Using technology to support creative writing in Year 5

yr-5-whiteboard-oct-2016-3Year 5 are extremely happy to be using their class interactive whiteboard this term.  A particular favourite at the moment is the Big Writing program where the children can learn about how to use punctuation, sentence structure, connectives and openers in a fun, interactive way. They also love the widget timer, which guides them to complete creative writing tasks within a certain time frame.  It plays classical music in the background and offers vocabulary choices to help stimulate their ideas.

Our whiteboard differs slightly from the other board we have in the school and the children have enjoyed finding out how to use it and are genuinely excited to explore all the different and wonderful features they can work with.

Here are some of the children’s thoughts on their board:

“The sound is really clear and good.”

“I like how when you write on it – it’s so easy and you don’t have to press hard.”

“I love The Big Writing program as we can listen to music as we work”

“With our old whiteboard the pen didn’t work as well and this board is much clearer”

“I’m glad we can put a timer on it for our work, it helps me pace myself.”

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