Year 1’s Engineering Challenge

How can Year 1 possibly be doing engineering?  Well, Year 1 is the perfect place to learn and practice engineering skills and concepts.  Anyone who doubts the ability of these young children needs to see them in action. The Year 1 students are excellent engineers.

Inspired by reading ‘Rosie Revere,Engineer’ and ‘Iggy Peck, Architect’ by Andrea Beaty and learning about different types of bridges, they set about solving a bridge building design challenge together…

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Who is in the Year 1 class?

There are 14 amazing, brilliant, clever, dynamic, energetic, funny, great, happy, incredible, jolly, kind, lovely, marvellous, nice, optimistic, playful, quirky, rambunctious, super, terrific, unbelievable, very cool, wonderful, Xtraordinary, youthful and zany children in the Year 1 class.

This is what they said about each other……

Can you guess who is who?

? is a good dancer, a good writer and is good at gymnastics. She has a smiley face. She loves to draw.

? is sensible and a good friend. He is a good reader and likes playing with Lego.

? is very good at sitting crisscross apple sauce. She is good at swimming and likes gymnastics. She can write very neatly.

? is cute and sweet. She is great at drawing and colouring and is a good writer. She likes her teacher and her classmates.

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Provo Primary ‘Pantastic’ Show Tickets on Sale

Years 1-6 present…


Friday 8th and Saturday 9th December

6pm @ Provo Primary School.

Tickets $10 (Children 12 and under free)            

Food and drink on sale.

Buy your tickets in the school office or on IsleHelp from Monday 27th onwards.

Email or call 333 5638 for details or to make a reservation.

Synopsis:  It’s an adventure like no other as Peter Pan whisks the intrepid Darling children off to the fantastical world of Neverland.  It’s a world of Lost Boys and villainous pirates, fearsome natives and enchanting fairies. And boy do they fight!

When Wendy and Tiger Lily are kidnapped by the pirates, can the ever-youthful Peter find a way to rally the Lost Boys, appease the angry Natives and defeat the pirates once and for all? Or will Captain Hook play his final hand!

Year 1 & 2 Fantastic Gymnastics!

P.E. in Key Stage 1 has got off to a somewhat wobbly start this year. No, not because of the storms – because children in Year 1 & 2 have been busy developing their body control and balance in our Gymnastics sessions.

Sessions start with a range of active and tiring warm-up games aimed at teaching children to be aware of their own space and body movements. Children are improving their skills of observation quickly, while managing their speed and direction to avoid collisions. Warm ups are accompanied by screams and giggles that get all sessions off to a flying start.
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Do you have green fingers or a green thumb?

Well, that depends on where you come from….

If from come from UK then you will have green fingers, if you are from the USA or Canada then you will have a green thumb….. but you will only have these if you are really good at growing things such as pretty flowers, vegetables to eat and even fruit like pineapples or bananas.

Year 1 have been trying hard to grow their own bean plant from Lima Bean seeds. Do you think they can help their beanstalk to grow as tall as Jack’s beanstalk in the Jack and the Beanstalk story?

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Spectacular Art for our PTA Auction Tomorrow

Take a look at all of this amazing art work created by each of our classes from Toddlers to Year 6!  I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s absolutely beautiful.

Well… it could be yours!

Bidding has already started at half day pick up today and will be open again after school.  Final bidding will take place at our 25th Anniversary PTA Event at the Shore Club on Saturday evening.  All proceeds from the art auction will go to our PTA Funds.

We are so proud of all the children for working together with these under the talented, creative direction of Mrs. Yorka and the teachers.


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Fabulous Flamingo Week 2017 Artwork and Learning

Did you know –  flamingoes’ legs can sometimes be longer than their entire body? Flamingoes can also live up to 30 years old, and sometimes even 50 if they live in a protected place away from predators. To attract a female flamingo, the male flamingoes perform a synchronized dance whereby they stand together stretching their necks upwards, uttering calls while waving their heads and flapping their wings? We all had fun trying to imitate this dance in Year 3. We wondered if the flamingoes laughed and had as much fun as we did…what beautiful happy birds they are!

