Celebrations in Year 1

This half term Year 1 have put their party hats on and started learning about many of the festivities and celebrations that take place around the globe. Our Year 1s are having a bundle of fun in our role play corner that has been set up to celebrate the Hindu festival of Diwali this week. We have been mindfully creating Rangoli patterns and carefully writing party invitations in Literacy to celebrate the festival of light and prosperity.


With that, in the year 1 classroom we have been exploring time, weather and seasons. Our little scientists have been observing and recording daily weather patterns and trends in their weather diaries. Using their senses of smell, sight and touch our Year 1’s have recorded some fantastic weather patterns this week and have started making super predictions to forecast the weather for the coming days!

Our dolphins in Year 1 are eagerly learning and showing great inquisitiveness and enquiry in our topic of Celebrations. They are anticipating what new learning awaits them each day and approaching every learning experience with an attitude of excitement and determination. Good job dolphins!


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