Here at Provo Primary, we had a feast of books, books, books on World Book Day! We kicked it off the night before with a wonderful, warm storytelling session where the children heard tales from all around the world, while cozied up in pjs.

The next morning started with an amazing parade from Toddlers to Year 6 of outstandingly creative characters from books. Then the children kindly had brought in piles of old books to swap. We managed to ensure that every child received a different book they had not read to add to their own home library. We even have waiting lists for some of the more popular reads!

Year groups also managed to do reading sessions together, often older classes paired up with younger. It is always wonderful to see how patient, thoughtful and expressive the older children are as readers and how well behaved and attentive the younger ones are with them. In each class, an array of different book activities and studies were going on too.

Year 5 and 6 joined together so that Year 6 could present wonderfully prepared book reviews of their top reads to Year 5.

Year 5 also completed a tricky non-fiction quiz in the library which involved careful research and referencing skills.

All in all it was a busy, productive, fun-filled day jam-packed with reading and yes, books, books, books!

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