Each year, we dedicate a week to learn in-depth about the local wildlife in our environment here in the Turks and Caicos. This year we are exploring the world of Flamingoes. In previous years we have studied ospreys, sharks and turtles.  These are all extra special to us here at Provo Primary as our classes are named after these local animals.  Each year, we invite local experts in to talk to us and share their knowledge of the animals, their habitats here in the TCI and about why it is important for us to protect them.

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Iggy Peck inspires the Year 1 Bridge Builders

Who is Iggy Peck and have you heard his fantastic story?  Year 1 was introduced to ‘Iggy Peck the Architect’ by one of the children in the class (They love this story because their Dad is an architect). An architect is someone who designs buildings and structures.  In the story, Iggy builds a suspension bridge from boots, tree roots and strings, fruit roll-ups and other things. Year 1 decided to see if they could follow Iggy Peck and build their own bridges.


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Our Amazing Year 1 Architects!

Take a look at our amazing Year 1 Architects in action!  What a variety of creative bridges, palaces, campfires, tepees, hotels, resorts, homes and dens they have built!

One afternoon, Ms Shara brought in 3 big tubs of wood for the children to use to create structures.  Working alone, in pairs or in a group, they thought, planned, explored, made decisions, built, changed their plans, started all over again and finally built a structure that they were proud of.

As you will see in the photos below, a selection of small and large wooden pieces, patiently balanced with precision, can create all sorts of wonderfully creative designs.

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Spanish Language Passports are being issued at Provo Primary

Here at Provo Primary we are very proud of our Spanish Language programme and we want to make sure that our parents know just how fantastic it is, the progress their children are making and just how much they can do in Spanish!

One of the ways we hope this will be made clearer is through the introduction of our Language Passports. These have also been created to help the children see just how much progress they make from year to year and to keep track of any areas they need to work on.

The passport is made up of ‘can do’ statements which the children colour in when they feel they can carry out the statement, and have shown this understanding to the teacher.  This allows the children to self-assess their ability and the teacher to understand where the children need help and where they are confident.

We will be launching the passports after half-term to Years 1-3 to start with to see how they work. Please feel free to ask Miss Cara or Mrs. Yorka to see your child’s ‘Passport to Spanish’.

Marvellous Maskanoo

yr-1-maskanoo-dec-2016The highlight of National Heritage month for us all in Year 1 and 2 was our fantastic Maskanoo Parade. We had a lot to do to prepare for an extravaganza such as Maskanoo. We made colourful masks and hats with Ms. Tracy.  This involved painting them very bright colours and decorating them with sequins and feathers. Can you spot who is who in our parade photos? We are very well disguised so it is very tricky, look carefully!

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Flat Stanley is finally off on his Adventures!

yr-1-flat-stanley-dec-2016In our previous Year 1 blog, we introduced you to Flat Stanley.

The Year 1 children had to choose a relative or friend to send their Flat Stanley to. They asked their parents to help them find out the address of this person. Each child then wrote a letter to their chosen person explaining what they would like them to do with Flat Stanley when he stays at their house.

The children carefully wrote the address on their envelope, they had to do this very neatly so that the mailman or mailwoman could read it. Take a look at the photos to see some of their beautiful writing. Great job, Year 1! There was a lot to think about…from forming each letter correctly, to sizing our letters, to sitting the letters on the line and even making sure the address was written correctly so that it would be delivered to the right house in the right country!

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A Panto Like No Other – Tickets on Sale!

panto-like-no-other-ticket-image-webYears 1-6 present…

A Panto Like No Other!

Friday 9th and Saturday 10th December

6pm @ Provo Primary School.

Tickets $10 (Children 12 and under free)            

Refreshments on sale.

Come join us for our special 25th anniversary production!

