Kindergarten celebrate their lovely Mums and Dads

The Kindergarten children are experts at making cards. They are especially proud of the cards they made for their Mums for Mother’s Day and their Dads for Father’s Day.

There is a great deal involved in making a card, from choosing a design and completing the art work to deciding what to write and completing this in your best handwriting. We talked about why we should write neatly in a card. We decided that we would like the person receiving the card to know that we care about them and that we show this by taking the time to write neatly. When we choose to make a card ourselves, we are hoping that the person receiving the card feels loved and appreciated by all the effort put in to making a personal card for them.





For Mother’s Day we took a photo of each child blowing kisses in the air, after cutting them out and sticking them on the front of their cards, the children added lots of hearts to show that they were sending all their love to their Mum’s. The children then wrote special messages to their lovely Mum.

Here are two kindergartners blowing kisses to their Mums……

You can see the photos on the washing line in the photo below.






For Father’s Day, after looking at a few designs, we decided that we loved the shark card the most. We had lots of fun drawing, cutting, sticking, arranging the design and writing before being very proud of our completed cards. Check out some of the children holding their finished cards.

Here are a few photos of some of the Kindergarten class enjoying spending time with their Mums and Dads during our wonderful Father’s Day celebration.

We hope all the wonderful Kindergarten Mums and Dads enjoyed their special day.


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