Vehicles that help in the Community

The Preschoolers were very excited as the reality of listening to stories, role-playing, singing songs about different forms of transportation came to life when the fire truck and the ambulance came to visit the school.

All the children were happy to climb inside the fire truck and look out, try on the hat and some even were bold enough to step into the boots.  They were a little nervous, but excited, by the loud sound of the sirens from both vehicles but loved every moment of it even if it meant covering their ears for a second or two.

The highlights of the morning were the children using the water hose that the firefighters use to extinguish a fire.

The firefighters really enjoyed showing the children inside and outside the truck and seemed well educated in how to address our younger children (one of them was so brilliant that I said he will be our teacher on call!).

Another highlight was when the names of a few of our children’s parents who volunteer at the fire station were mentioned and acknowledged by the firefighters.

The children did not get a full tour of the ambulance because they got called out to duty. However, it was great to see how prepared they were to respond as they quickly got into the ambulance and put on their flashing lights and sirens.

A HUGE thank you to our community helpers for coming out to visit us.

The children have also had many wonderful experiences during this topic.  They seem to have enjoyed every moment of it, particularly the sound of the airplane playing during the morning as they entered the room. Signing in with their boarding pass and transportation to show how they came to school have also been a big hit!



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