Buy your tickets directly on the IsleHelp  or in the school office.

Email or call 441 5638 for details.

Who is Flat Stanley and where in the World is he?

yr-1-flat-stanley-nov-2016-1Stanley is a book character boy who lives with his Mum, Dad and his brother Arthur. He went to bed one night and whilst he was asleep a bulletin board fell and squashed him flat!

After visiting the doctor for a checkup, amazing things start to happen to Stanley. He is flown like a kite by his brother, he goes down a drain to rescue his mum’s ring and he gets to help the police catch two dangerous art thieves, he even gets mailed to California for a vacation.

Year 1 thought it would be fun to send their own Flat Stanley’s on vacation too. We thought this would be a really fun way to learn about lots of different countries. Right now Flat Stanley can be found in the Year 1 classroom, he is looking at the world map and checking out where in the world he is going on vacation. All the children in Year 1 have chosen a friend or relative to mail their own Stanley’s to and we are excited to find out where they are all going. So far, we have Hungary, Canada, India, USA and England on our list. We are hoping to ask Mrs. Yorka to help us send Stanley to Chile.

The Year 1 class are excited to learn about the countries he will be visiting. We hope to make a big class book to show what we have learned. Watch this space to find out more about Stanley’s adventures over the next few months

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Year 1 and 2 take action for World Environment Day

world-environment-day-2016Last Sunday saw the 42nd World Environment Day.  It is observed every year on the 5th June and “aims to inspire more people than ever before to take action to prevent the growing strain on planet Earth’s natural systems from reaching the breaking point.” (

Y1 and Y2 were inspired to take action and decided to do a “Provo Primary Clean Up”.  So, armed with plastic bags and lots of determination, the Key Stage One children went about picking up litter from around school environment.  We feel that we are pretty good at not creating litter, but we are sad to say that we found lots of little pieces of litter, the main offender being plastic!  Plastic drink draw wrappers, plastic food wrappers and plastic bags had all been blown (we suspect) into the bushes that make up parts of our playground.  We worked really hard and are pretty sure we collected almost all of the litter.

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Creativity feeds creativity!

Year 1Pirate ships, rockets, teepees, mud pies and more…

Traditionally, each year the children contribute to our annual PTA fundraiser by creating pieces of artwork to be auctioned. This year they are especially excited to be involved as proceeds from this Saturday’s event at Mango Reef will go towards enhancing our school playground.

In collaboration with the PTA, we hope to build a magical playground brimming with opportunities for more imaginative and creative play.

To help make our dreams a reality, we would like to tap into our diverse community expertise and businesses as much as possible. PTA/School funds will be utilized to pay for these local supplies and services.

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Year 1 Explore Imaginative Play

yr-1-vets-offfice-may-2016 (4)The Year 1 class have had a ball creating imaginative stories for their new role play area this term—a vet’s office. We decided that we wanted to open a vet’s office in Year 1 so that we could learn about how to properly care for our local animals.

The children were asked to bring in one toy each of an animal that they could find on island. While some of our animals don’t quite fit that description, we decided that we wanted to keep them in our office for observation!

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It’s all out and about in Year 1 and 2’s Outdoor Education P.E. this term

yr-1-2-outdoor-ed-pe (11)Teamwork, communication, patience and cooperation are just some of the skills Year 1 and Year 2 have been putting into practice this term.  More specifically, we have been using them in our joint Outdoor and Adventurous Education P.E. lessons.  Year 1s and 2s were put into mixed groups and given the task of completing a 2D birds-eye view of our very own school, Provo Primary School.  Miss Tracy and Miss Claire had already drawn in the buildings, but which way up did the map go?  Which building was which?  Where was all the outdoor equipment?

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Kindergarten’s Terrific Turtle Week

k-turtles-speech-bubbles-apSee what all of the Kindergarten children said they’d learnt during Turtle Week when we asked them…

Kindergarten decided to team up with the Year 1 class and carry out some fun activities together.  We split into 3 groups and worked on 3 different activities which were all about turtles of course – drawing turtles, writing poems and making hatchlings. Have a look at our photos to see exactly what we did and how much fun we had.

