Bonfire Night goes off with a BANG!

Provo Primary School and Bay Bistro celebrated their 6th Annual Bonfire Night together on the 5th November. This year turned out to be one of the noisiest nights yet!

Thanks to our wonderful friends at Bay Bistro, families were treated to a Grace Bay beach barbecue and drinks – the perfect way to end our mid-term holidays and get us all ready for heading back to school.

Perhaps being so well rested added to the energy in the crowd! After joining in chorus for the traditional Remember, Remember the Fifth of November rhyme,families gathered close to watch the lighting of the bonfire. As an extra surprise, the Bay Bistro Guy Fawkes was filled with firecrackers and went up in a fizz of pops and crackles.


A little later, fireworks shot up into the night sky to complete a bright and beautiful evening.






Again, the Year 4 class participated in traditional Guy Fawkes building and so a fantastic Provo Primary Guy Fawkes was positioned on the bonfire too. Equally traditional are the cries of “NO! I worked so hard on that!” as the Year 4 students watch their Guy go up in a puff of smoke. Understandably so, given that this year’s Guy represented some outstanding teamwork and perseverance from the class. Dressed in traditional Stewart costume, this was a truly excellent Guy Fawkes. He looked rather smart as he sat on the bonfire for photos!

Thank you to everyone at Bay Bistro for a wonderful night of food, drinks and fun!

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