School Council Crazy Hair Day Success

sc-crazy-hair-jan-2016-(22)A BIG thank you to all you creative parents and carers out there for participating so enthusiastically in our ‘Crazy Hair Day”; we can see now where the children get their ‘creativity’ from.

Take a look at all the photos of our Year 1 – 6s!




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Thank you for all of your Christmas toy donations

school-council-toy-drive-dec-2015 (2) The School Council would like to say a HUGE Christmas time thank you to all of you who donated the many wonderful gifts during our Christmas Toy Drive. It was astounding to see the many gifts that you managed to donate. We’re sure that your generosity will be much appreciated by other children in our community.

So once again the School Council found themselves helping load a truck full of your donated ‘goodies’ (last month it was books for the local library). Captain Miller, from the Salvation Army, was thankful for the gifts and will organise the distribution of them over the holiday season. Thank you also to Nicole, who kindly dropped off at the Salvation Army store a further car full of gifts that came in this morning.  You still have time to donate if you missed the drop off  – please now take your gifts directly to the store.

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School Council Toy Drive – Christmas 2015

Standing-Logo-santa-nov2013The Provo Primary School Council invites you to donate gently used toys, books or games to be re-distributed to other children on the island who are less fortunate.

If you would like to donate a gift, then please… wrap it up in Christmas paper and attached a tag with the appropriate age and gender.

Bring your gifts to school on…

Wednesday 2nd December.

The gifts will be distributed to other children on the island through The Salvation Army.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.


Our Book Donations are Happily Received

sc-book-donation-nov-2015 (3)This week, the ‘muscle’ of the School Council passed on your generous book donations from the Book Drive to Ms. Joan from the Public Library Down Town. Working as a team, they carried and loaded boxes upon boxes of books into her van.

While Ms. Joan was at the School, she was taken on a tour of our School Library by two of our School Councilors and was also shown around the school. Miss Joan was very excited by all that she saw. She was impressed by our selection of books and she just loved our computer ‘finger identification’ system that checks books in and out.

We still have some funds that were raised from the first term’s ‘Dress Down Days’ last year that the Councilors decided will be used to buy resources to assist Ms. Joan in the running of her library.

Ms. Joan left with a HUGE smile on her face and asked to pass on an even HUGER thank you to all of you who donated books to this cause. THANK YOU for making this happen and well done to the School Council for doing such a good job!

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Provo Library Book Drive Thank You

school-council-book-drive-thanks-oct-2015The Provo Primary School Council would like to pass on a huge thank you to everyone who donated children’s books for the local Library, downtown!

We will be sorting through the many books this week.

Look out for our next post telling you all about our trip to the library, what we learnt and discovered about this local facility and how we plan to support and promote it.



School Council Provo Library Book Drive

school-Council-Book-Drive-oct-2015Only 3 more days left to join in…

The Provo Primary School Council is asking YOU to look through bookshelves to see if you have any GENTLY USED CHILDREN’S BOOKS that you would like to DONATE to the PROVO LIBRARY, DOWNTOWN.

This initiative takes place as part of our Department of Education’s National ‘Week of the Young Child’, under this year’s theme…“Celebrating Our Youngest Learners: – Grow a Reader and Watch them Bloom”

(Please pass on donations to your class teacher by Friday 9th October)

Thank you, The Provo Primary School Council

Embarking on their first community project this year, a selection of our School Council members will be visiting the library later this week.  They aim to find out all they can about this local facility, which supports children on the island with their development and enjoyment of reading.

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School Council News September 2015

school-council2015 School Council Elections have come to an end and the new School Councillors have been appointed.

There was a flurry of excitement last week as the students at Provo Primary were preparing presentations for their class explaining why they should be chosen to represent their class in the School Council. The feedback from teachers, students and the children on the presentations was so positive and all those who participated did a ‘fabulous’ job. We had posters, film clips, presentation cards and a whole array of wonderfully confident and vibrant presentations – so well done to ALL of YOU who participated.


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Happy readers enjoy our School Council Book Swap

book-swap-mar-2015 (9)As part of our World Book Day celebrations, the School Council organised a ‘Book Swap’ event. It was lovely to see everyone from Toddlers to Year 6 browsing through the vast collection of donations and happily going home with new books to entertain themselves. My favourite time had to be seeing the face of one of our youngest children beam with an enormous smile when she chose ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’, a book they had been reading in class as part of our Talk4Writing initiative. She was so happy!

Thank you to everyone who took part and helped to make this event a success. Our older year School Councilors helped to sort and organise the books into different age-group levels and our younger year School Councilors helped run the event by guiding and helping children with their choices and stamping book tokens. A real team effort!

The School Council will meet this week to decide where to donate the books that were left over at the end of the event. Many of them are picture books for younger readers. If you know of a local school that would benefit from them, do let us know.

We hope to set up an area in the library for future book swaps – so once you have finished reading your books, bring them in and swaps them again!

