Snacks & Lunches

school-lunch-picIt is our mission at Provo Primary to educate the whole child, and as health and nutrition are a critical part of learning, we aim to help promote awareness of healthy eating.

Children are encouraged to bring healthy snacks and lunches in an appropriate container with an ice pack. We do not allow chocolate and candy.

We have frequent drink breaks throughout the day. Water and natural fruit juices are preferable, in plastic jugs or cartons. We do not allow glass and can containers. High sugar fizzy drinks are not allowed and high sugar drinks are discouraged.

School Lunch Service

A school lunch service is also available every day, provided by external caterers.

All meals are $7.00 and can be ordered on IsleHelp.





Please note that the cut off for ordering lunches will be Saturday at 6pm for the following week.  At this time, the week menu will be closed.

    • Please therefore ensure that if you haven’t ordered lunch by this time, you supply your child with their own lunch as unfortunately, we cannot accept same day orders.

Please note that there are two choices for ordering lunches which will be processed through Isle Help.

Help is available in the office to assist with your POS (office) or online lunch purchase if you need it.

      • Please note that all orders and payments need to be made in ADVANCE and that a cut off ordering date system is in place.

The choices you have for ordering lunches are as follows:

      • Order at Crust in the IGA complex
      • Order online using the Isle Help app carefully following the instructions below.






The process is quick and easy.


Two important notes when ordering:

      1. Please ensure that separate orders are made for EACH child – please do not combine orders. Therefore, each lunch order per child will be a separate credit card charge.
      2. Please remember to enter your child’s name in the Student Name section before checking out (see below for more information). Entering your child’s name will ensure that we have a record of your child’s individual lunch order!


      1. Download the free Isle Help app on your smart phone or tablet.  The Isle Help app is designed for smart phones, however the link below can also be used on a computer
      •      Smart phone/tablet – download the Isle Help app through Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iPhones, iPads).  The app is not available for Blackberry users.
      •      Link for computer users –


      1. Register with Isle Help
      •      Go to the settings icon (top left icon)
      •      Sign up for an account – please note – NO SPAM emails will be sent to the email address that is used
      •      Password – must be a minimum of 6 characters in length.  Please remember this password as it will be required at time of payment.


      1.     Order school lunches
      •      On the main menu page, go to Island Guide
      •      Select “Crust School Lunch – Provo Primary”
      •      Lunches are displayed by weeks – see Week #s and dates on the top of the page
        • Add lunches to cart using the green plus sign for Wk 1, then Wk 2 and so on – Please remember to select lunches for only one child per order
      •      Select cart to review (and edit) order
      •      Before selecting checkout please remember to add the child’s name in the Student Name section


      1.      Check out
      •      Select green check out button at the bottom of the screen once the order has been reviewed
      •      Enter credit card information
      •      Security code is the three digits on the back of the card
      •      Save card – if you select this option you will not have to enter credit card information for the next purchase – you will only have to enter your Isle Help password you created in #2 above
      •      Turks and Caicos new zip code is TKCA1ZZ
      •      Select Complete Purchase – a receipt will be emailed to you and the school
      •      Select order again for next order