Mythical, magical Year 4 meet a mermaid at the beach

A definite highlight of the short but packed Spring term, was our visit to the beach! As an introduction for writing our own myths, we learned about Mermaids and Selkies and went off to Iguana Island for inspiration. We gathered shells and other treasure on the beach – watching out for Iguanas! Then we went for a swim ……and MET A MERMAID! We had the chance to talk to her for quite some time before she swam off in to the distance and disappeared beneath the water!

Our amazing mermaid myths are now complete so please feel welcome to come into the Year 4 classroom to read them and to see our mermaid pictures close up.

We also had a visit from Dr Zavitz, a chiropractor. He brought in his ‘bed’ and ‘treated’ us for aches and pains, teaching us about bones and our skeleton. He was very funny and we were very pleased to welcome him back to our school.


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