What an Amazing Cast and Crew!

img_6801Thank you to all the children who worked extremely hard to put on their very best performance in our Panto Like No Other Show this weekend. Thank you to our incredible parents for supporting the children and helping them get ready, our PTA for their help with the bar, and our Year 6 parents for the tasty food that was on sale during the evening. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our former parents and community members for their support, not only this year, but also over the past 25 years and for their part in making Provo Primary what it is today.

Finally, I’d like to say a huge thank you to our teachers for all their hard work preparing for the show. It truly was an amazing show and I’m sure each of you is extremely proud of your class’s/children’s performances. Thank you to MRS. NIKI for directing this year’s extravaganza!

Lured by the thought of a Sunday Roast Dinner at Miss Sian’s house, the outline for the Provo Primary 25th Anniversary Christmas Show 2016 was initially thought up by Miss Sian, Mrs. Niki, Ms. Shara, Ms. Stef and myself (Ms Alison). We wondered where this crazy story would take us and if anyone would ever understand such a complicated plot!  Many an hour was then spent writing the full script; editing and downloading music (thanks Ms. SHARA for all the time you spent outside school doing this); making costumes, props and painting scenery (well done Mrs. YORKA!) working on lights, mics, creating programmes, tickets, and last but not least, practising with the children.  Mrs B worked exceptionally hard (as a VOLUNTEER) and as such, she deserves a special mention. It’s a shame she wasn’t here to see the actual show, but I’m sure we all thought of her as we admired the amazing costumes that she somehow managed to put together before she left! THANK YOU Mrs.B! You are AMAZING!  Miss Sian rarely gets thanked for her tireless efforts and for encouraging us all to go that extra mile. Her vision and ability to see what others don’t immediately see is remarkable. THANK YOU MISS SIAN!

The Christmas show truly is a team effort, made up of our children and teacher’s many different strengths and talents. Everyone worked hard, and I know our teachers ALL spent time a great deal of time after school working on various things. The result of which was clearly demonstrated. Maybe people don’t understand fully what it takes to put on a show to this standard, but I think most recognise that it’s a lot! The feedback we’ve had is that it is so worthwhile to see the confidence and happiness that the children display while performing, and the fact that this is such an integral part of our school.

So, once more, thank you PROVO PRIMARY TEACHERS for doing what you do best to bring out the most in our children. You may not realize right now the impact your efforts have on a child’s life, but I’ve seen it time again over the past 25 years and although it’s a LOT of work, these shows are worth every moment spent on them. The children will never forget the individual roles that they play in the Provo Primary Christmas Show and the overall feeling of being a part of something so special.

And… now it’s over to EARLY YEARS for their show on Wednesday 14th December

We hope to see you there!

Ms. Alison
Director, Providenciales Primary School


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