Year 5/6 Turtle Puppet Making Design and Technology

yr-5-6-turtle-puppets (8)Years 5 and 6 were very fortunate to work alongside Lempen Puppet Theatre Company last week when they visited Provo Primary.  To support our environmental focus on ‘Turtles’, Lempen Theatre Puppet experts Daniel and Liz ensured that our students Design and Technology skills would be put to the test. Listening to the story of ‘Fisherman Joe and the Three Brothers’ set the scene for our very own moving turtle puppets!


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More in-depth learning about turtles in KS2

ks2-turtle-week-april-2016 (5)‘Turtle Week’ was a busy, fun and turtley exciting week in KS2.  We are very grateful to Miss Katharine and Mrs. Amy  from DEMA and Miss Jackie from Amanyara Nature Discovery Centre for sharing their vast knowledge and for creating such a wonderful collection of fun and exciting turtle activities!

“I felt the turtle activities were really fun and made me really happy,” said BD.

“I learnt that leatherbacks have collapsible lungs so that they can dive deep,” commented ED.

“I enjoyed Turtle Week because it raises awareness of the turtle situation, especially here in the T.C.I.,” added JW.

We started ‘Turtle Week’ first thing Monday morning with a superbly informative talk by Miss Katharine Hart (DEMA) about the current situation of turtles in the world, their life cycle and the different species. Then after break the children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 took part in a round-robin of activities on the benches and field with Miss Katharine, Mrs. Amy (DEMA) and Miss Jackie (Amanyara.)

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Well done Year 1 – 6 for putting on a Fantastic ‘Topic Learning’ Showcase

yr-1-6-topic-showcase-mar-2016 (24)Congratulations to all of our Year 1 – 6 classes!  Our Topic Learning Showcase was a magnificent demonstration of the tremendous talent, hard work, knowledge and creativity of all involved.  It was lovely to see so many family and friends come along to support the event and take part in the activities on offer.  The children all really enjoyed the experience, both of sharing their knowledge with others, and also getting the opportunity to visit and learn from all the other classes too.  An all-round success!

Thank you also to everyone who helped put together all of the amazing costumes – we were very impressed with your creativity, attention to detail and resourcefulness!



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Year 5’s Dazzling Debates!

yr-5-debate-feb-2016Year 5 have worked long and hard studying persuasive speaking and writing. We have analysed the different techniques used by MLK Junior in his most famous ‘I HAVE A DREAM’ speech. We have also looked at past and present politicians clever techniques as well as the power of advertising.

We have written our own speeches on a range of issues that we care about from the proposed local 12-storey development, the state of government schools to gun crime. The children worked hard to include as many different persuasive techniques as they could. We are now working on our debating skills and each day this week we are tackling a new issue. Come along on Friday afternoon and take part in one, but be warned, the Year 5’s debating skills are well-honed!

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‘Success for Every Learner’ Education Week Showcases

showcase-march-2016We look forward to welcoming parents and friends of Provo Primary School to join us for our fantastic Education Week Showcases on Friday.   Find out all the details in our Showcase Booklet.

Each class has a variety of activity stations set up for you to engage in and the children are all very much looking forward to sharing and explaining their learning with you!

EYFS – Toddlers – Kindergarten @ 8:30 – 9:30 AM

Learn more about how STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) learning is incorporated into our Early Years Curriculum.

KS1/2 1 – 6 @ 2:15 – 2:50 PM

Explore how children learn through Topic-based learning, taking them on adventures back in time and around the world!

During our showcases, we encourage you to visit different classrooms around the school and not just the one that your child is currently in. We feel this will allow you to gain a greater sense of how our hands-on approach to STEM and Topic-based learning develops and enhances children’s skills as they progress through the school.

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Year research space flight, space probes, telescopes and satellites

yrs-space-jan-2016 (1)In the last couple of weeks Year 5 have been working hard on their teamwork skills to research different topics. As part of our ‘Space and Segregation’ topic the children were split into teams where they had to learn about space flight, space probes, telescopes and satellites and then feedback to their group to create a poster. They then also worked in pairs to produce information on individual planets, selecting carefully information that was new to the class. I have been very impressed with just how well the class has co-operated to complete these activities. We are now working towards designing our very own, very individual lunar probes and satellites. Watch this space for the fantastic end-products! [Read more…]

Safer Internet Day is next Tuesday

WebSafer Internet Day Tuesday 9th February, 2016

How will you ‘Play Your Part for a Better Internet’?

