Resuming our Blogging now that Hurricane Season calms

Our new school year got off to a rather turbulent start with the passing of not one but two hurricanes. Hurricane Irma, a Category 5 hurricane on the Saffir Simpson scale swept through the islands first, followed by Hurricane Maria two weeks later, causing widespread damage to our island home.  Across the TCI, roofs were blown off; power poles knocked down; and some structures simply collapsed, no match for the strength of the destructive 165 mph winds

Here at Provo Primary we too sustained some damage, mainly because of Hurricane Irma. Our main walkway roof collapsed, the play fort was blown into pieces, and the roof to the stage blew off.  The playground was immersed under flood water and strewn with debris.

Our wonderful school community rallied together to get the children back into school just a week after Hurricane Irma, only to have to batten down the hatches again the following week for Maria. Fortunately, Maria lost some of her intensity by the time she reached us and passed through causing no further damage to the school.

Five weeks later, finally a sense of normality has returned to the school with day to day routines back in place.  In the wider community, work is still being done to rebuild and will continue for weeks, if not months.

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