Kindergarten’s Wonderful Garden Visit

What a fantastic start to kick off Kindergarten’s new topic Roots, shoots and leaves.  Kindergarten were lucky enough to receive an invitation to visit an amazing garden belonging to one of our families.  In case you didn’t know they have a garden that is full of seeds, vegetables, plants, trees and compost.

The first part of our garden tour included an explanation of what the different parts of a plant were.  Lots of us discovered they have roots, stems, leaves and flowers.  We also talked about what a plant needs to grow…water, nutrients, light and carbon dioxide!

Then we got to smell, touch and taste some of the plants they grow and also got to plant some seeds… We liked the smell of the rosemary and lemon grass but the Aruba lettuce and Thai basil were a little bit too spicy!  After that we were shown how to plant a pumpkin seed.  You have to make two holes with your fingers, place the seeds inside then cover them with soil.  We look forward to seeing how they grow!

As a final surprise, we got to enjoy a special garden party.  We tasted lots of fruits including cucumber, strawberries, pineapple and watermelon.  It was a fantastic morning and we are very grateful to the family for looking after us and making us feel so welcome!

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