Talk4Writing: Allow Year 5 to persuade you with “I have a Dream”

Talk4Writing isn’t only about storytelling. As our Year 5 students can demonstrate, this literacy technique is applicable across the curriculum for teaching language techniques in any written genre.

Year 5 students studied the “I have a Dream” speech by Martin Luther King Jr. as part of their “Space and Segregation” topic. They were exploring persuasive writing in their literacy lessons and wanted to understand how this famous speech used powerful language and persuasive techniques to emphasize the aims of the Civil Rights protest of 1963. These techniques were then be adapted and re-invented by students in their own powerful, ‘I have a dream’ persuasive writing texts – read on to see some examples.

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Kindergarten and Year 5 Collaborate Creatively!

k-5-moonbuggies-mar-2015 (13)As Year 5 and Kindergarten have both been studying about Space as part of their topics this term, and since both have made moon buggies, this was a wonderful opportunity to work together and share the models they have made!

The K children had been learning how to make moon buggies in the form of a ‘Talking Text’ as part of our school initiative on ‘Talk for Writing’. So in groups of four, the Year 5s were given a set of instructions to follow by the K children. If they followed the instructions correctly, they would have made their moon buggy!

The Year 5s had already designed and made their very own moon buggies with Mrs Charlotte, so it was a wonderful opportunity for the children to explore different designs and materials used, and to play together.

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KS2 Gym and Basketball Showcase

KS2-pe-showcase-feb-2015-gym-(10)On Tuesday, Key Stage 2 took part in our highly successful annual PE showcase. The children modeled all the skills that the KS2 teaching team have taught them in this half term in gymnastics and basketball.

The children of Years 3 and 4 were showcasing all of the hard work and perseverance that they have put into the gymnastics lessons this half term. The focus was balance and control. All the children, regardless of gymnastics background, displayed some fantastic skills – expectations differentiated to their specific level of experience.

With regards to Years 5 and 6, they took to the basketball court and were showcasing all of the skills that they have been working on in the format of a 4 vs 4 tournament.

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It’s Interview Time in Year 5!

Year 5 have been analyzing the text ‘Tuesday’ by David Wiesner. As the story is formed mainly from pictures, it has left lots of room for the children’s imagination to run wild and to develop some excellent writing as they flesh out the story with words.

Click on ‘read more…’ to watch an animated version of the story.  It inspired us to do a lot of drama to explore the different characters feelings and opinions. Learn more about this and watch our amazing video interviews…

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Spectacular Space Sessions!

yr-5-space-feb-2015 (1)We have been working hard to learn all about Space, our solar system and the universe in Year 5. The children were set the challenge of creating a presentation for the rest of the class. They were allowed to choose either a planet or scientific phenomenon and they could present it in any way they saw fit. We had a range of fantastic models, posters, PowerPoints and models within posters which really explained the chosen area well.

I was particularly proud of just how much Year 5 have grown since last term in their understanding of what makes a good presentation and how best to involve your audience. Moreover, every time someone presented, we would give them both areas they could work on and parts that worked really well. The children were very perceptive but supportive to each other in this. We learnt some mind-blowing facts while having a thoroughly enjoyable and educational time!

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Curriculum Topic Maps – Jan 2015

Do you have some knowledge, an interest or resources that will help to bring our class topics alive this term?

Our topics will take our children on learning journeys into story lands, into our community, back in time to the age of exploration and early settlements, across the world, out to space and into the future!

Early-years -toddlers-story-and-rhyme










It’s always exciting to see how these topics develop as children’s interests, growing knowledge and questions lead them further into exploration.  If you can support these topics in any way do let us know.

Tickets available on Monday for our Panto – Aladdin!

aladdin-trouble-LARGE-webYears 1 to 6 are excited to present their panto this year, Aladdin Trouble!

A star-filled show you certainly won’t want to miss!

Tickets will be available in the school walkway from Monday onwards.  Community members welcome – pop down to Provo Primary, email, or call 441 5638 to reserve your tickets.

Set within the context of the 1001 Arabian Nights from which the story originates, this panto-style version of Aladdin contains all the traditional elements and characters, alongside a whole host of less conventional ones!

The story begins in the bustling and spice-fragranced Eastern Streets, encountering dancers, musicians and pick pockets through the lively rhythms of our opening number In The Market Place.  Here we meet the hero of our panto…

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Aztecs, Xocalatl and Chocolate!

yr-5-presentations-oct-2014-4Year 5 had a fantastic start to the new mid-term with a range of powerful presentations from all of the students. The children were set the task of researching either the most important events in the Aztec timeline or the importance of  xocalatl to the Aztecs.

Everybody did a fantastic job of researching carefully, ensuring they understood what they were going to present and thinking of different ways to do just that! We had an Aztec temple, tried actual xocalatl -(the drink), tasted and discussed different chocolates and had lots of fun learning in the process!

We also had a great set of discussions afterwards on how we could improve our presentation skills for next time!  Well done, Turtles!

