School Council Bonfire Night Party a Roaring Success!

On 5th November, children and parents of Provo Primary School celebrated Bonfire Night…Provo-style! This year’s School Council had decided that they would love to organise a bonfire party on the beach – and what better occasion was there for it than Bonfire Night?! The event was attended by many families from across the school. As people arrived, everyone was interested to look at the two Guy Fawkes models placed carefully on top of the unlit bonfire! Just like Bonfire Night celebrations held across the United Kingdom on the 5th November, our own Provo Bonfire Night began with the burning of the Guys. The crowd gathered to watch as the fires were lit and many children were excited to see their carefully-made Guys catch fire! We would like to say a huge thank you to Clive and all the staff at Bay Bistro for putting on such a fantastic evening. It really was a terrific night for our whole school community – for parents, children and teachers. We, of course, would also love to thank the School Council for their fine idea!

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