What have the Toddlers been up to, recently?

The dentist told us about how we can look after our teeth.

For the past few weeks, the toddlers have been learning about community helpers. They have gained a greater understanding of who our community helpers are and the roles they play every day. They have learned about the dentist, doctor, chef, mommy, daddy, police person and the firefighter.

The Toddlers have had lots of fun pretending and imagining themselves in these important roles, incorporating toy versions of vehicles, tools and uniforms that go with them. They have been fascinated with dressing up as these community helpers because they have distinct uniforms and roles that they can easily understand and, in some cases, relate to. All the toddlers have had their favourite roles and uniforms that they have wanted dress up and role play.


The toddlers have been fortunate to have a visit from the dentist and the doctor.

The Toddlers enjoy their days at school. They love when Miss. Sian comes to play. It is fun going up and down the slide and paddling on the tricycles and being with their friends and having a healthy snack together. Nothing is more exciting than taking the journey to green-field and running free in the nice, cool breeze.


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