JK Science Mix-It-Pot!

In JK we created a Science experiment which involved layering sand, glitter, beads and sparkles. The children were offered the opportunity to explore the creation with their hands and various tools. They made many discoveries – one being that it would not mix… no matter however many times they stirred, the sparkles always remained on top! When a the sieve was introduced, the children discovered they could separate the sand and glitter from the sparkles and the beads.

As you can see, in the movie, the further addition of chopsticks, tongs and spoons and lots of pots made this a really fun, messy and tactile mixing and separating Science activity!


A mixture is a substance in which two are more substances are mixed but not joined together, meaning that a chemical reaction has not taken place. Mixtures can be easily separated and the substances/ components in the mixture keep their original properties. Imagine making a mixture of Cheerios and marshmallows – the individual components (Cheerios and marshmallows) could easily be separated using our fingers.  What about sand and water… or paperclips and gravel?  How might you decide to separate these?


Solutions are mixtures when a solid (which we call a solute) dissolves into a liquid (that we call the solvent) What about salt in water? What do you notice happens to the salt?… How would you separate them again?  It’s is possible?  What about water and liquid soap… milk and milkshake powder! Yummy!

Be creativity:

Try making your own mixtures and solutions at home with your family and exploring together.  Ask any JK child… it’s great fun!

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