute to our annual PTA fundraiser by creating pieces of artwork to be auctioned. This year they are especially excited to be involved as proceeds from this Saturday’s event at Mango Reef will go towards enhancing our school playground.

In collaboration with the PTA, we hope to build a magical playground brimming with opportunities for more imaginative and creative play.

To help make our dreams a reality, we would like to tap into our diverse community expertise and businesses as much as possible. PTA/School funds will be utilized to pay for these local supplies and services.

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Talented alumni returns to dance at Provo Primary

dancescapes-2016 (5)Last week we were transported back in time as Ryesha Higgs and Dancescapes, came to Provo Primary to dance for us. Ryesha graduated from Provo Primary in 2008 and as she performed her dance, we remembered vividly, the talented little girl, who so enjoyed singing, music and dance and  performing on stage while she was with us. It was truly wonderful to witness the now graceful young woman on the same stage, following her passion for the arts.

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A Quick Video Tour of our Turtle Week

As a final celebration of our ‘Turtle Week’, here is a short video selection of the fantastic activities and experiences that the children across the school engaged in during the week, with a special thanks everyone who helped.  We feel very fortunate that our children’s learning was enhanced by so many community supporters. Please enjoy all the wonderful photos.

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Year 5/6 Turtle Puppet Making Design and Technology

yr-5-6-turtle-puppets (8)Years 5 and 6 were very fortunate to work alongside Lempen Puppet Theatre Company last week when they visited Provo Primary.  To support our environmental focus on ‘Turtles’, Lempen Theatre Puppet experts Daniel and Liz ensured that our students Design and Technology skills would be put to the test. Listening to the story of ‘Fisherman Joe and the Three Brothers’ set the scene for our very own moving turtle puppets!


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Year 3 and 4 Create Beautiful Turtle Paintings

yr-3-4-turtl (1)A HUGE thank you to local artist Lucie Winton-Stubbs, from Diftwood Studios, for coming in to help create these beautiful paintings together with our Year 3 and 4 children.   What a multitude of skills and techniques were taught as she carefully took them through the process step-by-step.  I think you will agree that she encouraged oodles of artistic flair and talent to be creatively released onto the canvas. Aren’t they wonderful?!  Look closely and you will see lots of individual details – just like their creators, there are many similarities and yet they are unique in their design!

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Year 4’s Turtle Tagging Experience

Year-4-turtle-tagOur Year 4 Flamingo class quite literally dived into the world of the sea turtle, joining Jackie Walker from Amanyara Nature Discovery Centre, and Amy Avenant and Katharine Hart from DEMA at Coral Gardens for an educational visit to witness first-hand how sea turtles are tagged in the TCI.



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More in-depth learning about turtles in KS2

ks2-turtle-week-april-2016 (5)‘Turtle Week’ was a busy, fun and turtley exciting week in KS2.  We are very grateful to Miss Katharine and Mrs. Amy  from DEMA and Miss Jackie from Amanyara Nature Discovery Centre for sharing their vast knowledge and for creating such a wonderful collection of fun and exciting turtle activities!

“I felt the turtle activities were really fun and made me really happy,” said BD.

“I learnt that leatherbacks have collapsible lungs so that they can dive deep,” commented ED.

“I enjoyed Turtle Week because it raises awareness of the turtle situation, especially here in the T.C.I.,” added JW.

We started ‘Turtle Week’ first thing Monday morning with a superbly informative talk by Miss Katharine Hart (DEMA) about the current situation of turtles in the world, their life cycle and the different species. Then after break the children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 took part in a round-robin of activities on the benches and field with Miss Katharine, Mrs. Amy (DEMA) and Miss Jackie (Amanyara.)

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Turtle Tales from our Times of the Island

toti-Summer-2002-CoverHas our ‘Turtle Week’ at Provo Primary inspired you to find out more about sea turtles in the Turks and Caicos Islands? If so, then perhaps you may like to relax in a hammock, or on the beach, and read through some wonderful articles from our locally produced magazine – The Times of the Islands.

Keeping Tabs on Turtles – Beach profile monitoring for marine turtle nesting areas.

Turtle Travels Unraveled – “Stay at home” turtles are valuable to boosting local populations.

Mother Sea Turtle – A look at the importance of turtles to the Tainos as food and myth.

A Promising Prognosis -Tackling TCI’s turtle fishery.

Thank you to The Times of the Islands team for collating and passing these on to us.


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