Congratulations to our Graduating Year 6 of 2019

Congratulation to our Graduating Class of 2019s. 

Year 6, I know I speak for everyone when I say, we are so proud of you today. As you move on to the next stage in your life, please keep writing down your goals and continue to do what excites and inspires you. Know that you are the architect or author of your life. Think creatively, interact with people who share or support your visions, and go out there and achieve your goals. Most of all, be HAPPY, continue being YOU and be the best version of yourself that you can be!

I love to ask children about their life goals at various times throughout their time in school, and I recently asked our Year 6 class to write down theirs, which I thought you’d like to hear.   Here are their combined Life goals:

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Graduating Year 6 – “Have It All’ – Steel Drum Performance

Congratulation to our AMAZING Graduating Year 6. Here is their wonderful steel drum performance of ‘Have It All’ by Jason Mraz.

May you have auspiciousness and causes of success
May you have the confidence to always do your best
May it take no effort in you being generous
Sharing what you can, nothing more, nothing less

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Dominican Republic 2019

Year 6 have recently returned from the Dominican Republic; having spent five fantastic days there on their residential trip.  The mountainous area of Jarabacoa provided the backdrop to a fun-filled week of exhilaration and adventure.  Rather than me tell you all about it, I thought that you would rather hear from the Year 6 students directly.  So, please read the quotations below to get a better sense of the exciting times that were had by all.

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The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

As part of their English Literature classes, Year 6 has just recently finished reading John Boyne’s: The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.  The novel falls into the historical fiction genre, thus the context of the story is centered on some of the atrocities committed during World War 2.  This has been an excellent complement to our history lessons too, which has also focused on different aspects of this war.

Having a sound grasp of the contextual features of the novel has enabled Year 6 to develop more critical approaches to studying plot developments, themes and characters present in the text.  Boyne’s novel contains many heroes and villains, and the Year 6 students have enjoyed getting to grips with how Boyne has presented them on paper; through physicality and personality.

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Science Showcase in Year 6

Science lessons in Year 6 this term have been centered on the study of the human body.  Year 6 students have been busy identifying the main internal organs of the human body; and describing their functions.  In addition to this, they have also been examining some of the main body systems to further their understanding of how organs work together purposefully within the body.

With this in mind, Year 6 students were asked to make an individual presentation to their peers regarding an element of the human body which interests them.  Students were asked to present their material using a style of their choice; but they just had to ensure that their audience would gain something useful from the presentation made.


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Year 6 & 7 Athletics Finals Festival

Year 6 & 7 Athletics Finals Festival

Monday 1st April, 9-11am.

We are excited to invite you to our planned Athletics Finals Festival next week at the National Stadium.

Children have spent the term learning to compete in a range of Track & Field disciplines. We have practiced the basic techniques and used video analysis to improve our performance and technique in each area. Check out our video analysis work here.

Children have chosen 2-3 events to compete in, balancing the freshness,energy and focus needed to give their best in each event. After all the refinement of their skills, children are now anxious to see how a bit of pressure impacts their performance!

We hope that you will be able to join us for this showcase event. It has been designed to give all students an equal and competitive opportunity to apply their learning. We are hopeful that this will be a dress-rehearsal for an inter-school athletics event after Easter.

As we complete our Athletics unit, please join me in thanking Ryan Jones and Jen Blain for giving their time to support teaching. Their input has been valuable and much appreciated!

If you are able to join us, I will look forward to seeing you at the track on Monday!

Performance analysis leads to new records in PE!

Years 6 & 7 have been studying and practising Athletics this term, thinking about how track & field athletes are able to develop their technique in order to improve performance.

Students have spent time learning the specific techniques needed for each discipline: the shot put, javelin, long jump, high jump, triple jump, sprint and hurdles. All children then made an excellent effort to practise these skills.

In recent weeks, we then started to look at how video analysis can help sports people to identify strengths and weaknesses in their performance and technique. Children watched videos of record breaking athletes in order to identify “best examples” for each event. We then recorded each other at our PE sessions to see how we compared and where we could improve.

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Anti-Bullying Photo Stories by Year 6

As part of their work in PSHE and Literacy, Year 6 have been discussing important issues surrounding the topic of bullying.  They have discovered that bullying comes in many forms; verbal, physical, emotional, indirect and cyber to name a few.  They have also explored case studies depicting situations at school in which bullying occurred.  This provided ample opportunities to discuss why bullying was happening; the impact it was having on the victim; and most importantly what was being done to stop or prevent from it surfacing again.

To complement this scheme of work, Year 6 students devised and redrafted independent bullying stories.  The stories had to portray a fictional scenario in school; or at home when bullying could take place.