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School for Field Studies Marine Morning!

sfs-oct-2014 (3)

A couple of weeks ago, Years 4, 5 and 6 were fortunate to spend several hours with a group of students from the School for Field Studies (SFS) from South Caicos, carrying out a range of fantastic marine based activities.

This was part of our ‘Keeping Healthy Week, which focused on ‘Healthy Communication’.  What was so special and so perfect for our communication focused week was that the children were interacting with a large group of young adults (18-20 year olds) in small group situations. It was lovely to see how well the children responded to the group of SFS students and how interested both sides were in learning from each other.



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Key Stage 2 Sports Day: Jump, Run, Throw – Repeat!

ks2-sports-day-oct-2014 (11)The walk over to TCI’s national stadium was a colourful one, with nearly 60 Key Stage 2 students decked out in their team colours for their annual sports day. After several months of twice weekly track and field sessions, Teams Green, Blue, Turquoise, White, Yellow, Red and Orange were ready to compete…as individuals in each event and for team glory as well. Rotating through events including long jump, shot put, high jump, javelin, discus, hurdles and a 40 yard dash, each child strived to beat the personal bests they had recorded throughout training.

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KS2 Sports Day, 2014

ks2-sports-day2014Key Stage 2 Sports Day:
Thursday 30th October
at the National Stadium Track

All  the children have worked extremely hard since the start of the year in a range of athletic events, in order to learn new skills and set their own ‘personal best’ records. Our sports day provides an opportunity to use these skills in a friendly and competitive setting.

We hope that you will be able to join us for the morning!

Key Stage 1 and 2 Topic Maps – Autumn 2014

ks1-2-topic-maps-autumn-2014What a wonderful range of creative topics our children are learning about this term in Years 1 through to 6. They will take our children on learning journeys around the world, back in time and into the future.

It’s always exciting to see how these topics develop as children’s interests, growing knowledge and questions lead them further into exploring different aspects.

Click on the image to see what your child’s topic involves and let’s work together to bring these topics alive with learning both at school and at home.

School Handbook and Class Information Booklets (2014-15)

class-information-booklets-sept-2014We are very proud of the educational programme we offer to our children and of the cooperative working relationship we strive to develop with our families.

Our 2014/2015 School Handbook and Class Information Booklets have been developed in an effort to enhance this relationship and to provide you with information about the school ethos and expectations, and the curriculum for each class year group.

Please click on the image on the left to download the latest copies of our Class Information Booklets.





Year 5’s night stay in North!

yr-5-north-middle-caicos-trip-june-2014 (9)Year 5 spent a fabulous two days in North and Middle Caicos and experienced an overnight stay as a class for the first time ever!

We had a busy and educational visit. We kayaked at Major Hill, looked at the devastation of a hurricane and the repair of the Middle Caicos Causeway. We visited Conch Bar caves and learnt about how they were used in the past and swam at Mudjin Harbour. We had a delicious dinner and breakfast at Pelican beach, thanks to Miss Susie and a good night’s rest after hide and seek.

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Year 5 Loupe Poetry with Mrs. Bonnie

yr-5-loupe-june-2014Mrs. Bonnie introduced the Year Five students to ‘private eye’ poetry.  Using  jeweler’s loupes they looked closely at a flower. They asked themselves: What else does it look like? What does it remind me of?  and created some amazing poetry.




My Bright Mysterious Flower

My bright, mysterious flower,

Your mini-petals surround your center acting like guardians to protect your secrets,

My bright, mysterious flower,

What secrets do you hide?

Your bold colours are like a brilliant, beautiful sunset capturing everyone’s attention,

The stripes in your center are like a tiger prowling in the jungle all the way across the ocean,

Your unique smell is like a Starburst melting in my mouth.

My bright, mysterious flower

You are just beautiful!

By M.Z.

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‘No Bake’ Fun with Mrs B

yr-5-no-bake-cookies-may-2014Last week, Year 5 were lucky to have been picked for the chance to make some delicious and nutritious ‘no bake’ cookies. The idea was ‘cooked’ up by the fabulous School Council and Miss Mani so that each year group have a chance for some fun in the kitchen before the end of the school year.

Mrs B designated the children all different jobs of blending and mixing, stirring and sharing and, needless to say, everyone had a lot of fun! What was so great was we didn’t need that hot oven on once and yet we ended up with fourteen really tasty, chewy, flavoursome and healthy cookies, full of good things including apple butter, apricots, dates, seeds and so much more!

Thank you so much to Mrs B for your patience and skills in the kitchen and great job School Council!  What a great snack to munch on as we peruse our new Scholastic book catalogue!

Yr 5 Baking and Smoothie Bonanza!

yr-5-baking-march-2014 (1)Last Wednesday afternoon Year 5 were cooking up a storm!  As part of our Design and Technology lessons we have been investigating how we can alter recipes to make them more healthy in a variety of ways without compromising the taste too much!

We looked at our favourite junk foods and the children have been designing and re- designing their own take on these junk foods . The children independently altered the recipes and in teams organised themselves to bring in the right ingredients and recipe to make it work!