The Internet is a wonderful tool. It is always available, contains a vast range of information and allows immediate connections with others around the globe. Here at Provo Primary computing is an integral part of our curriculum and the benefits it offers continues to be reaped by students and teachers alike. However, it is important that while embracing a digital world we maintain the same precautions and security that we would apply to the real world.

Please find some useful hints below to ensure that this safety is upheld. February 9th 2016 marks Safer Internet Day and we encourage you to bring this to the attention of your children so that they are prepared and know how to confront any challenges the Internet might throw in their direction.

Please take the time to read through some of the presentations designed by our Year 6 students. These multimedia slides offer valuable advice and suggestions to parents on how to keep the Internet fun and safe!

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Year 5 & 6 Field Hockey Showcase this Thursday

hockey-showcase-poster-feb-2016Key Stage 2 PE Field Hockey Showcase

Thursday 4th February, 8:45 – 9:45am

@ Graceway Sports Centre

The children in Years 5 and 6 will be participating in our first Spring Term PE Showcase this week.  We are pleased to bring field hockey back to our PE curriculum this year. Children in Years 5 & 6 have been refining the skills required to play, from positioning and passing to travelling with the ball and shooting.

Children have been divided into 5 teams for a mini-tournament.  Each team will participate in a mini league where the top two teams on goal difference will compete in a grand final.

Thank you to K & J in Year 6 for designing this fantastic poster.

I look forward to seeing as many parents and community friends at the event as possible!


Mr George
PE Coordinator


School Council Crazy Hair Day Success

sc-crazy-hair-jan-2016-(22)A BIG thank you to all you creative parents and carers out there for participating so enthusiastically in our ‘Crazy Hair Day”; we can see now where the children get their ‘creativity’ from.

Take a look at all the photos of our Year 1 – 6s!




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Newsletters and Topic Maps – Spring 2016

topics-jan-2016Class newsletters and curriculum topic maps help you to keep in the loop and find out what is happening in your child’s class. Access important information, discover topics your child will be exploring and see how you can support your child’s learning at home.

Over the next week, look out for your child’s class newsletter and topic map in your email inbox or online here.

Our topics this term will take our children on learning journeys into story lands, exploring our senses, back in time to the world of the dinosaurs, the Ancient Egyptians, the Tudor age of exploration, conflict during World War 2 and out to space and into the future.  What an adventure well all be having!

Perhaps you have some knowledge, an interest or resources that will help to bring our class topics alive this term?  We love to hear from you if you do.

Great Sportsmanship at the TCIRFU TAG Rugby Competition

rugby-dec-2015-8-(8)On Saturday 5th December Provo Primary for fortunate enough to be invited to participate in the annual TCIRFU TAG rugby competition for all the schools on the island. This term the children in Years 1-6 have been developing their TAG Rugby skills with Mr. George, together with Courtney Tinkler from the TCIRFU. A big thank you to Courtney for all the fantastic help and resources she has provided. The children have all enjoyed this tremendously.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank the TCIRFU for offering this support to our school programme.

Provo Primary were able to field two teams in the competition, comprised of children from Year 3 – 6 – Provo Primary Ospreys and Provo Primary Pelicans.  Both teams played well throughout the tournament with both reaching the finals for a fantastic head to head game.

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Year 5’s Powerful Performance Poetry

yr-5-poems-nov-2015In Year 5 we have been looking at poetry and, in particular, performance poetry; how we create poems and what makes a poem particularly good to perform. We read and analysed a wide variety of performance poetry together.

Using inspiration from these, as well as events that happened that week such as Remembrance Day, the children were given free choice to create their own poem. The range of topics and the powerful way the children manipulated their language, whether it be humour, sadness or beauty, was truly impressive.  What has astounded me is just how poetic Year 5 are and how fantastic their imagery and wordplay is. Take a look yourself!



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Have you ever used a clinometer? Let Year 5 explain what it does…

yr5-clinometer-oct-2015 (4)Year 5 students have written a recount of their coastal investigation field trip in which they learnt to use a clinometer.

