‘Turtley’ Triumphant Times Yr 5 Turtle Class

Y5 kicked off the year with all sorts of work based on their class animal, the sea turtle. For example, in Art and design, they created an impressive, large collaborative drawing of a sea turtle which they all agreed would have been too difficult to do alone. So how did they do it I hear you ask.
Well, a small picture of a turtle was divided into 16 parts. Each child was given one of those small parts to try to draw accurately but it wasn’t that simple as the piece of paper they were drawing on was a lot bigger than the drawing they’d been given so they had to scale it up. They also had to liaise with other children to make sure their part matched the other parts of the turtle and joined in the correct places. They did brilliantly. In fact, you might say it was a turtle success!

Some of the other work we’ve enjoyed included maths puzzles, tangrams, turtle shape maths, 3D models of turtles (which can be seen climbing up our walls), turtle reports, helicopter investigations in science, stop motion filming, work based on our class book, the amazing, “There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom” by Louis Sachar and loads more! It’s been a busy but highly enjoyable start to the year. Long may it continue!


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