Marvellous Maskanoo

yr-1-maskanoo-dec-2016The highlight of National Heritage month for us all in Year 1 and 2 was our fantastic Maskanoo Parade. We had a lot to do to prepare for an extravaganza such as Maskanoo. We made colourful masks and hats with Ms. Tracy.  This involved painting them very bright colours and decorating them with sequins and feathers. Can you spot who is who in our parade photos? We are very well disguised so it is very tricky, look carefully!

We worked on making colourful rag tied t-shirts with Mrs. Amanda. Many thanks to Miss. Sian and some of the Mums who came along to help us cut, thread and tie the fabric which was quite a complicated process. We really had fun making musical instruments out of junk, such as shakers from plastic bottles, tins and cardboard tubes. We made drums from coffee tins and ice cream tubs; a groovy guitar was crafted together out of cereal boxes; a huge balloon was filled rice – what a cool sound that made! There was also a rain stick and a Didgeridoo! Ms. Shara taught us some Junkanoo dance moves and showed us how to beat the drum for everyone to parade to. This is not as easy as it sounds but luckily for us some of the Year 2 children were quick to catch on and even brought in some fantastic drums for us to play. The sound produced on Maskanoo day was incredible and a large audience of parents and students from Year 3 to 6 came to watch. They were not disappointed as the children weaved around the picnic benches and headed for the green where they did a circuit and headed back to the stage where they ended their performance. Fun was definitely had by all! It was a good job it finished at 3pm as it was time to go home and relax after all the excitement.

Thanks to Ms. Mani for helping us by taking such lovely photos of the event.

Heritage month was an exciting time for Year 1 and 2, we got together to find out more about life in the Turks and Caicos Islands. We learned about useful plants that can be found in the bush and even tasted Ms. Myrna’s teas, they were delicious! We learned about local dances and songs with Ms. Shara and much more.

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