Flat Stanley is finally off on his Adventures!

yr-1-flat-stanley-dec-2016In our previous Year 1 blog, we introduced you to Flat Stanley.

The Year 1 children had to choose a relative or friend to send their Flat Stanley to. They asked their parents to help them find out the address of this person. Each child then wrote a letter to their chosen person explaining what they would like them to do with Flat Stanley when he stays at their house.

The children carefully wrote the address on their envelope, they had to do this very neatly so that the mailman or mailwoman could read it. Take a look at the photos to see some of their beautiful writing. Great job, Year 1! There was a lot to think about…from forming each letter correctly, to sizing our letters, to sitting the letters on the line and even making sure the address was written correctly so that it would be delivered to the right house in the right country!

The children put their Flat Stanley in the envelope along with their letter.

A group of parents were heading to Miami so they took our letters with them, bought some stamps and stuck them on the envelopes to pay for each Flat Stanley’s journey. Then they posted the letters in the mailbox and off our Flat Stanleys went to different parts of the world!  They went to the U.S.A., Canada, England, Hungary, Japan, South Africa and Australia. Mrs. Yorka is sending her flat Stanley to Chile.


Miss. Claire took Flat Stanley to Trinidad to support the Turks and Caicos National Ladies Rugby Team. Here he is on the plane, he even got to sit in the cockpit with the pilots!

We can’t wait to hear about all the other Flat Stanley journeys and learn all about the countries he visits. Flat Stanley is such a jet-setter!



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