Reader Beware – you are in for a Scare!


Writing to entertain: Horror Stories

Year 6 recently studied Roald Dahl’s short story: The Landlady. A story filled with mystery, intrigue and suspense. The story ends on a cliff-hanger and the reader is left wondering what will or could happen next. In Year 6 we considered how the story might continue. Planning out our ideas we got busy writing the sequel to this tale.

Please look out for the following features in our writing:

  • Structure: start, middle and conclusion;
  • Paragraphing;
  • Short sentences to build suspense;
  • Demanding vocabulary;
  • Characterisation;
  • Figurative language features.

We dare you to read a selection of our stories! Click on ‘read more’ below to  see them – we hope you enjoy them!

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The Great Year 6 Balloon Debate

yr-6-debate-mar-2015A balloon debate is a debate in which a number of speakers attempt to win the approval of an audience. The audience is invited to imagine that the speakers are flying in a hot-air balloon which is sinking. Everyone, bar one individual, must be thrown out in order to have one survivor.

Year 6 recently participated in their own balloon debate. The class were split into 4 groups. Competing with the other members in their group they had to speak on behalf of a famous person, author, fictional character and so on (dead or alive) in order to present their case and to convince the audience of their worth.

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Year 6 Study the Human Body

yr-6-human-body-mar-2015 (7)Year 6 students have enjoyed studying the human body; which has been the main focus of our learning in science this term. They made an impressive start to this topic by relaying facts that they already knew about the human body and the questions that they wanted to explore about bodily functions as the topic progressed.

They have carried out a number of investigations such as monitoring our BPM during various activities; breathing rates during different activities and how different fluids increase the rate of tooth decay. They have been able to apply their understanding of the human body to these experiments in order to draw conclusions.

The students examined in great detail: the digestive system; the respiratory system; the circulatory system; the skeletal system and healthy lifestyles.

The students were exposed to extensive scientific vocabulary throughout this topic and worked extremely hard in gaining an increased understanding of how the main organ systems work.

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KS2 Gym and Basketball Showcase

KS2-pe-showcase-feb-2015-gym-(10)On Tuesday, Key Stage 2 took part in our highly successful annual PE showcase. The children modeled all the skills that the KS2 teaching team have taught them in this half term in gymnastics and basketball.

The children of Years 3 and 4 were showcasing all of the hard work and perseverance that they have put into the gymnastics lessons this half term. The focus was balance and control. All the children, regardless of gymnastics background, displayed some fantastic skills – expectations differentiated to their specific level of experience.

With regards to Years 5 and 6, they took to the basketball court and were showcasing all of the skills that they have been working on in the format of a 4 vs 4 tournament.

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Year 6 Explore Natural Disasters

yr-6-natural-disasters-jan-2015Year 6 has made an impressive start to their new topic Natural Disasters.  ‘Board blasting’ natural and man-made disasters kick started our thinking into this area.  The children were then able to define the differences between such disasters and realised that our planet can become angry at times.

Wearing our geologist hats we were able to observe the structure of the earth and examine the Tectonic Plate Theory in order to understand how natural disasters can occur.

Working in pairs the children used traditional and digital resources to capture relevant information and interesting facts on a number of natural disasters.  Please come and check out some of our information posters as you might discover something that you did not know before…

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Curriculum Topic Maps – Jan 2015

Do you have some knowledge, an interest or resources that will help to bring our class topics alive this term?

Our topics will take our children on learning journeys into story lands, into our community, back in time to the age of exploration and early settlements, across the world, out to space and into the future!

Early-years -toddlers-story-and-rhyme










It’s always exciting to see how these topics develop as children’s interests, growing knowledge and questions lead them further into exploration.  If you can support these topics in any way do let us know.

Tickets available on Monday for our Panto – Aladdin!

aladdin-trouble-LARGE-webYears 1 to 6 are excited to present their panto this year, Aladdin Trouble!

A star-filled show you certainly won’t want to miss!

Tickets will be available in the school walkway from Monday onwards.  Community members welcome – pop down to Provo Primary, email, or call 441 5638 to reserve your tickets.

Set within the context of the 1001 Arabian Nights from which the story originates, this panto-style version of Aladdin contains all the traditional elements and characters, alongside a whole host of less conventional ones!

