Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

In Kindergarten, we have been learning all about Life Cycles. We have been very lucky to watch a Hummingbird life cycle play out right in front of our eyes, in the Early Years playground.

As we were studying birds, we talked about the simple life cycle of a chicken and of course we had to consider the question:

Which came first… the chicken or the egg?

The Kindergarten children thought long and hard, discussing the facts.  Then they had to decide which one they thought came first.

This is what they thought…

When we looked at the data we collected in class, we noticed that not everyone thought the same thing.  7 children thought the chicken came first and 8 children thought the egg came first. We wondered what other classes in our school thought.  So, in pairs, the Kindergarten children went to each of the classes from year 1 to 7 and even the teachers, to replicated our survey.

After a brief overview from Ms. Shara for the older children, the Kindergartners asked the question and tallied up the results for each class.

This is what they discovered…

Throughout the school, we found that 72 people thought that the chicken came first and 77 people thought the egg came first. We displayed the results on our door and have had students and parents, visiting our classroom to discuss the issue. To our delight, our class seems to have sparked a wider discussion that has been quite the debate amongst Provo Primary and Provo Middle School families. If you have not joined the debate already, please come along to the Kindergarten class and add your thoughts to our survey.

Do you think the chicken or the egg came first?


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