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Registration is now open for Years 7 and 8 at Providenciales Primary & Middle School

Providenciales Primary & Middle School is accepting registrations

for Years 7 and 8 for September 2019.

Students graduating from Providenciales Primary School have proved through their strong academic results and successes as young adults, that our creative approach to teaching and learning has a large impact on their lives.

Providenciales Middle School extends upon this approach, ensuring that our brightest minds continue to be challenged and developed into their teenage years.

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What a lovely belated Christmas treat!

This week, the Year 1s had a lovely surprise when the Year 6s invited them to listen to their Christmas stories.  Year 6 had worked hard researching, planning, writing, editing, publishing and illustrating their very own Christmas stories and the Year 1 class were a willing audience.

In pairs, the Year 6s patiently read their stories to the Year 1s who enjoyed hearing all about the adventures of elves, reindeer, Santa and his sleigh.  Despite it being a little after Christmas, the stories sparked lots of conversations about the lovely holiday season the children had all had.

We look forward to lots more joint year group activities as the year goes on!

Thank you Mr Jason and the Year 6s!

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Great Effort in Primary & Middle School Swim Meet

Students from Provo Primary & Middle Schools participated with great skill, perseverance and stamina this week – with some taking part in a developmental swim meet for the first time. Hosted by the International School of the TCI, the meet gave a total of 20 children the opportunity to compete.

Children participated in two-length races in freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly. All students set good times that can be used to track their own development in the future. A number of children found themselves paired in tight contests throughout the morning; competing in extremely close races against other students in the pool. It was a pleasure to see our children facing a new challenge with such determination and a positive attitude!

The event finished with two 4×2 length relays and a fun whole-team race at the end.

Very well done to our eight Provo Primary & Middle School swimmers! We look forward to the next opportunity to compete in the pool.

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Throwback Thursday – Information Talking Texts

Throwback Thursday takes us back to November 2015 when our current Year 6s were in Year 3 learning about rocks. You rocked then guys – and you still do today!

Wondrous Waterfalls

Niagara Falls, Victoria Falls, Iguazu Falls, Angel Falls…

Yes, Year 6 have been studying waterfalls!

As part of their topic/geography lessons, Year 6 have been learning all about these natural and wondrous creations.  Year 6 enjoyed researching lots of fascinating information about famous waterfalls located throughout the globe; examining beautiful photographs captured by photographers; and indeed sharing their own experiences of them through travel.

This got us thinking about how they come to be.  And if you want to know how, expect the following to be relayed to you by any member of Year 6: [Read more…]

Year 6 engage in Tourism Awareness Month in the TCI

Tuesday, November 13th was a somewhat different day for our Year 6 class.  The usual routines of their typical Tuesday were abandoned as they headed off to the TCI Community College.  As you are probably aware, November is celebrated as Tourism Awareness Month in the Turks and Caicos Islands; and the Community College operated a series of different workshops in order to celebrate and recognise the importance of tourism to our country.

The theme, Embracing Cultures, allowed our Year 6 students to celebrate the diverse range of cultures present in the TCI; and to consider how this diverse population is essential to continued and improved tourist experiences.  Presentations, stories, music, dance and food ensured that the day was entertaining, informative and filling.

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SFS Superstars visit was a hit!

Wednesday the 17th October the whole of KS2 were lucky enough to be visited by the wonderful SFS (School for Field Studies) from South Caicos. These are university students from America who come over to study the nature, biology and wonders of the T.C.I for one semester. They have visited our school for roughly the past 5 years and it is always a complete delight to have them here. Their enthusiasm and their kind, friendly, open nature towards all of our children makes their visit not only academically worthwhile but also a wonderful social experience for the children interacting with a different age group.

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Our Class of Stars

Can you guess who is who in Year 6?

Please take a look at their fantastic portraits and see if you can decipher all the students in the current Year 6 class!

As part of our work in P.S.H.E, Year 6 have been following a scheme of work entitled: What Makes Me, Me?  One aspect of this unit of work demanded the production of a personal portrait which had to be annotated with words describing the personality of the individual depicted.

Students had to observe their facial features closely in order to attain a similar copy within their portrait.  This also enabled the children to appreciate their unique features; and to consider how similar or different they are to their parents, siblings and other family members.

Once the sketching element of the process was finished the children used oil pastels to bring the portrait to life.  Experimenting with a range of colours, tones and shades was messy, but fun work!

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Wild World – Steel Drums – Graduation 2018

Hotel California – Steel Drums – Graduation 2018

Congratulations to our Graduating Class of 2018

Congratulations Year 6, you have GRADUATED!

We congratulate our Year 6 children for their great effort and the incredible progress they have made in all areas of the curriculum. They have achieved the results they worked so hard for, have all graduated and are going to the schools of their choice. We are excited that 10 of our children will be attending our new Middle School (Provo Middle School) and the other 6 children will be going to B.W.Indies Collegiate.