The story begins in the bustling and spice-fragranced Eastern Streets, encountering dancers, musicians and pick pockets through the lively rhythms of our opening number In The Market Place.  Here we meet the hero of our panto…

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Year 6 Rainforest Explorers

yr-6-rainforest-nov-2014 (1)

Throughout the term Year 6 students have engaged with rainforest study. This topic has been taught thematically across the differing areas of learning. This approach to teaching and learning has enabled the students to build upon their knowledge and understanding of rainforests, within other curriculum capacities other than geography and science.



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Year 6 Share their Big Books with Year 1

yr-6-big-books-oct-2014 (8)In their literacy lessons, Year 6 has explored the concept of how the big books are used in teaching younger children literacy skills. They examined the features of these books carefully in order to ascertain what theirs would need to include in order to fulfill the requirements of a big book. Such features included the use of illustrations which complement the written text; engaging characters; short stories which are easy to follow; language devices such as rhyme, alliteration and so on.

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School for Field Studies Marine Morning!

sfs-oct-2014 (3)

A couple of weeks ago, Years 4, 5 and 6 were fortunate to spend several hours with a group of students from the School for Field Studies (SFS) from South Caicos, carrying out a range of fantastic marine based activities.

This was part of our ‘Keeping Healthy Week, which focused on ‘Healthy Communication’.  What was so special and so perfect for our communication focused week was that the children were interacting with a large group of young adults (18-20 year olds) in small group situations. It was lovely to see how well the children responded to the group of SFS students and how interested both sides were in learning from each other.



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Key Stage 2 Sports Day: Jump, Run, Throw – Repeat!

ks2-sports-day-oct-2014 (11)The walk over to TCI’s national stadium was a colourful one, with nearly 60 Key Stage 2 students decked out in their team colours for their annual sports day. After several months of twice weekly track and field sessions, Teams Green, Blue, Turquoise, White, Yellow, Red and Orange were ready to compete…as individuals in each event and for team glory as well. Rotating through events including long jump, shot put, high jump, javelin, discus, hurdles and a 40 yard dash, each child strived to beat the personal bests they had recorded throughout training.

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KS2 Sports Day, 2014

ks2-sports-day2014Key Stage 2 Sports Day:
Thursday 30th October
at the National Stadium Track

All  the children have worked extremely hard since the start of the year in a range of athletic events, in order to learn new skills and set their own ‘personal best’ records. Our sports day provides an opportunity to use these skills in a friendly and competitive setting.

We hope that you will be able to join us for the morning!

Year 6 Fundraiser Thank You.

yr-6-bake-sale-17-10-14Last Saturday our Year 6 class had two tables selling baked goods and donated items at our PTA Yard sale.  All together they raised $808.51 to go towards their Year 6 Summer trip.  The class would like to pass on a big thank you to everyone who helped make this happen.  They really appreciate your support.

Today after school the Year 6 sold ice-creams and cupcakes as a special end of half term treat!  Thank you Mrs B. for making the cup cakes and parents for helping too.  And thank you again everyone for your support.  We hope you enjoyed the goodies!

(Written together with one of our Year 6 students)

Yr 6 use the ‘Story Creator’ App to Write Non-Fiction Books

yr-6-story-creator-app-oct-2014Year 6 have been exploring variation in their science lessons.  The pupils have been looking closely at the animal kingdom and in particular the different subcategories of the vertebrate group.  They put their research skills to the test and used both traditional and digital resources to find as much information as possible on a fish, reptiles, birds, mammals and amphibians.

Read on and see one of the books that was created…


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Key Stage 1 and 2 Topic Maps – Autumn 2014

ks1-2-topic-maps-autumn-2014What a wonderful range of creative topics our children are learning about this term in Years 1 through to 6. They will take our children on learning journeys around the world, back in time and into the future.

It’s always exciting to see how these topics develop as children’s interests, growing knowledge and questions lead them further into exploring different aspects.

Click on the image to see what your child’s topic involves and let’s work together to bring these topics alive with learning both at school and at home.

School Handbook and Class Information Booklets (2014-15)

class-information-booklets-sept-2014We are very proud of the educational programme we offer to our children and of the cooperative working relationship we strive to develop with our families.

Our 2014/2015 School Handbook and Class Information Booklets have been developed in an effort to enhance this relationship and to provide you with information about the school ethos and expectations, and the curriculum for each class year group.

Please click on the image on the left to download the latest copies of our Class Information Booklets.





Year 6 Explore Grand Turk and Salt Cay

Year-6-trip-june-2014 (1)A few photos to share from our Year 6’s first day on their Grand Turk and Salt Cay trip.  We look forward to hearing all about it on their return and sharing more with you  next week about what they got up to.




