Musical Masters in Senior Kindergarten

At Provo Primary School, we aim to provide our early years children with the tools to be able to achieve the three characteristics of effective learning…Playing and Exploring; Active Learning and Creating and Thinking Critically.  There are lots of ways to achieve this and here is just one of our wow moments…

Have a listen to the children’s beat and rhythm in the nursery rhymes and the traditional Turks and Caicos Islands songs, accompanied by junkanoo inspired instruments.

Recently, we have been learning about the Turks and Caicos Islands.  In our music lessons, Ms. Shara has been teaching the children about rhythm and keeping the beat through playing the drums and other instruments.  In addition, we have learnt some of the Turks and Caicos Island songs, including the National Anthem God Save the Queen, the National Song This Land of Ours and some of the more traditional songs Blue Hills Water Dry, Green Corn Time, Dry Conch and Bonefish Biting.

In their independent choosing time, the Kindergarten children worked as a team to gather the musical instruments; take them outside (“…because it would be too noisy in play inside,” Miss Claire); brought chairs to sit on and then played their own songs.

The children were all very proud of their singing and playing and we, as teachers, were very proud that we gave them the nurturing environment and freedom to create their own bands, in their setting of choice, playing songs from their local environment!  Good job, Kindergarten!



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