Lending Helping Hands in My Community

The Preschoolers have been thrilled to learn about the role of people who help in our community.  They were excited to get dressed up in the community helpers’ outfits and role play, imagining the classroom as if it was their work place.  During the first week, the focus was on just getting acquainted with names of all the people who helps in our community.  In the second week, they learned about how each community helper contribute their services to the community. The Preschoolers also learned about the tools of the community helpers.

The dentist came in for a visit and demonstrated how the dentist’s tool are used.  The children really learnt the importance of brushing their teeth and techniques of how to brush properly.  The children were very excited when they were given a chance to use the big toothbrush in the big mouth.  They were also very fortune to have Doctor Jo in to demonstrate how the doctor take care of people who are feeling sick.

You can call the preschoolers to help you too… Number recognition was used to connect the preschoolers to their job…so call us and let us help you.

The unit concluded with a book written by the Preschools called “Lending Helping Hands in My Community”. Please feel welcome to come into our preschool class to read our book and to see our displays.


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