School Council 2012-13

Our School Council Reps for 2012-13 have been voted in. The team have lots of big ideas and are keen to work together for the good of the school. Recycling was top of the agenda in their first active and productive meeting, and this project is now back up and running. Playground timetables too were fairly agreed upon.

We are very proud of our School Council and consider this to be a strong and well established feature of our school. We think it is very important that children have a means of discussing important issues about our school and have a forum for airing views and ideas.

Click on to see a photo of our new School Council Reps and to learn more about what the job involves

Every year each class elects two representatives from among their class-mates, who have organised their own election campaign and shared their manifesto. Reps are voted in, making elections as close to being ‘real’ as we possibly can! Well done to everyone who tried out in the campaign. Everyone did an amazing job with sharing their manifestos and the votes were very close.

These representatives will meet weekly to discuss ideas and aims they and their class-mates have regarding life at Provo Primary School and how they can improve it for everyone.


Please click here to to find out more about our School Council achievements.

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