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Inviting friends to help bring History alive!

int-school-ed-week-mar-2015 (3)Our Year 5 and 6 School Councils Reps were lucky enough to attend a special Education Week ‘Living History’ activity afternoon at another local school yesterday.

Our visit was both  informative and entertaining; a fun afternoon of learning – that truly brought our TCI history and culture to life!

Through this blog post we hope that teachers, classes and families will share in our experiences.  The children also hope to report back to all of our students about their visit in an assembly time, too.

Our thanks to the staff and students of the International School of the Turks and Caicos who gave us such a warm welcome.

So read on to see all the activities we got to do…

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PTA/School Council Book Swap

pta-book-swap-mar-2015Are you hungry for stories? Looking for a new adventure? Keen for a new Non-fiction theme to explore?  Then swap your old books for new favourites at our PTA/School Council Book Swap on World Book Day (Thursday 5th March).

The book swap works as follows:

1. Each child wanting to participate donates at least one book (in good condition or new) and brings this/these to the donation box in the office by Wednesday 4th March.
2. In return for the donated book/s, the child will receive a book token on which their name and the number of donated books is recorded.
3. On World Book Day, the tokens will be handed out by our School Council reps.
4. The children can then choose a new book(s) from the tables in the gazebo (for each book donated they can choose one to take home) and their token stamped to record their swaps.

It’s simple and fun – what a great way to celebrate World Book Day!

Toy Drive – Bringing smiles to those in need.

toy-drive-2014Thank you everyone for your kind donations of toys.

Our School Council Reps presented them to Captain Miller, from the Salvation Army, who will help to distribute them to children in the community this Christmas.

How wonderful to pass on smiles and happiness.  The spirit of giving is such a lovely feeling, especially when we imagine the smiles on the children’s faces as they open their gifts on Christmas Day.

Wear Blue for Dress Down Day!

wear-blue-nov-2014It’s Dress Down Day this Friday (The last Friday of the month in School) and this month’s theme is ‘wear blue

In honour of World Diabetes Day, which was officially on 14th November, the Turks & Caicos Islands Diabetic Association is reaching out to schools to help raise awareness with a wear BLUE day.

Last month’s Dress Down Day raised $72, in support of breast cancer.  Representatives from our school council with present cheques to both the Turks and Caicos Cancer Society and Diabetic Association later this month.

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School Council 2014/2015 set their Action Plan

school-council-reps-2014-15 Provo Primary Students have successfully elected their school council members for the academic year ahead.

Competition for School Council was fierce and Years 2 to 6 got busy campaigning, in a number of ways, to persuade their classmates why they would make an invaluable member to the council this year.  From multimedia presentations, posters and worthy speeches, the school was buzzing with tremendous enthusiasm and dedication from all students who participated.  Unfortunately there could only be 2 members from each year group and those who didn’t make it should be extremely proud of their efforts and commitment to ensuring that all voices in our school are heard.

This term we have set ourselves some SMART targets to work towards achieving.  Please see our Action Plan below for this first term.

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School Council makes a donation to the TCIRF

school-council-donation-march-2014At the end of Fabien Cousteau’s presentation, our Year 5 and 6 School Council representatives invited  Fabien Cousteau, along with David and Don from the TCI Reef Fund, to a special Provo Primary donation presentation.  Two donations were made, one on behalf of the School Council to the TCI Reef Fund and one from the school to Fabien’s ‘Mission 31’ project.




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School Lunch – up to 14th February

school-lunch-picPlease find attached our lunch menu for the next two weeks which you will notice has been changed up again.  

Since the beginning of term, we have been working with the school council to update the lunch programme and this revised menu is the result of the children’s input following opinion polls and tasting sessions!

We are also considering offering sandwiches and wraps again which would be delivered by “The S Shack” in Grace Bay.  Please do let us know if you would be interested in this option.

After mid term, we plan to have our favourite menu finalised which,  hopefully, will remain consistent until the end of term.

As always, your thoughts and feedback on the options available are much appreciated.

School Council’s Ideas for the New Year.

school-council-garden-planning-jan-2014A Happy New Year from the School Council. We will be busy the next two terms working on our School Outdoor Area.  Our intention is to work in a way whereby all children will be able to participate in discussing, researching, planning and making parts of our play area and the garden a little bit different!  Our first steps are to gather as many ‘workable’ ideas as possible from the children, parents and friends of the School.



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Toy Drive Thank You from the School Council

toy-drive-dec-2013The School Council would like to say a HUGE thank you to all the parents and friends of Provo Primary for donating so many wrapped gifts towards the Toy Drive. A whole variety of shaped and sized secret packages were sorted by the School Council on Wednesday morning.

The Rotary Club  organised for your donations to be equally distributed to children on the island and in South Caicos.

Additional thanks must also be given to Mrs Rachel for inspiring us with this generous and kind idea and, to Miss Evieann for organising the distribution of the Christmas gifts various areas.

The kindness and generosity of all who participated is going to make some children on this island so very, very happy. Thank YOU!

