A Celebration of Colours and Thanks

The Preschoolers have been learning about colours and how they see them in their everyday environment. We initially focused on the colours of autumn leading up to the Thanksgiving Holiday and our own holiday here in the Turks and Caicos, “A Day of Thanks”.

The children have enjoyed experimenting with colour mixing and were amazed when they saw the magical results (like discovering that red and yellow makes orange).  The children enjoyed looking at some photographs of trees with autumn colours projected onto the big whiteboard.  They also enjoyed making their very own fall trees using tissue paper.

On our Day of Thanks, the children celebrated colours again, wearing black and white like the pilgrims of long ago.  They also wore hats they had made themselves.

The preschoolers had a feast during their lunch break tasting sweet potato, corn, and pumpkin.

In the morning, they had enjoyed a walk to their very own school’s garden to see what the potato and pumpkin vine looked like.

They were also excited to see what each of the food items looked like before they were cooked, and especially liked to see the husk of the corn being stripped off.

It has been a very interesting topic to explore – especially seeing expressions as they learn and discover new things.  And it’s not over yet… the celebrations continue as we now explore the colours of Christmas.

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