How to help your child develop their pencil grip

The pencil grip… left or right handed, weak or strong, fist or finger tips. These are all things we observe when a child picks up a marker, pencil or crayon.

Have a look at our pictures and see how the Junior Kindergarten children are unconsciously strengthening their pencil grip via fun and challenging activities. I have incorporated dress up because almost entire action of dressing and undressing requires a strong pincer grip. By encouraging independence and providing opportunities for the child to have this freedom, we assist their muscle development.

Having strong wrists, hands and fingers helps children hold their pencil, as well as helping them write with endurance and fluency. The most efficient way to hold a pencil is the dynamic tripod grasp where the pencil is positioned between the thumb and index finger with the pencil resting on the middle finger. See the image left for other functional grasps, stages of pencil grip development from 0 – 7 years :





Photo’s not displayed are opening and closing empty bottles, locking unlocking padlocks and transferring small objects using tongs and spoons,  tearing and crumpling paper and using clothes pegs.

So next time you go to the beach throw in some spoons and tongs to play with. Hope this gives you some weekend ideas!

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