School Council Toy Drive

Standing-Logo-santa-nov2013The School Council invite you to donate gently-used toys, books or games to be re-distributed to other children on the island who are less fortunate.  

If you would like to donate a gift, then please… wrap it up in Christmas paper and attached a tag with the appropriate age and gender.

Bring your gifts to school on…  Wednesday 4th December.

The gifts will be distributed by the Rotary Club to other children on the island.


School Council Term 1 Update

school-council-nov-2013Officially appointed at the beginning of term, the proud new School Council have been busy with School Council duties this past couple of months.

This year their plans to improve the school will focus on the ‘Outdoor Area’ and discussions of ideas of how we can develop our garden and play areas have already begun.

One idea is to celebrate and label all of the special native vegetation that we have growing in our school.  To help us to identify what we have, Kathleen Woods, from The Department for Environment and Maritime Affairs (DEMA), kindly came in to offer some expert advice.  She and Ms Myrna also shared some of the traditional natural remedies that can be made using some of plants. Our next job will be to produce signs for each plant and tree identified.  Mrs Lottie, our  Art teacher and professional Artist will be assisting us in making these signs.  Click on to find out about other things we are doing.

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School Council Guy Fawkes Bonfire Night Celebrations Tonight


Remember, remember!
The fifth of November,
The Gunpowder treason and plot;

English Folk Verse (c.1870)

Provo Primary School Council cordially invites all Provo Primary Families to their celebration Guy Fawkes Bonfire Night.

On the beach at Bay Bistro, tonight, Tuesday 5th November, from 6:00-8:00pm.

Admission is FREE!  Food and Drink available for purchase.

Important: The bonfire will be lit at 6:30pm and effigies of Guy Fawkes placed on the bonfire will be set alight at this time. So don’t be late!

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Happy Earth Day, 2013

earth-day-2013Children across the school celebrated Earth Day through a variety of mindful earth-friendly activities.

Our School Council organised a clean-up of the school yard and the surrounding area, and individual classes took part in class-based activities.

It was great to see children working hand in hand to look after our world!





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Thank you everyone, from Provo Children’s Home


This week, it was lovely to receive and share a thank you certificate and note to all of our families here at Provo Primary School from the Provo Children’s Home (PCH). The certificate was presented to the children in our weekly ‘Celebration Assembly’.

Last term, our School Council worked hard to co-ordinate and promote a variety of events to raise money and collect food for this worthy local community charity.  Read more about our fundraising events here.

Tanis Wake-Forbes passed on the thank you certificate as a small token of appreciation for our kindness and support of PCH.  She said, “I would like to thank the children, parents and staff of Provo Primary School for their continued support and generosity to PCH.  Without donations like these we would find it very difficult to provide the level of care for our less fortunate children.”  She went on to say, “It is doubly appreciated when support comes from children helping other children and brings out the best in all of us.  Thank you again for caring.”

Thank you everyone and we look forward to continuing to support the PCH again in the future.

School Council Presents Donations to Provo Children’s Home

school-council-childrens-home-mar-2013-3 A group of our School Councilors were proud today to present boxes of food and $472.13 of Dress Down and Yard Sale money to Tanis Wake-Forbes from the Provo Children’s Home.

Tanis was thrilled by everyone’s generosity, stating that the donation and food items were much appreciated.  In particular, she told the children that she was happy to see children working together to help other children.  She also said that she would like to pass on a huge thank you to all of the Provo Primary families for their support.

Well done to all of our school councilors who, together with Miss Mani, organised both a toy and book sale at our recent PTA Yard Sale and the food drive collection.  Look what you can achieve when you work as a team.

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School Council Hard At Work!


A huge thank you to all the children and parents who donated games and books to be sold at the Saturday Yard Sale. We made $121. We still need to add the Dress Down Day donations from this term to this total which will then be donated to The Provo Children’s Home at the end of the term.

We hope to be collecting dry food and canned goods during our “Healthy Week’ which will also be passed onto the Home together with the money raised. We will keep you posted as to when and where nearer the time.

Keep up the good work School Council!


School Council Bonfire Night Party a Roaring Success!

On 5th November, children and parents of Provo Primary School celebrated Bonfire Night…Provo-style! This year’s School Council had decided that they would love to organise a bonfire party on the beach – and what better occasion was there for it than Bonfire Night?! The event was attended by many families from across the school. As people arrived, everyone was interested to look at the two Guy Fawkes models placed carefully on top of the unlit bonfire! Just like Bonfire Night celebrations held across the United Kingdom on the 5th November, our own Provo Bonfire Night began with the burning of the Guys. The crowd gathered to watch as the fires were lit and many children were excited to see their carefully-made Guys catch fire! We would like to say a huge thank you to Clive and all the staff at Bay Bistro for putting on such a fantastic evening. It really was a terrific night for our whole school community – for parents, children and teachers. We, of course, would also love to thank the School Council for their fine idea!