Food For Thought Class Food Bank Drive

Through the help of our School Council, Provo Primary is taking part in a Class Food Bank Drive for the Food for Thought organisation.

As you may know, Food for Thought (as well as its Breakfast Programme) currently has a Food Bank Programme, in which ten of the government schools have Breakfast Boxes where students in need can go to get something to eat.

They provide instant oatmeal for 20 students per day at each of the ten schools. On top of this, they ask for public donations of other non-perishable breakfast items to keep the Breakfast Boxes topped up and full of variety.

They have come up with a new initiative in order to boost the public donations – a Class Food Bank Drive! And Provo Primary is happy to support this.  Click on to find out how we can helpHOW: Each class will have one week to bring in as many non-perishable breakfast items as they can. We encourage students to get creative – whether it be organising a neighbourhood drive or exchanging chores for breakfast items.
WHEN: Monday 14 – Friday 18 May
WHAT: Cereal (preferably wholegrain)
Long-life milk (even chocolate milk is accepted!)
Granola/cereal/nut bars
Peanut butter (preferably Smuckers Natural)
Dried Fruit
Fruit/Nut Trail mix

Certificates of Participation will be presented to each class.

You are welcome to contact Food for Thought Co-Founder, Jeanne Savory, at or Ms. Mani if you have any questions.

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