School Council Term 1 Update

school-council-nov-2013Officially appointed at the beginning of term, the proud new School Council have been busy with School Council duties this past couple of months.

This year their plans to improve the school will focus on the ‘Outdoor Area’ and discussions of ideas of how we can develop our garden and play areas have already begun.

One idea is to celebrate and label all of the special native vegetation that we have growing in our school.  To help us to identify what we have, Kathleen Woods, from The Department for Environment and Maritime Affairs (DEMA), kindly came in to offer some expert advice.  She and Ms Myrna also shared some of the traditional natural remedies that can be made using some of plants. Our next job will be to produce signs for each plant and tree identified.  Mrs Lottie, our  Art teacher and professional Artist will be assisting us in making these signs.  Click on to find out about other things we are doing.


The RE-cycling Mission has once again taken off with commitment from the whole school and our re-cycle bins are filling up super fast each week. The tallies, for each piece collected, are being collected by the School Council each morning and we all wait in anticipation as to which class will receive the monthly ‘Green Award’ which entitles that class to be the proud (and excited) beholders of an extra ‘Golden Time’ for that month.

A new playground rota of activities has been devised and is working well, which of course includes the wonderful new climbing frame which has become a ‘hit’ with Years 1 to 4. We now have to work towards providing a similar sturdier play activity for the older students in the school; a future goal for the School Council to work on, in collaboration with the School and P.T.A.

Break and Lunch time School Council responsibilities been working well, monitoring and dismissing classes from their tables, after snack and lunch.

Plans ahead? There are many. We will keep you informed as to how and what transpires over the coming months. Do YOU have any ideas you would like to share with us? If you do, please get in touch with a member of the School Council and let us go forward into making Provo Primary an even better and more special place to learn and play!

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