School Council and the Born Free ‘Adopt and Animal’ Venture

school-council-animals-jan-2017 (1) Every last Friday of the month is ‘Dress Down Day’.  Funds that we raise are passed on to the school council to decide how to use.  Funds that are raised in Term 1 are allocated to a global need, Term 2 a local need and Term 3 a school need. There was much debate as to where the Term 1 funds would go.  Where could we as a school help make a difference?

Usually we help charities that support children, but an older member of the School Council suggested helping animals and this created a buzz of interest. Class discussions took place, research began and we discovered the animal charity called Born Free. Contact was made and we discovered that we had raised enough funds for each class from Years 2 to 6 to adopt an animal, from the wild, for a whole year.

Each class chose the animal they most wished to help, and our donations were sent off. As a thank you, Born Free sent each class a resource pack which included information about each animal and/or family they would be helping and, how the donated money would be used. As a bonus, each class also received a soft toy of their chosen animal.

It has been amazing to learn the many facts about our adopted animals, but it has also been quite sad to read about how these poor animals suffer. We are all so very proud to have been able to donate and do something to help their plight.

Born Free have said… “From small beginnings, and with the help of adschool-council-animals-jan-2017 (2)opters like you, Born Free has grown into a global force for wildlife.” What a wonderful thing we have done!

Born Free is an animal charity that was founded by Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers in 1984. It is a charity that believes wild life belongs in the wild. It rescues animals from lives of misery in tiny cages and gives them spacious sanctuaries. They protect threatened species and take action worldwide for animal welfare and compassionate conservation; working to phase out zoos and stop captive animal exploitation.

If you are interested in donating or getting further information about Born Free find out more at

Next week is our January ‘Dress Down Day’ and we will have a ‘Twin’ theme.



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