Although we tend to focus on our children’s academic achievements at this time of year, these are not our only focus.

I did an exercise with the Year 6 class prior to their graduation where I asked them to write down their life goals[Read more…]

Year 6 in the Dominican Republic – June 2018

Year 6 have just recently settled back into school after an amazing, adventurous and astounding week in the Dominican Republic. Once again Year 6 made the journey to Rancho Baiguate, which is located in the area of Jarabacoa in the Dominican Republic. For 4 nights and 5 days our students participated in a range of activities. These activities included: high ropes courses, zip lining, hikes, water rafting, visiting waterfalls, horse-back riding, team-building games and so much more.

Participating in a residential trip of this size enables ample opportunities for personal development. On this trip our Year 6 students increased their level of independence; worked collaboratively with others; challenged themselves to try new things and overcome fears; immersed themselves in a different culture; applied their knowledge of Spanish in a real and meaningful context; showed support to a less affluent community; appreciated natural beauty…the list goes on!

Our students demonstrated excellent behavior, listening skills and attention. They embraced the opportunities given to them and gave it their all. A fantastic week which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. I wish to thank all of the other teachers and parent volunteers who came along. Their support, encouragement and enthusiasm were invaluable to the success of this trip.

Please read the comments below from our students and witness firsthand how this trip impacted upon them positively.

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Astounding Animators

In computing classes this term Year 6 have been studying animation; and in particular Stop Motion Animation.  We have discovered that Stop Motion Animation is a film making technique in which objects are physically manipulated in small increments between individually photographed frames so that they appear to exhibit independent motion when the series of frames are played back together.

With this in mind, Year 6 were charged with the task of creating an animation linked to our topic work: Natural Disasters.  In pairs, individuals had to storyboard a sequence linked to a natural disaster.  When this was completed they had to design a set and then build it.  This would serve as the backdrop to their short films.  Once this task was realised, the students used the app: Animate It on the school iPads to capture individual images which would then be played back to reveal a final animated short film.

The results were fantastic and the final movies showcased earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions and so on.

Please check out the photographs below to see Year 6 in action!  Collaborating and animating to make a super cool short film.

Want to see the films?  Then come and ask a Year 6 to show you them.

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Year 6 have arrived in the D.R.

The Year 6 have arrived in Rancho Baiguate, Jarabacoa in the Dominican Republic for their week-long eco-adventure, residential trip.   The trip links well with the topics the Year 6 have studied throughout the year and will be a wonderful opportunity for them to apply their Spanish learning to real-life situations. With horseback riding, jeep rides, ropes course, kayaking, zip-lining, hiking, fishing, swimming and river rafting, along with a visit to coffee and flower plantations on the agenda, it certainly looks to be an exciting week of adventure.

At Provo Primary, we feel that residential field trips integrate academic and social development by providing students with an opportunity to investigate and apply academic knowledge to the outside world, as well as develop their personal and social skills, through a broad range of activities away from their home environment.



Celebrating Iguana Week

View a snapshot of our week’s learning about our endemic TCI Rock Iguana. Enjoy photos of our toddlers to Year 6 as you listen to the vibes of Correy Forbes and the Rakooneers. A special thank you to ‘Rocky the Iguana’ and Dr. Higgs from The National Trust and Amy Avenant from DECR for visiting us.

Going for Gaelic!

This mid-term we have been incredibly lucky to have had the chance to try out a sport that is completely new to most of us here in the T.C.I-Gaelic football Irish: Peil Ghaelach; short name Peil or Caid), commonly referred to as football or Gaelic! It is an Irish team sport, played between two teams of 15 players on a rectangular grass pitch. The objective of the sport is to score by kicking or punching the ball into the other team’s goals (3 points) or between two upright posts above the goals and over a crossbar 2.5 metres (8.2 ft) above the ground (1 point). The range of skills this game tests and improves is fantastic and has been a real eye-opener for Key Stage Two!

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Invertebrate Sketching

As part of their learning in Science this term, Year 6 have been studying classification and variation within the animal kingdom. With a specific focus on invertebrates they have been finding out all sorts of scientific information which have left them informed; and fascinated to discover more about this important element of the animal kingdom.

In order to categorize invertebrates carefully, observational skills are a must! Year 6 used this skill to even greater effect in art class, which demanded a pencil sketch of invertebrates drawn from: insects, mollusks, arachnids, crustaceans, echinoderms, Cnidarians, sponges and annelids.

Please check out some of the sketches below or visit the Year 6 classroom to see more. Examine them closely and see how they used paper space to good effect; focused in on light and dark tones using shading; and used lines and curves to give an almost realistic impression!

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