Incredible Me…that’s who I am

When I look in the mirror,

Who do I see?

Only my face smiling back at me.

By: Myrna Pereira (2019)

Our topic focused on the children learning all about themselves. Using ‘Mat Man’ as a springboard, they linked body parts to their purpose, before moving on to connect them to their senses.  For example, we learned that we use our nose to smell and our eyes to see. Using stories, the children discovered how incredible they all are in their own different and unique way.



After learning about ourselves, we moved on to learn about the importance of the people around us…our family.  The family finger song was a big hit as it includes the extended families.

The children were excited when we had visitors to show how the family is extended to grandparents and uncles.  They were amazed as they interacted with one of their peer’s grand and great grandparents, shaking hands and chatting.

The fun and learning continued as the children role played some of the activities families do together such as walking, eating, watching movies, and swimming.  They also had an opportunity to dress up as their mothers and fathers.

Concluding the unit, the children brought pictures of their houses and were able to share with their friends what their homes looked like.

We explored the materials that houses are built from, the shapes, and  the colours. We also discussed the different parts of the homes and their functions.

On our last day discovering ourselves, we thoroughly enjoyed a “school family” picnic on the sand with water play!

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