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“X Marks the Spot!”

yr-six-anti-bullying-march-2014Year Six recently joined forces with Justin Spencer, founder of Recycled Percussion and Legacy X in taking a stance against bullying by helping him build the worlds largest RED ‘X’, symbolizing our mission to stop bullying!

Year six students contributed powerful anti-bullying messages to Justin and the Legacy X team, which are now included in this anti-bullying sign in the Nevada Desert. Each leg of the RED ‘X’ is as big as a football field and consists of a compilation of almost  250, 000 personal anti-bullying messages, taken from people around the world.

Year Six were proud to be a part of this mammoth project, which will hopefully make a global impact upon the lives of those who suffer or have suffered from the devastating impact that bullying can bring.

Stand up against negativity! Spread the word.

World Osprey Week – A Fantastic Week of Learning!

wow-march-2014-10Thank you to everyone at the Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust for organising this wonderful WOW celebration and encouraging us to learn more about the ospreys that live here in our islands. The week has been a great success and the interest of the children and the support community has been amazing. A true example of learning at its best!

Click on the image left to see some photos of the week’s events and fantastic art work and continue reading all about our different osprey activities below…

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Showcasing our Maths learning throughout the school

‘Maths Calculations’ was the focus of our 2014 Education Week Theme Week.  Throughout the week we aimed to explore, share and celebrate the amazing range of Maths skills that students have in our school.  Many parents and visitors came along to our Open House and Showcases.  Take a look at all the Maths going on in at these events in our two movies.

Fabien Cousteau Visits The Turks and Caicos Islands!

fabien-cousteau-march-2014-3Fabien Cousteau,  world-renowned conservationist and environmentalist and the grandson of Jacques Cousteau, visited the Turks and Caicos Islands last week.  The Turks and Caicos Reef Fund organised an Educational Outreach event for the TCI Student Community and our Year 4, 5 and 6 students attended an inspiring presentation by Fabien about the importance of protecting the marine environment.


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Year 6 care for their ‘Flour Babies’

yr-6-flour-babies-mar-2014-1Year 6 have been studying the novel ‘Flour Babies’ by Anne Fine. The students decided that they would like to experiment with their own flour babies project just like the children in the novel. Getting to work fast they soon created a classroom filled with new members.

The students have to care for their flour babies for over a two week period and ensure that they are not damaged, left unsupervised or neglected in any way. All activities completed have to be recorded in their flour baby journal.

An excellent project that develops the skills of responsibility and caring for others.

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KS2 Field Hockey Showcase

ks2-field-hockey-feb-2014 (4)A new sport has been added to the school’s PE curriculum this year.  Year 5 and 6 students recently got to show off their newly acquired Field Hockey skills in a round robin tournament held for parents at the Graceway Sports Centre.  Led by Mr. Jason and Miss Cara, the four creatively named teams battled for goals that proved very hard to come by due to strong defence and strict refereeing – sticks had to remain below the waist, only the flat side could be used to move the ball and shots on goal had to be made behind a certain line.  Utilising every player and passing the ball were keys to victory, important concepts that are carried over to and from other team activities the students engage in, both in the gym and the classroom. 

As flashbulbs and cheers erupted from the bleachers during some exciting plays, it was clear the parents had almost as good a time watching the Field Hockey tournament as the children did playing in it.

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Year 6 Bullying Photo Stories

yr-6-bullying-feb-2014Year Six recently created photo stories based upon the theme of bullying.  Students worked in small groups and storyboarded short sketches that highlighted a typical bullying scenario.  The students came up with sound ideas that focused on potential bullying during unstructured times at school, within their local community and through modern technology (cyber bullying).


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Yr 6 Share their Stories with Yr 1

yr-6-Christmas-Stories-dec-2013-8Just before the Christmas holidays Year 6 joined up with Year 1 to share with them some of the stories that they had created based upon the holiday season. Year 6 authors were presented with the task of drafting a full Christmas story that would be suitable for a young audience. They were required to word process the final draft, add in relevant illustrations, design a front cover and include a blurb. The final result was undoubtedly professional!

More fun was to be had when we entered the Year 1 classroom and shared the finished pieces with the younger children. Year 1 were extremely impressed with the Year 6 storytellers as they listened with concentration, asked questions about the stories and most importantly enjoyed the content on offer. [Read more…]