Wild Habitats Versus Zoos ~ Year 4 Explore

Goodness, as usual it feels now as if the year has flown by! This last term has been busier than ever.

In connection with the Science and Topic lessons, the Year 4 students took a trip to Iguana Island. The class has spent time discussing different habitats and the variety of animals found in each. They have done detailed research on their own and have discussed the habitats found in Turks & Caicos as well as the plants and animals in each.

Our boat ride to Iguana Island was so much fun. Once we got there, everyone was just so excited to start swimming and splashing in the cool turquoise water. At first, we all wondered if we would ever see any iguanas but after a while a few started coming out as if to say hello. It was amazing how friendly they were. You could tell they wanted to make friends, especially with Mrs. Rochelle who was being followed by her new friend almost everywhere. We also saw some interesting jellyfish, which at first seemed like water plants. We think there might have been more than 100 of these spectacular creatures.

On our way back, our boat captain went exploring a bit. Each child was allowed to steer the boat which was pretty exciting and terrifying. We saw an old shipwreck and also the Conch farm. An adventurous day out it was and how could we forget, our last stop to Turk Berry. Yum!!

Another stand out for me was our debate about Zoos and whether or not they are a force for good or bad! The children rose to the challenge wonderfully and we were able to use the beautiful Year 7 classroom. The whole class got really involved, putting forward some well-prepared arguments for both sides, using fantastic persuasive language – I think we have some politicians in our midst!

And so now we begin our last week together. I am SO proud of the class and know that after a very well deserved summer holiday, they will have great success in Year 5.

This last week we also welcome a past student back to the class –it is lovely to have you back; the class were so excited to see you again!

Sadly, we bid farewell to one of our class, who is returning to Canada. We really will miss you and hope that you come back very soon.

Mrs Rochelle and I have loved teaching your children, and look forward to seeing you all in September.

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