Bonfire Night at Bay Bistro- Provo Primary’s 9th year!

The Flamingo class had a fun filled evening celebrating Bonfire Night at Bay Bistro. This was a wonderful end to a week’s learning in school about this true, macabre story and we would like to express our thanks to Clive Whent for hosting this event.

For a couple of children, this was their first ever bonfire night and they will have happy memories for many years to come. There were some surprise firecrackers hiding inside Clive’s Guy who towered above the Y4’s Stuart version.

The class researched previous Guy Fawkes effigies before deciding to make a life-size model of their own. Each child contributed to a part of his body or clothing and donations came from home, the garden, other teachers and even the Salvation Army!

As part of their Design Technology lessons, children worked at designing their own, individual effigies with sticks, card and Papier-mâché. They practised new skills and were encouraged to evaluate their completed models.




In addition, Mrs B kindly made batches of traditional Northern UK ‘parkin’ with the children – a delicious gingery-spiced cake eaten around bonfires.





Much to Ms Laura’s surprise, the children showed great entrepreneurial skills after school drumming up customers to buy their parkin to raise money for mindfulness books! Thank you to everyone who made a donation … photos of our children reading their new books will follow.



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