Fabulous Flamingo Week 2017 Artwork and Learning

Did you know –  flamingoes’ legs can sometimes be longer than their entire body? Flamingoes can also live up to 30 years old, and sometimes even 50 if they live in a protected place away from predators. To attract a female flamingo, the male flamingoes perform a synchronized dance whereby they stand together stretching their necks upwards, uttering calls while waving their heads and flapping their wings? We all had fun trying to imitate this dance in Year 3. We wondered if the flamingoes laughed and had as much fun as we did…what beautiful happy birds they are!

Each year, we dedicate a week to learn in-depth about the local wildlife in our environment here in the Turks and Caicos. This year we are exploring the world of Flamingoes. In previous years we have studied ospreys, sharks and turtles.  These are all extra special to us here at Provo Primary as our classes are named after these local animals.  Each year, we invite local experts in to talk to us and share their knowledge of the animals, their habitats here in the TCI and about why it is important for us to protect them.

During our Flamingo Week, we were really lucky to have Amy (from the Environmental Centre) and Jackie (from the Learning Centre at the Amanyara) come share their knowledge and expertise about Flamingoes with us. Thank you so much Jackie and Amy! Simon (from the National Trust) also came in to host a flamingo quiz with our Years 5 and 6. Thank you, Simon!

Over the week, Year 3 we created some super detailed sketches of flamingoes, together with some wonderful paintings of our own breed of ‘rainbow flamingoes’; they are so fabulously colourful and bright that you need to wear sunglasses to really appreciate them!

We also did a tour of other classes, intrigued by what they had made and learned and, WOW, were we impressed! We found flamingoes hiding everywhere! Check out some of the photos below to see all of the different flamingo creations.

I do believe that we are now ALL flamingo experts!



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