Mario Rigby, Our Very Own Modern Day Explorer.

We are so excited to celebrate the journey of our very own explorer, Mario Rigby. Mario Rigby attended Provo Primary School before he went on to do such great and adventurous things.

I wonder how many of our current students can imagine themselves walking across Africa.

Well Mario did it, and as a result, he ended up in National Geographic! Mario says “It’s always been my dream to be featured in National Geographic… Here I am now”

We hope that encouraging our children to develop a growth mindset and allowing them to believe that anything is possible has an impact on their ability to realize their dreams. Before the start of this new school year, we encourage all our students to imagine, visualize, create, believe, set challenges and goals, practice frequently, and work towards making your dreams a reality, whatever they may be. Mario visited the school earlier this year to talk with the children – it was truly inspirational to hear about his adventures.

Is anyone else ready be a modern day explorer? Maybe start by exploring your passions and talents, or why not encourage someone else to recognize and realize their abilities during this new school year. You really never know what you can do unless you try! Get to know what others can do too, maybe you can team up to do something together in the future that is as great as Mario’s achievements.
We’d love to hear from our other alumni and about some of the goals you’ve managed to achieve since you left Provo Primary. Please write and let us know.

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