Our Preschoolers are ‘Amazing’

The preschoolers are on an adventure exploring their ‘true self-identity’ in our ‘Amazing Me’ topic.

The children are loving learning about themselves and their peers.  This theme promotes children’s self-esteem and self-identity.  The topic helps to bring out more awareness of how people are different in many ways, but all need the basic things to live, can have the same feelings and in many ways, are similar.

At the start of the topic, the preschoolers were excited to share concepts they knew already.  To encourage children’s skills and abilities, many activities were introduced, with some emerging from their ideas too. They enjoyed learning the importance of taking care of their body, (giving the dolls a bath) how to get dressed, (talking about getting themselves dressed for school), identifying their body parts (through the Mat Man song), measuring themselves (with the big links) and talking about the roles of the family members, etc.

The children were also excited to learn new vocabulary words that their peers might say.  For example, Mum, mother, mamma, ma, all means, mummy and the same with daddy’s name: dad, papa, and pa.

One of the highlights of the unit was making their own edible face with rice cakes. We were amazed by their creative skills! In this activity the children had an opportunity to explore with their five senses, develop their fine motor skills when spreading the cream cheese or Nutella and practice their numeracy skills, counting out their eyes etc.

All of our Preschoolers are Amazing… feel welcome to come and check out our room to see what we can do.

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