Talk4Writing: Year 1 share their ENORMOUS storytelling talents!

In our final Talk4Writing video, we wanted to share our wonderful Year 1 storytellers! Last term, as part of their topic on Growing and Changes, the class learned a talking text for The Enormous Turnip. As you will see from the video, the children’s actions and words brought this complicated story to life!

By learning to read a pictorial story map, children developed the confidence to retell this extended story – complete with the finer details of characters, speech and, of course, an exciting ending!

Each talking text provides a wealth of opportunities for the teacher to model techniques for writing. This traditional tale has huge potential for teaching characters and story sequences. On a grammatical level, the story clearly demonstrates how to make lists and use punctuation such as commas and full stops. As they have the story memorised, children typically become more confident in their writing and are more able to make adaptations of their own.

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