What’s one of your favourite early reading memories?

The ‘King’s Breakfast’  by ‘AA Milne’ is one of my favourite childhood poems that popped into my head just recently, as a matter of fact.  I loved hearing my parents reading this to me at bedtime. I’m not sure that I appreciated the meaning behind it at the time, but I certainly loved the rhythm and miter!  I imagine it set me off to sleep in a lullaby-like way.

The story depicts the innocence of children where they desire to have something and when not fulfilled they get disappointed. Their little desires are important and precious to them and when it is fulfilled they are so happy. When they do not get what they want they are sad and people consider them fussy; however that is not what they are, all they want is their wishes to be fulfilled.

The ‘king of an unnamed nation’ is upset because butter was not available for spreading on his morning toast. His staff however tries to find him some butter and ultimately they do. The King asked the Queen for butter, the Queen naturally asked the Dairymaid, and that the Dairymaid, having no butter with her, promised to ask the Aldermen. However the aldermen, who was sleepy said that these days marmalade was in trend.

The dairymaid has said the same to the queen who had conveyed it to the king, but king refused and was annoyed. He only wanted some butter. The queen then goes back to the dairymaid who in turn ask the cow (alderman) and the cow gives both milk and butter which the queen gives the King. In the end, the king happily has the butter.

Here it is if you want to read it yourself – The Kings Breakfast – AA Milne






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