Terrific effort in our ‘Bear Hunt’ and ‘Body and Brain Triathlon’ activities

CONGRATULATIONS to every child for their great efforts in our recent “Bear Hunt” and Body and Brain Triathlon challenges.  Throughout the school, the children participated with enthusiasm, energy and mental prowess.

WELL DONE to the teachers for organising and supervising the various activities and to Mr. Toby and our Year 7s for helping to marshal the ‘biking, skating, scootering, running and walking’ challenge.

THANK YOU to all the kind family and community sponsors who have supported the children’s efforts to help raise funds for learning resources which they themselves will benefit from.

And finally, to all the parents who brought bike and scooters to school and to everyone who was able to come along and encourage the children with claps and cheers, your support was MUCH APPRECIATED.

The Early Years went on an exploration around the school looking for bears, meeting and facing a variety of sensory challenges along way.

In J.K., their ‘Bear Hunt’ turned into a ‘Bear Save’.  The children acted out having to race against an exploding volcano to hunt for the bear. First they ran to safety but the lava was coming in fast, so the crawled through a cave, bunny hopped over a collapsing bridge and leapt over hot lava to deliver food to a trapped bear hiding in the wilderness. At the end, they all got together and rescued Mr Bear and took him to class where he will live happily ever after.


Our years K to 6 enjoyed three body and brain activities in their triathlon:

1. The Movement Challenge:  The children gave it their physical best riding their bikes, scootering, skating, running and walking around the school vicinity.

2. 100 Face Cuisenaire Challenge:  faces, each to the value of 100, were created with Cuisenaire rods – every face was different – what a creative bunch!

3. New Skill/Brain Challenge: Testing their physical coordination, listening skills and mental powers, the children engaged in a wide range of brain challenges – from brain gym to skipping, to spelling and directional challenges, to hand eye activities and memory games.

Well done everyone!



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