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Year 1 take a ride to Provo Ponies

yr-1-provo-ponies-april-2016 (5)Year 1 took a field trip to Provo Ponies. We were so excited to get the chance to see the horses, dogs, the donkey and chickens after spending so much time learning about animals through our last topic, The Carnival of Animals.

The children and I did a shared retell of our trip to Provo Ponies in the afternoon. Here it is:






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Year 1 Carnival of the Animals Sounds

In their Music class, the Year 1s created sound effects to match each of their papier-mâché animals.

Year 1s create amazing 3D papier-mâché animals

yr-1-paper-mache-animals-mar-2016 (1)Our BIG Design Technology project this term was designing and making 3D papier-mâché animals. The children worked very patiently and hard to complete their animals.

First, they had to plan how to make their animal and bring in different ‘junk’ material to create it. Next, they worked with duct tape to attach the different parts of the body together and then, they covered their animals with newspaper that was coated with a special mixture to strengthen their animal and keep it from molding. Finally, the children painted their animals and added all the special features to make them stand out.

I was so impressed by the good attitude shown by the Year 1 children. It took them over a month, over various sessions, to complete their animals.  We showcased all of the children’s animals, their habitats and non-fiction animal books, at our Education Week Open House Showcase.  If you have not had a chance to see then yet – pop into our classroom this week!

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Well done Year 1 – 6 for putting on a Fantastic ‘Topic Learning’ Showcase

yr-1-6-topic-showcase-mar-2016 (24)Congratulations to all of our Year 1 – 6 classes!  Our Topic Learning Showcase was a magnificent demonstration of the tremendous talent, hard work, knowledge and creativity of all involved.  It was lovely to see so many family and friends come along to support the event and take part in the activities on offer.  The children all really enjoyed the experience, both of sharing their knowledge with others, and also getting the opportunity to visit and learn from all the other classes too.  An all-round success!

Thank you also to everyone who helped put together all of the amazing costumes – we were very impressed with your creativity, attention to detail and resourcefulness!



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‘Success for Every Learner’ Education Week Showcases

showcase-march-2016We look forward to welcoming parents and friends of Provo Primary School to join us for our fantastic Education Week Showcases on Friday.   Find out all the details in our Showcase Booklet.

Each class has a variety of activity stations set up for you to engage in and the children are all very much looking forward to sharing and explaining their learning with you!

EYFS – Toddlers – Kindergarten @ 8:30 – 9:30 AM

Learn more about how STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) learning is incorporated into our Early Years Curriculum.

KS1/2 1 – 6 @ 2:15 – 2:50 PM

Explore how children learn through Topic-based learning, taking them on adventures back in time and around the world!

During our showcases, we encourage you to visit different classrooms around the school and not just the one that your child is currently in. We feel this will allow you to gain a greater sense of how our hands-on approach to STEM and Topic-based learning develops and enhances children’s skills as they progress through the school.

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Safer Internet Day is next Tuesday

WebSafer Internet Day Tuesday 9th February, 2016

How will you ‘Play Your Part for a Better Internet’?

The Internet is a wonderful tool. It is always available, contains a vast range of information and allows immediate connections with others around the globe. Here at Provo Primary computing is an integral part of our curriculum and the benefits it offers continues to be reaped by students and teachers alike. However, it is important that while embracing a digital world we maintain the same precautions and security that we would apply to the real world.

Please find some useful hints below to ensure that this safety is upheld. February 9th 2016 marks Safer Internet Day and we encourage you to bring this to the attention of your children so that they are prepared and know how to confront any challenges the Internet might throw in their direction.

Please take the time to read through some of the presentations designed by our Year 6 students. These multimedia slides offer valuable advice and suggestions to parents on how to keep the Internet fun and safe!

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