First, Year 5 went to the DEMA building to pick up Mr Roddy Mcleod. We walked across the road with him to the beach by the Bight Park. Mr Roddy showed us how to use a clinometer. He explained to us it is something that measures whether the slopes on the beach have risen or fallen.

“Roddy is a Provo Primary Alumni.  How wonderful that he has followed a career path that focuses on looking after our environmental and is now sharing his knowledge and passion, inspiring a new generation of Provo Primary children”. Miss Sian [Read more…]

“Come on, let’s care for our coasts,” says Year 5

yr-5-coasts-oct-2015 Last half term, the Year 5 took a closer look at our beautiful coastline here in the Turks and Caicos Islands!

With a combination of class-based and out-in-the-field learning, the children have gained new knowledge about the geographical features of our coastline, the huge varieties of species that live and depend on our coastal habitats, the impact of nature and the importance of ecotourism.  They also have a greater awareness of what they can tangibly do in their own lives, and what they can tell others to do, to help protect the beautiful coast that we have.

A big thank you to all of our community teachers and to everyone who helped out with our field trip transportation.

This topic has provided many opportunities for nurturing wonder and respect toward our local environment and the planet through observation, hands-on learning and the sharing of expertise.  Phew, it’s been busy half term, but so worthwhile! Just ask one of our Year 5s!

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Introducing… Theatre Arts Class… a real class act!

theatre-arts-oct-2015Here at Provo Primary School we have launched an exciting new class format called ‘Theatre Arts’ for Years 3 – 6.  Taught together by myself, Mrs. Niki, and Ms. Shara, the class incorporates music, singing, dramatic acting and movement through age relevant topics and themes.

This term the children have spent a lot of time working on mime; visualizing scenes, feelings and surroundings, as well as voice projection and word enunciation. The children have learnt through structured, guided games that have resulted in insightful work, as well as lots of laughs.

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Soccer Champions in Every Sense!

soccer-tournament-2015What a fantastic year it’s been for soccer at Provo Primary! Our weekly Soccer Club was booming this term in preparation for the annual TCI Inter-Island School Competition. With interest high from the children, we were fortunate enough to field 3 soccer teams, an ‘A’ and a ‘B’ team for the boys and a girls’ team.

The competition matches were all played over the course of a week, culminating with the finals on the last day of the tournament. After some hard fought games, great team work and sportsmanship, Provo Primary were delighted to walk away with two well-deserved trophies for the boys’ ‘A’ team and the girls’ team.

The ‘B’ team, coached by the magnificent Mr Toby, secured a comfortable 3-1 victory over The International School. They showed a tremendous display of working as a squad and sportsmanship, a promising set of players for the future!

All in all, everyone was able to walk away feeling a champion in every sense!

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Have you heard Provo Primary has a school of fish?

Developing our breathing techniques.

Developing our breathing techniques.

This half term the children of Provo Primary have been taking part in a series of swimming lessons. The staff have been working hard to create a stream of lessons, which cater for all swimming experiences and abilities for children from Kindergarten right up to Year 6.  There is an ocean of talent in the pool each week!

Provo Primary’s swimming policy enables children to focus on water confidence and moving through the water, to the later stages of finely tuning swimming strokes such as: front crawl, back stroke and breast stroke and developing breathing techniques.

At the start, each year group was carefully assessed and grouped so that they could be taught based on their swimming ability and confidence. The progression so far has been immense and there is still two more weeks of swimming sessions to go!  Please take a look at the photos and get a sneak peak of the activities the children have been doing.

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Take a look at all of our amazing Talk4Writing projects

talk4writingTake look at all of our Talk4Writing projects that we engaged in this year at Provo Primary and find out more about this innovative approach to writing.

We want to say a big “Well done!” to all our teachers for experimenting with this teaching technique throughout the year. As part of our ongoing professional development, teachers did a great job in learning, implementing and evaluating the strategy in their classes.

We hope you have enjoyed the diverse range of quality Talk4Writing projects undertaken and we will look forward to seeing this technique develop in the future!

Click here if you want a quick link to an album of all of our fantastic talking text videos.

