Do you have green fingers or a green thumb?

Well, that depends on where you come from….

If from come from UK then you will have green fingers, if you are from the USA or Canada then you will have a green thumb….. but you will only have these if you are really good at growing things such as pretty flowers, vegetables to eat and even fruit like pineapples or bananas.

Year 1 have been trying hard to grow their own bean plant from Lima Bean seeds. Do you think they can help their beanstalk to grow as tall as Jack’s beanstalk in the Jack and the Beanstalk story?

First, we put some kitchen roll in a small container, added some water and 2 lima bean seeds. Then we watched, watered and waited for them to start to germinate. Some grew quickly, others not so fast and we wondered why? We found out that the healthiest seeds grew taller and stronger than the not so healthy seeds. We watched the root grow down and a shoot grow up towards the light. Then, with some help from Mrs. B. we planted them in some soil, watered them, put then near the window to get light and away they went…

Have a look at the photos of the Green fingered Year 1 children in action.

Mrs. B. brought in the top of a pineapple.  She put it in some water and we watched the roots grow. She planted it on a pot and we are waiting for a pineapple to grow…it is going to be a long wait as they take about 2 years to produce fruit! a couple of children brought in the top of a pineapple too. Do you think they are going to have a Pineapple Party when they are in Year 3?

Year 1 did a fantastic job completing their Bean Plant Diaries. They observed their plant every few days to monitor its growth. They drew a picture of their plant exactly as it looked on that day.  They had to write the date each time they made an entry into their diary. They measured their plant in centimetres and wrote down how tall it was on that date. They could then work out how much their plant had grown when they made their next entry in their diary.

The Year 1 children have taken their plants home for the mid term vacation to make sure they are taken care of. We all look forward to seeing how tall they grow and if we get any beans. Yum yum!

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