Last Wednesday they got to try out these modified recipes and I am extremely proud of how successful they were; not only in making their designs but also in working together! We had three teams – one making whole wheat doughnuts with fruit topping, one making reduced fat and sugar cupcakes and one team making delicious dairy free and fruity milkshakes. All three recipes got the thumbs up, well done year 5!

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World Osprey Week – A Fantastic Week of Learning!

wow-march-2014-10Thank you to everyone at the Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust for organising this wonderful WOW celebration and encouraging us to learn more about the ospreys that live here in our islands. The week has been a great success and the interest of the children and the support community has been amazing. A true example of learning at its best!

Click on the image left to see some photos of the week’s events and fantastic art work and continue reading all about our different osprey activities below…

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Yr 5 enjoy an outstanding osprey presentation

DSC04639Year 5 had a real treat this Thursday! We were lucky enough to enjoy the expertise of Mr Terry Richardson  who is a keen photographer of birds. He showed us an amazing collection of osprey photos which really ‘told the story’ of an Osprey’s life cycle, something we have been studying recently. The background detail Mr Terry gave to every picture was so interesting and all the children thoroughly enjoyed the talk as well as the truly awe-inspiring close-ups he has been able to photograph! Please come back again to show us more of your nature photos!

Showcasing our Maths learning throughout the school

‘Maths Calculations’ was the focus of our 2014 Education Week Theme Week.  Throughout the week we aimed to explore, share and celebrate the amazing range of Maths skills that students have in our school.  Many parents and visitors came along to our Open House and Showcases.  Take a look at all the Maths going on in at these events in our two movies.

Fabien Cousteau Visits The Turks and Caicos Islands!

fabien-cousteau-march-2014-3Fabien Cousteau,  world-renowned conservationist and environmentalist and the grandson of Jacques Cousteau, visited the Turks and Caicos Islands last week.  The Turks and Caicos Reef Fund organised an Educational Outreach event for the TCI Student Community and our Year 4, 5 and 6 students attended an inspiring presentation by Fabien about the importance of protecting the marine environment.


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Year 5 Maths Mania!

yr-5-maths-mania-march-2014 (5)Year 5 , along with all the other classes in the school, have been preparing for our Maths Calculation  Showcase on Friday while having great fun exploring different areas of maths. We have got so into our ‘Maths Week’ children have been coming in with ‘psychic maths problems’ where they can guess the number you have in your head! Pretty impressive!

What was really nice to see was how we could all work together to create some giant graphs for us to plot information on for a line graph on Friday. It took some careful measuring and some good teamwork! We have also been having a great time, creating our own range of word problems based all around our topic ‘Lifesmart.’ We have thought carefully about the different operations involved and how to make an easy question turn into a more challenging one with more than one step or calculation. Why not come along on Friday and see if you can solve them!

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KS2 Field Hockey Showcase

ks2-field-hockey-feb-2014 (4)A new sport has been added to the school’s PE curriculum this year.  Year 5 and 6 students recently got to show off their newly acquired Field Hockey skills in a round robin tournament held for parents at the Graceway Sports Centre.  Led by Mr. Jason and Miss Cara, the four creatively named teams battled for goals that proved very hard to come by due to strong defence and strict refereeing – sticks had to remain below the waist, only the flat side could be used to move the ball and shots on goal had to be made behind a certain line.  Utilising every player and passing the ball were keys to victory, important concepts that are carried over to and from other team activities the students engage in, both in the gym and the classroom. 

As flashbulbs and cheers erupted from the bleachers during some exciting plays, it was clear the parents had almost as good a time watching the Field Hockey tournament as the children did playing in it.

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Poetic thoughts we’d like to share with you…

give-and-take-feb-2014Give and Take
I give you dolphins that leap through the seas. You give me deforestation and wipe out the trees.
I give you lightning that powers your house. You give me traps that kill a gentle mouse.
I give you flowers that feed the bugs. You give me factories that make stupid mugs.
I give you land that is so grand. You mow it down and leave it quite bland.
I give you life with air and tree. You give me strife and care, but not for me.
I give you more than enough. You give me worse and worse.
I give you another chance. You give me excuse after excuse.

Written by one of our amazing 5 students (MC).

Life Smart Learning in Year 5!

yr-5-food-poem-02-02-14Year 5 are knee-deep in their new topic for this term- Life Smart which is all about making ‘life smart’ choices in life. We have started with the more obvious focus of healthy diet and exercise but later on in the term we will be looking at being ‘life smart’ in terms of happiness, emotional health and the health of our planet too.

We began by learning all about the different food groups and how we balance our meals in a day. We even did this in Spanish too! We have gone onto discovering what we can lack when we miss certain food groups and then branched into looking into food poetry using our five senses. This is a class poem we whizzed up in one lesson.  Each child has taken a line and described a food they enjoy with as much descriptive detail as they could.

As another angle, we have been investigating healthy baking and have already reduced sugar and fat in differing cookie recipes with amazing results. After taste testing them all, the firm class favourite, would you believe it, was the reduced fat cinnamon biscuit with almonds! We are definitely enjoying our progress in becoming ‘life smart’!