Yr 5 explore North and Middle Caicos.

yr-5-north-middle-caicos-trip-may-2015-(5)In Year 6, the children go on a week long field trip to really develop their sense of independence and confidence before they transition to secondary school. In the last few years, I have introduced an overnight stay to North and Middle Caicos in Year 5 as a precursor to the Year 6 trip. It has been hugely successful and this year was no exception! We would like to thank Mr. Mark Parrish from Big Blue for his outstanding local environmental knowledge and our amazing parent helper, Mr Anthony.  We would also like to thank all of the friendly residents of North and Middle Caicos for welcoming and looking after us.

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Parent guides to help you to support your child’s Maths learning.

calculation-policy-imageThese parent guides will help you to see the progression of a child’s understanding of number and calculations from the Early Years through to Year 6. They demonstrate the teaching stages of each of the 4 operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They also include key vocabulary to support each method.
Each guide is designed to assist you with supporting your child at home with their Numeracy learning.  It is often the case that many methods and strategies taught today appear different from those previously used. All children will progress towards using the methods that many adults recognise from their own school days. We do, however, encourage all parents to support their child’s progress through the stages outlined in these parent guides, so that they gain a richer understanding of how complex calculations work. When at home, it is helpful if your child can practice the methods taught in school to ensure the strategies are reinforced effectively.

How do we solve Maths calculations? Our strategies are BIG news!

Last year, when our current Year 5s were in Year 4, the class created a series of Maths videos to demonstrate the strategies and methods we use at school to solve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division calculations.

These were shared at our recent Maths Calculation Parents’ Workshop and will now be online and forever available as a reference for both parents and children.  If you ever need a reminder, just check out our entertaining newscasts!

Above is our addition video. Click on “Read more” to see videos for subtraction, multiplication and division.

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Talk4Writing: Allow Year 5 to persuade you with “I have a Dream”

Talk4Writing isn’t only about storytelling. As our Year 5 students can demonstrate, this literacy technique is applicable across the curriculum for teaching language techniques in any written genre.

Year 5 students studied the “I have a Dream” speech by Martin Luther King Jr. as part of their “Space and Segregation” topic. They were exploring persuasive writing in their literacy lessons and wanted to understand how this famous speech used powerful language and persuasive techniques to emphasize the aims of the Civil Rights protest of 1963. These techniques were then be adapted and re-invented by students in their own powerful, ‘I have a dream’ persuasive writing texts – read on to see some examples.

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Kindergarten and Year 5 Collaborate Creatively!

k-5-moonbuggies-mar-2015 (13)As Year 5 and Kindergarten have both been studying about Space as part of their topics this term, and since both have made moon buggies, this was a wonderful opportunity to work together and share the models they have made!

The K children had been learning how to make moon buggies in the form of a ‘Talking Text’ as part of our school initiative on ‘Talk for Writing’. So in groups of four, the Year 5s were given a set of instructions to follow by the K children. If they followed the instructions correctly, they would have made their moon buggy!

The Year 5s had already designed and made their very own moon buggies with Mrs Charlotte, so it was a wonderful opportunity for the children to explore different designs and materials used, and to play together.

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KS2 Gym and Basketball Showcase

KS2-pe-showcase-feb-2015-gym-(10)On Tuesday, Key Stage 2 took part in our highly successful annual PE showcase. The children modeled all the skills that the KS2 teaching team have taught them in this half term in gymnastics and basketball.

The children of Years 3 and 4 were showcasing all of the hard work and perseverance that they have put into the gymnastics lessons this half term. The focus was balance and control. All the children, regardless of gymnastics background, displayed some fantastic skills – expectations differentiated to their specific level of experience.

With regards to Years 5 and 6, they took to the basketball court and were showcasing all of the skills that they have been working on in the format of a 4 vs 4 tournament.

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It’s Interview Time in Year 5!

Year 5 have been analyzing the text ‘Tuesday’ by David Wiesner. As the story is formed mainly from pictures, it has left lots of room for the children’s imagination to run wild and to develop some excellent writing as they flesh out the story with words.

Click on ‘read more…’ to watch an animated version of the story.  It inspired us to do a lot of drama to explore the different characters feelings and opinions. Learn more about this and watch our amazing video interviews…

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