It’s all out and about in Year 1 and 2’s Outdoor Education P.E. this term

yr-1-2-outdoor-ed-pe (11)Teamwork, communication, patience and cooperation are just some of the skills Year 1 and Year 2 have been putting into practice this term.  More specifically, we have been using them in our joint Outdoor and Adventurous Education P.E. lessons.  Year 1s and 2s were put into mixed groups and given the task of completing a 2D birds-eye view of our very own school, Provo Primary School.  Miss Tracy and Miss Claire had already drawn in the buildings, but which way up did the map go?  Which building was which?  Where was all the outdoor equipment?

With lots of determination, the Key Stage One children set off around the school and began to label their maps.  The Year 1s focused on finding out which buildings were which, while the Year 2s focused on adding the areas of the school which Miss Tracy and Miss Claire had left out.  Each group worked incredibly hard to create precise, exact and detailed plans of the school and all the adults were incredibly proud of how maturely they conducted themselves around school.

We cannot wait for our future Outdoor and Adventurous Education lessons where we will be creating scavenger hunts around our school and using our maps to help us!

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